Progress in Basic and Clinical Immunology / Edition 1

Progress in Basic and Clinical Immunology / Edition 1

by Andrzej Mackiewicz

ISBN-10: 0306466562

ISBN-13: 9780306466564

Pub. Date: 12/01/2001

Publisher: Springer US

Progress in Basic and Clinical Immunology is a result of the 14th European Immunology Meeting - EFIS 2000, held in Poznan, Poland, on 23-27 September 2000. EFIS 2000 gathered over 1400 immunologists from all over the world. It was an exceptionally memorable meeting for a number of reasons: 1) it was held in the last year of the century and the millennium, thus


Progress in Basic and Clinical Immunology is a result of the 14th European Immunology Meeting - EFIS 2000, held in Poznan, Poland, on 23-27 September 2000. EFIS 2000 gathered over 1400 immunologists from all over the world. It was an exceptionally memorable meeting for a number of reasons: 1) it was held in the last year of the century and the millennium, thus provoking conclusions of past achievements of immunology and projections for the future; 2) it was held in Poland, a country that is a symbol of struggle for freedom for a large number of scientists originating from the 'Eastern Bloc' countries; and 3) EFIS celebrated its 25th anniversary at this occasion. This comprehensive volume contains 62 chapters grouped into 11 sections: T-cells, Immune Receptors, Antigen Presentation/Dendritic Cells, Cytokines, Immunodeficiencies, Autoimmunity, Allergy/Inflammation, Immunotherapy, Vaccines, Tumor Immunology, and Cancer Immunotherapy.

