Progressive Trance, Vol. 7

Progressive Trance, Vol. 7


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Cop International

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Disc 1

  1. Keine Melodian
  2. Trusting Blind  -  Northern Light
  3. One Night in NYC
  4. Keissäge  - Kenji Ogura
  5. Derb
  6. Der Ostcode  - Marco Remus
  7. Trip to Fantasy  -  Mental Miracle
  8. Ichi, Ichi  -  Tokyo Dance Kids
  9. In da Jungle
  10. Hard to Obtain
  11. Remember 2001  -  Diablo

Disc 2

  1. When I Rock
  2. Angel of Death  -  Angel of Death
  3. Silence  -  Taiko
  4. The Isle of Sky  -  Prism X
  5. Music Is Wonderful  -  Lima
  6. Eltronic Music
  7. Stormtrooper  -  Stormtroopers of Death
  8. Südstern
  9. The Comes Night  -  Third Wave
  10. Light of the Darkness
  11. Something Is Watching Me  -  Outsider

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Elektrochemie LK   Track Performer
Horrorist   Track Performer
Electric Nature   Track Performer
Diablo   Track Performer
Taiko   Track Performer
Jeans Team   Track Performer
Lima   Track Performer
Derb   Track Performer
Third Wave   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Orlando Voorn   Producer
Tom Novy   Producer
Tom Wax   Producer
A. Brenner   Producer
Andreas Kramer   Producer
Thomas Pogadl   Producer
Christian Schek   Producer
Thomas Schumacher   Producer
Kai Winter   Producer
Oliver Chester   Producer
RMF   Producer
Boka   Producer
Frank Kading   Administrative Coordinator
Christian Petke   Administrative Coordinator
Jan Jacarta   Producer
Stephan Bodzin   Producer
Adrian Misiewicz   Producer

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