Progress in Preventing AIDS?: Dogma, Dissent and Innovation - Global Perspectives / Edition 1

Progress in Preventing AIDS?: Dogma, Dissent and Innovation - Global Perspectives / Edition 1

by David Buchanan

ISBN-10: 0895031760

ISBN-13: 9780895031761

Pub. Date: 01/01/1998

Publisher: Baywood Pub Co

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Health Services Series
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Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview: Progress in Preventing AIDS?1
Ch. 1Sexual Practices that May Favor the Transmission of HIV in a Rural Community in Nigeria21
Ch. 2Perceived Barriers to HIV Prevention among University Students in Sierra Leone, West Africa35
Ch. 3AIDS-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behavioral Intentions of Adolescents in Trinidad: A Pilot Study47
Ch. 4Preventing HIV Infection among Juvenile Delinquents: Educational Diagnosis Using the Health Belief Model55
Ch. 5Use of Health Belief Model to Predict Condom Use among University Students in Nigeria75
Ch. 6The Role of Threat and Efficacy in AIDS Prevention87
Ch. 7The Viral Model for AIDS: Paradigmatic Dominance, Politics, or Best Approximation of Reality?115
Ch. 8AIDS Communication: What Predicts Health Professionals' Decisions?133
Ch. 9Another Crack in the Mirror: The Politics of AIDS Prevention in Mexico155
Ch. 10HIV/AIDS in Asian and Pacific Islander Communities in the U.S.: A Review, Analysis, and Integration179
Ch. 11Sociology of AIDS within Black Communities: Theoretical Considerations203
Ch. 12AIDS in the African Press215
Ch. 13Women and the Risk of HIV Infection in Nigeria: Implications for Control Programs227
Ch. 14Theory and Action for Effective Condom Promotion: Illustrations from a Behavior Intervention Project for Sex Workers in Singapore243
Ch. 15Using Theory to Design an Intervention for HIV/AIDS Prevention for Farm Workers in Rural Zimbabwe259
Ch. 16Was the Intervention Implemented as Intended?: A Process Evaluation of an AIDS Prevention Intervention in Rural Zimbabwe273
Ch. 17The Potential of Drama and Songs as Channels for AIDS Education in Africa: A Report on Focus Group Findings from Ghana293
Ch. 18Needle Sharing for the Use of Therapeutic Drugs as a Potential AIDS Risk Behavior among Migrant Hispanic Farmworkers in the Eastern Stream319
Ch. 19Enlisting the Support of Traditional Healers in an AIDS Education Campaign in Zambia327
Ch. 20The CEPA Project: A New Model for Community-Based Program Planning335

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