Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf / Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf / Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

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by Alec Clunes

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  1. Peter and the Wolf, children's tale for narrator & orchestra, Op. 67

    • Sergey Prokofiev
    • Lorin Maazel
    • Alec Clunes
    • French National Orchestra
    • Werner Koberstein
    1. Introduction. Peter and the Wolf - a musical tale for children  (02:03)
    2. Now to our story. Early one morning, Peter opened the gate . . .  (04:39)
    3. Suddenly, something caught Peter's attention  (04:06)
    4. No sooner had Peter gone . . .  (03:08)
    5. And now, this is how things stood  (06:03)
    6. But now, . . . now the hunters came out of the woods  (02:11)
    7. And now . . . now imagine the triumphant procession  (04:49)
  2. Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell), for speaker ad lib & orchestra, Op. 34

    • Benjamin Britten
    • Lorin Maazel
    • Lorin Maazel
    • French National Orchestra
    • Werner Koberstein
    1. Tuning up - These are sounds made by a hundred musicians playing many different kinds of instrument  (01:04)
    2. It all starts with an idea  (02:03)
    3. All of them are now ready . . . Theme  (02:42)
    4. It is time that each instrument speak for itself. Variation A  (00:30)
    5. When two oboes discuss the Theme, their observation may seem more penetrating. Variation B  (00:43)
    6. Clarinets are glib talkers and are very popular. Variation C  (00:40)
    7. Easily recognized is the gossip of the bassoon. Variation IV  (00:51)
    8. 30 of the 60 string players are violinists. Variation E  (00:46)
    9. The alto voice of the viola is larger than the violin's. Variation F  (00:53)
    10. The violoncello is larger still. Variation G  (01:12)
    11. The double bass stands as high as a man. Variation H  (01:02)
    12. Words plucked from any one of the harp's 47 strings are always easy to understand. Variation I  (00:52)
    13. The horn is a brass instrument. Variation J  (01:13)
    14. These two trumpets challenge each other in a brilliant exchange. Variation K  (00:32)
    15. The giants of the brass, the trombones and tuba, always like to have the last word. Variation L  (00:59)
    16. The comment of the percussion is right to the point. Variation M  (01:36)
    17. Everyone has had his say. Fugue  (03:09)

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Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf / Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I remember playing the Peter and the Wolf record over and over again when I was a child so I couldn't resist buying the CD when I saw it. What a disappointment! The narrator sleepwalks through the story and the storyline has been changed to protect the sensibilities of little children. The wolf no longer is killed in the end, but is captured and put in a zoo! I can't help but think kids are subjected to much worse on daily TV. Kids have a strong sense of justice, and I think they know it's justice to have the wolf meet his maker in the end. And Sasha the duck (by the way, the animals no longer have names, they are just "the duck" and "the bird", etc.)is swallowed by the wolf and lives in his tummy! At least in the old version, we are led to believe Sasha was eaten by the wolf, but we later find he escaped and was hiding. Happy day!! What a bummer.I threw it out.