Profession and Practice of Health Education / Edition 1

Profession and Practice of Health Education / Edition 1

by David A. Bedworth

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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Table of Contents

Part 1: Philosophical Foundations of Health Education
1 Why a Philosophy of Health Education?
2 What is Health?
3 Health Education in Transition
4 Bases for Health Education
Part 2: Psychological/Sociological Perspectives of Health Education
5 Dimensions of Human Health Needs
6 Health and Human Effectiveness
7 Principles of Learning Applied to Health Education
8 Motivating for Health Learning
Part 3: The School/Community Health Education Program
9 Professional Preparation of the Health Educator
10 Organizing for Health Education
11 Program Development in Health Education
12 Health Education Methodologies
13 Evaluation in Health Education

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