The Problem of Evil: Selected Readings / Edition 1

The Problem of Evil: Selected Readings / Edition 1

by Michael L. Peterson

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University of Notre Dame Press
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Library of Religious Philosophy
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New Edition
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6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Problem of Evil1
Pt. 1Classic Statements of the Problem
Traditional Treatments
Job's Complaint and the Whirlwind's Answer23
No Evil Comes from God31
Evil and the God of Religion39
Modern Treatments
Physical Suffering and the Justice of God67
Pt. 2Versions of the Problem of Evil
The Logical Problem
Evil and Omnipotence89
The Free Will Defenses103
The Evidential Problem
Is Evil Evidence against the Existence of God?135
Evil as Evidence against God's Existence141
The Existential Problem
On Regretting the Evils of This World153
Redemptive Suffering: A Christian Solution to the Problem of Evil169
Pt. 3Perspectives in Theodicy
Augustinian Theodicy
A Good Creation's Capacity for Evil191
Augustine and the Denial of Genuine Evils197
Irenaean Theodicy
The World as a Vale of Soul-Making215
The Loving God: Some Observations on Hick's Theodicy231
Process Theodicy
Divine Persuasion and the Triumph of Good247
Evil and Persuasive Powers267
Pt. 4Issues in the Problem of Evil
God and the Best Possible World
Must God Create the Best?275
God, Moral Perfection, and Possible Worlds289
Natural Evils and Natural Laws
Natural Evil303
Knowledge, Freedom, and the Problem of Evil317
Defense and Theodicy
Why Plantinga Must Move from Defense to Theodicy331
Ad Walls335
Theoretical and Practical Theodicy
Taking Suffering Seriously339
Can Theodicy Be Avoided? The Claim of Unredeemed Evils351

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