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T-Cells. CD3-dependent regulation of early TCRbeta gene expression in mainstream alphabeta and NKalphabeta T cell development; N. Baur, K. Eichmann. Molecular characterization of gut T cell precursors in in euthymic and athymic mice; F. Lambolez, B. Rocha. CRTH: marker for the detection of human Th2 and Tc2 cells; L. Cosmi, et al. GILZ, a glucocorticoid hormone induced gene, modulates T lymphocytes activation and death through interaction with NF-kB; C. Riccardi, et al. Tyrosine phosphorylation of PICOT and its translocation to the nucleus in response of human T cells to oxidative stress; Y. Babichev, N. Isakov. Immune Receptors. The molecular specificity of IgG-Fc interactions with Fcgamma receptors; Y. Mimura. Regulation of myeloid cell proliferation and survival by p75/AIRM1 and CD33 surface receptors; M.C. Mingari, et al. X-linked lymphoproliferative disease: the dark side of 2b4 function; C. Bottino, et al. Antigen Presentation / Dendritic Cells. Role of tapasin in MHC class I antigen presentation in vivo; N. Garbi, et al. Regulation of transporters associated with antigen processing (TAPs) by nucleotide binding to, and hydrolysis by, Walker consensus sequences; L. Saveanu, P.M. Van Endert. The AIR-1 encoded class II transactivator (CIITA): the master coordinator of MHC class II gene expression and ..more; R.S. Accolla. Major hisompatibility complex class II (MHC II) expression during development of human fetal brain and haemopoietic organs; T. Wierzba-Bobrowicz, et al. Interactions between dendritic cells; S.C. Knight, et al. Neural regulation of dendritic cell function; G.J.M. Maestroni. A central role for heat shock proteins in host deficiency; P.K. Srivastava. Cytokines. Allele specific regulation of cytokine genes: monoallelic expression of the IL-1A gene; C.L. Verweij, et al. Effect of polysaccharide sulfates on the production of interleukin-8 in an ex vivo model; P.P. Jagodzinski, W.H. Trzeciak. Coordination of interleukin-6 biology by membrane bound and soluble receptors; S. Rose-John. Termination and modulation of IL-6-type cytokine signaling; P.C. Heinrich, et al. Cytokine-induced STAT signalling through the cytoplasmic compartment; P.B. Sehgal. Cytokine-mediated growth inhibition of human melanoma cells; M. Kortylewski, et al. Interleukin-6, tumor necrosis factor &agr; and interferon &ggr; in patients with anorexia nervosa; R. Komorowska-Pietrzykowska, et al. Interleukin-1 system in testis &endash; quantitative analysis; N. Rozwadowska, et al. Immunodeficiences. Mapping genes underlying complex disorders: progress on IgA deficiency and common variable immunodeficiency; I. Vorechovsky, et al. Ataxia-Telangiectasia; S.G. Becker-Catania, R.A. Gatti. Gene therapy of severe combined immunodeficiencies; A. Fischer, et al. Immune reconstitution after highly active anti-retroviral treatment of HIV infection; B. Autran, et al. Dissimilarity of cinical signs with parameters characterizing immune system; N.K. Gorlina, et al. Autoimmunity. The role of Fc receptors and complement in autoimmunity; U. Baumann, R.E. Schmidt. Effect of Hsp70-peptide complexes generated in vivo on modulation EAE; G. Galazka, et al. Gene transfer of protective cytokines in rheumatoid arthritis; O. Distler, et al. Modification of humoral antisperm response; B. Grygielska, et al. Allergy / Inflammation. Immunologic mechanisms of allergen-specific immunotherapy; C.A. Akdis, K. Blaser. Phosphorothioate oligonucleotides: looking for the motif(s) possessing immunostimulatory activities in humans; F. Brugnolo, et al. Disorders in mononuclear phagocytes and reduced glutathine and their correction in Chernobyl children with recurrent respiratory infections and chronic inflammatory focal lesions; V. Chernyshov, et al. Immunotherapy. Adoptive transfer of mucosal T cells or dendritic cells from animals fed with cholera toxin B subunit alloantigen conjugate induces allogeneic T cell tolerance; B.-L. Li, et al. Total body irradiation before bone marrow transplantation: aims and results; J. Malicki, et al. Statins as immunomodulatory drugs; A. Górski, et al. Vaccinces. Phage display of epitopes from HIV-1 elicits strong cytolytic responses in vitro and in vivo; J. Guardiola, et al. Oral immunization of human with transgenic lettuce expressing hepatitis B surface antigen; J. Kapusta, et al. Nasal administration of Schistosoma Mansoni egg antigens &endash; cholera toxin B subunit conjugate to infected mice reduces immunopathology and mortality; J.-B. Sun, et al. Anti-influenza vaccination changes expression of CD45 isoforms on peripheral blood NK cells of the elderly; A. Myśliwski, et al. Tumor Immunology. Presence and functions of immune components in the tumor microenvironment; I.P. Witz. Expression of TCR &xgr; chain of tumor associated lymphocytes from malignant pleural effusions; J. Sikora, et al. Cyhrome c is rapidly extruded from apoptotic cells and detectable in serum of anticancer-drug treated tumor patients; A. Renz, et al. CD 56 (N-CAM) antigen and mRNA expression in human endocrine glands; J. Żeromski, et al. Cancer Immunotherapy. Glycodendrimeric ligands of C-type lectin receptors as therapeutic agents in experimental cancer; M. Pospišil, et al. Exosomes in cancer immunotherapy: preclinical data; F. Andre, et al. Bone marrow dendritic cell-based anticancer vaccines; M. Indrová, et al. Dendritic cell-based vaccines for therapy of HPv16-induced tumours; J. Bubeník, et al. Cytokine gene transfection for autologous and allogeneic melanoma vaccines; S. Todryk, et al. Brain tumor treatment with IL-2 and IL-12 producing autologous cancer cell vaccines; S. Desaknai, et al. IL-II is a potent anti-melanoma factor; H. Dams-Kozlowska, et al. IL-6 and GM-CSF in tumor rejection model of renal cell cancer; P.J. Wysocki, et al. The effects of peritumoral therapeutic vaccination with IL-2-secreting cells on growth of MC38 colon tumours in mice, local NO production and sentinel lymph node cells activation; E. Pajtasz-Piasecka, et al. Improving the retroviral vector (RV) systems for immunotherapy of cancer; P. Grabarczyk, et al. Tumor immunity in mice immunized with fibroblasts transfected with tumor DNA; E.F. De Zoeten, et al. T cell response to tumor antigens and its therapeutic use in cancer patients; G. Parmiani, et al. 4 Additional Chapters. Subject index. Index of authors.

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