Problem Solving with C++: The Object of Programming, Visual C++ . NET Edition / Edition 5

Problem Solving with C++: The Object of Programming, Visual C++ . NET Edition / Edition 5

by Walter Savitch

ISBN-10: 0321288343

ISBN-13: 9780321288349

Pub. Date: 05/21/2004

Publisher: Addison Wesley

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Addison Wesley
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Computers and C++ Programming.

Computer Systems.

Programming and Problem Solving.

Introduction to C++.

Testing and Debugging.

2. C++ Basics.

Variables and Assignments.

Input and Output.

Data Types and Expressions.

Simple Flow of Control.

Program Style.

3. Functions that Return a Value.

Top-Down Design.

Programmer-Defined Functions.

Procedural Abstraction.

Local Variables.

Overloading Function Names.

4. Functions for All Subtasks.


Call-by-Reference Parameters.

Using Procedural Abstraction.

5. I/O Streams as an Introduction to Objects and Classes.

Streams and Basic File I/O.

Tools forStream I/O.

Character I/O.


6. Defining Classes.



Abstract Data Types.

7. More Flow of Control.

Using Boolean Expressions.

Multiway Branches.

Designing Loops.

8. Friends and Overload Operators.

Friend Function.

Overloading Operators.

9. Separate Compilation and Namespaces.

Separate Compilation.


10. Arrays.

Introduction to Arrays.

Arrays in Functions.

Programming with Arrays.

Arrays and Classes.

Multidimensional Arrays.

11. Strings and Vectors.

An Array Type for Strings.


12. Pointers and Dynamic Arrays.


Dynamic Arrays.

Classes and Dynamic Arrays.

13. Recursion.

Recursive Functions for Tasks.

Recursive Functions for Values.

Thinking Recursively.

14. Templates.

Templates of Algorithm Abstraction.

Syntax for Class Templates.

15. Pointers and Linked Lists.

Nodes and Linked Lists.

A Linked List Application.

16. Inheritance.

Inheritance Basics.

Inheritance Details.


17. Exception Handling.

Exception Handling Basics.

Programming Techniques for Exception Handling.


Appendix 1. C++ Keywords.

Appendix 2. Precedence of Operators.

Appendix 3. ASCII Character Set.

Appendix 4. Some Library Functions.

Appendix 5. The Assert Statement.

Appendix 6. Inline Functions.

Appendix 7. Overloading the Array Index Square Brackets.

Appendix 8. The This Pointer.

Appendix 9. Overloading Operators as Member Operators.

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