The Promise

The Promise

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by May McGoldrick

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"The Promise is a wonderful book for any lover of historical fiction." (New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham)

In America for the last ten years, Rebecca Neville has raised her young charge as if he were her own son. But now, his father-the Earl of Stanmore-has learned of his fate and sends for him from England. Rebecca must do


"The Promise is a wonderful book for any lover of historical fiction." (New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham)

In America for the last ten years, Rebecca Neville has raised her young charge as if he were her own son. But now, his father-the Earl of Stanmore-has learned of his fate and sends for him from England. Rebecca must do everything in her power to keep her promise to the boy's dead mother-and keep her heart safe from his mysterious father...

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Promise 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story - weaved several characters that will be seen again. Controversial topics and completely engrossing story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lord Stanmore was a rare treat and Rebecca was nothing short of perfect. She was so sweet and everybody loved her, with the exception of Lady Nisdale of course. Rebecca was one of the best heroines ever and she deserved to be happy. Sir Nicholas nearly stole the show, however. He was fabulous.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When Rebecca Neville was attacked by her employer, she defended herself and had to flee from the law. During her flight, Rebecca met a dying woman, Elizabeth Stanmore, who was on her way to America with her new born son, James. They left London together with the agreement that once Elizabeth died, Rebecca would raise James as her own.

Ten years had past when the lawyer for the Earl of Stanmore showed up at Rebecca Ford's door. James was hard of hearing and had one misshapen hand, but the kind lawyer relayed that the earl was claiming James as his heir. Rebecca went with them to London to make sure James was happy before she left his life. The father, Lord Stanmore, was a handsome, but cold hearted man who cared nothing for his new found son. Slowly, the earl saw what true love really was as he watched Rebecca and James. Passion ignited between Rebecca and the Earl. All might have been well, however, outside forces were at work.

Lady Louisa Nisdale had been the Earl's mistress for quite a while and refused to acknowledge the fact that their affair was over. In addition, the Earl had been fighting in Parliament to end slavery in England. The Earl's neighbor, who owned and abused slaves, was none too happy about that either.

***** A definite winner! The author is a husband and wife team who seem to have their pulse on what readers want to read! Excellent plot and interesting sub-plots that will capture the attention of its audience and hold onto them like cement glue! Highly recommended! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Guest More than 1 year ago
Moving from medieval Scotland to eighteenth century England, co-authors Jim and Nikoo McGoldrick have penned a novel, which will certainly elevate their popularity in the genre of historical romance.

Rebecca Neville was forced to flee London in 1760 for fear that she had accidentally killed her lecherous employer, Sir Charles Hartington. Fortuitously, she is almost run down by a passing carriage whose lone occupant decides to help her. Elizabeth Wakefield needs a companion and asks Rebecca to aid her in her journey to the colonies with her newborn son, James. Weak from childbirth, Elizabeth does not survive the voyage, and Rebecca is forced to raise James on her own.

Employing the skills she obtained at Mrs. Stockdale¿s Academy for Girls, Rebecca is able to make ends meet for herself and Jamey. She also skillfully fends off any amorous advances by inventing a fictitious Mr. Ford, her now deceased husband. Though Rebecca is a woman to be greatly admired for her ingenuity and fortitude, she is at times a little too sweet, with no apparent faults.

Nevertheless, Rebecca does well for herself and Jamey until ten years later when an agent of his father¿s tracks her to Philadelphia and asks that the boy return to England to live with his father, Samuel Wakefield, Earl of Stanmore. Rebecca travels to England to make sure that James is well settled and meets the coolly aloof Stanmore.

The development of the relationship between Rebecca and Stanmore makes this novel a step above many historicals. While Rebecca doesn¿t initially agree with the manner in which Stanmore relates to his son, she can¿t help being attracted to him. And while he is at first attracted to her beauty, he slowly begins to see beneath the surface and wants her for more than her physical attractiveness alone.

Villainous characters such as Louisa Nisdale, the jealous former lover, and Squire Wentworth, Stanmore¿s evil neighbor who dabbled in the slave trade, add a sinister element capable of tearing the lovers apart. And the historical depiction of the slave trade provides a unique addition to this novel primarily because the subject is not usually addressed as an eighteenth century English problem.

For a sure winner with characters you won¿t want to leave behind, THE PROMISE can¿t be beat.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1760 London, tutor Rebecca Neville has no family to protect her when her employer Sir Charles Hartington accuses her of stealing and tries to obtain sexual favors. Pretending to accept his offer, Rebecca bashes her odious, suitor in the head. Believing she killed Charles, Rebecca flees, escaping in a passing carriage carrying a very weak Elizabeth Wakefield and her one day old son James. Elizabeth sensing a fellow desperado brings Rebecca to America with her and her son.

A decade later, Elizabeth id dead, Rebecca has raised the partially deaf Jamey in the colonies as her beloved child. However, Sir Oliver Birch arrives to take James back to England where his father the Earl of Stanhope can raise his heir. Though she does not want to return to London, a reluctant Rebecca accompanies her Jamey back to his rightful position. In England, Rebecca and Stanmore begin to fall in love though they disagree about what is good for his son. However, the past surfaces leaving a future together seemingly grim or impossible.

THE PROMISE is a powerful Georgian romance that focuses on the rights of women in eighteenth century England. The story line is well written as May McGoldrick uses her plot to tell the plight of females rather than just espousing and preaching her theme. The characters make the tale as Rebecca is a heroine willing to go to prison to insure ¿her cherished son¿ is safe and loved. Readers will strike gold with this fabulous historical romance.

Harriet Klausner