Production, Stability and Dynamic Symmetry: The Selected Essays of Ryuzo Sato / Edition 20

Production, Stability and Dynamic Symmetry: The Selected Essays of Ryuzo Sato / Edition 20

by Ryuzo Sato

ISBN-10: 1858989698

ISBN-13: 9781858989693

Pub. Date: 05/01/1999

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
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Economists of the Twentieth Century Series
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Table of Contents

Part IProduction and Preferences
1'Homothetic and Non-Homothetic CES Production Functions', American Economic Review, 67(4), September 1977, 559-693
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7'Diminishing Returns and Linear Homogeneity: Comment', American Economic Review, 54(5), September 1964, 744-565
8'Unattainability of Integrability and Definiteness Conditions in the General Case of Demand for Money and Goods', with Paul A. Samuelson, American Economic Review, 74(4), September 1984, 588-60466
9'Self-Dual Preferences', Econometrica, 44(5), September 1976, 1017-3283
10'Estimation of Implicit Utility Models', with William A. Barnett and Kenneth J. Kopecky, European Economic Review, 15, 1981, 247-5999
Part IIStability
11'The Stability of the Competitive System which Contains Gross Complementary Goods', Review of Economic Studies, XXXIX(4), October 1972, 495-9115
12'On the Stability Properties of Dynamic Economic Systems', International Economic Review, 14(3), October 1973, 753-64120
13'The Stability of Oligopoly with Conjectural Variations', with K. Nagatani, Review of Economic Studies, XXXIV(4), October 1967, 409-16132
14'Substitutability, Complementarity and the Theory of Derived Demand', with Tetsunori Koizumi, Review of Economic Studies, XXXVII(1), January 1970, 107-18140
15'On the Distribution of Wealth and Intergenerational Transfers', with Yannis M. Ioannides, Journal of Labor Economics, 5(3), 1987, 366-85152
16'The Technology Game and Dynamic Comparative Advantage: An Application to U.S.-Japan Competition' in International Competitiveness, A. Michael Spence and Heather A. Hazard (eds), Ballinger Publishing, 1988, 373-98, addendum172
17'Risk-Adjusted Deposit Insurance for Japanese Banks', with Rama Ramachandran and Bohyong Kang in Japan, Europe and International Financial Markets, Ryuzo Sato, Richard M. Levich and Rama V. Ramachandran (eds), Cambridge University Press, 1994, 223-39203
Part IIIDynamic Symmetry
18'The Invariance Principle and Income-Wealth Conservation Laws: Application of Lie Groups and Related Transformations', Journal of Econometrics, 30, 1985, 365-89223
19'Conservation Laws in Continuous and Discrete Models', with Shigeru Maeda in Conservation Laws and Symmetry: Applications to Economics and Finances, Ryuzo Sato and Rama V. Ramachandran (eds), Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1990, 135-74248
20'Group (Lie Group) Theory', The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics, volume 2, Macmillan Press, 1987, 570-71, reset288
21'Hidden Symmetries: Lie Groups and Economic Conservation Laws', with Takayuki Nono and Fumitake Mimura in Operations Research and Economic Theory, H. Hauptmann, W. Krelle and K.C. Mosler (eds), Springer-Verlag, 1984, 35-54293
22'Lie Group Methods and the Theory of Estimating Total Productivity', with P.S. Calem in Developments in Econometric Analyses of Productivity Measurement and Modelling Issues, Ali Dogramaci (ed.), Kluwer-Nijhoff Publishing, 1983, 145-68313
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