Promise Me This: Between Breaths

Promise Me This: Between Breaths

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by Christina Lee
A new love will test the boundaries of passion between a privileged boy next door and the tattooed, blue-haired girl who helps him embrace his wild side...

Nate has developed quite a playboy reputation around campus. It's not that he doesn't respect or trust women; he doesn't trust himself. The men in Nate’s family are prone to abusive


A new love will test the boundaries of passion between a privileged boy next door and the tattooed, blue-haired girl who helps him embrace his wild side...

Nate has developed quite a playboy reputation around campus. It's not that he doesn't respect or trust women; he doesn't trust himself. The men in Nate’s family are prone to abusive behavior—a dirty secret that Nate’s been running from his entire life—so Nate doesn't do relationships. But he can’t help himself around one girl…

Jessie is strong, independent, and works at a tattoo parlor. Nate can’t resist getting close to her, even if it’s strictly a friendship. But it doesn't take long for Nate to admit that what he wants with Jessie is more than just friendly.

With Jessie, he can be himself and explore what he’s always felt was a terrifying darkness inside him. Even when Nate begins to crave her in a way that both shocks and horrifies him, Jessie still wants to know every part of him. Testing their boundaries together will take a trust that could render them inseparable… or tear them apart.


Raves for Christina Lee’s Between Breaths series:

“This is one New Adult you don’t want to miss.” —New York Times and USA Today bestselling author A. L. Jackson

“Hot, sweet, emotional, page-turner, awesome.”—New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy

“Steamy, honest, and full of heart.” —Roni Loren, national bestselling author
Christina Lee lives in the Midwest with her husband and son. She is the author of The Between Breaths Series, including All of You and Before You Break. She also owns her own jewelry business, called Tags-n-Stones, where she hand-stamps meaningful words or letters onto silver for her customers.

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Christina Lee lives in the Midwest with her husband and son. She is the author of The Between Breaths Series, including All of You and Before You Break. She also owns her own jewelry business, called Tags-n-Stones, where she hand-stamps meaningful words or letters onto silver for her customers.

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Promise Me This: Between Breaths 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jeniNY More than 1 year ago
Nate has a reputation on campus for being a love them and leave them kind of guy. He doesn’t kiss, it’s to intimidate, commitment, no way. A quick hook up with never a repeat performance is all the women get from him.  It’s not that he doesn’t respect women, it’s that he doesn’t trust himself. Nate comes from a violent family life so he fears that he too will be prone to abusive behavior. Nate has a secret he can never reveal urges that he forces himself to suppress. However, one girl makes him want more. Jessie is a strong, independent girl; she is putting herself through college working at a tattoo parlor. Even though he should stay away, Nate cannot stop himself from wanting to be around Jessie. They keep things strictly in the friend’s zone. It does not take long for Jessie and Nate to admit they want to try it at more than just friends. They are definitely attracted to each other; they can be themselves with each other. Their easy friendship makes it seem so simple. Will Nate’s secrets and his lack of trust in himself stop him from having the life he wants and the girl of his dreams?  Christina Lee is truly a genius at New Adult Romance.  I was in love with Nate from the minute I read his first words; he had me falling for his preppy charm. His demons haunt him as he is trying to find his way in the world. Raised by an abusive father, he is concerned; he will turn out like him.  Nate has sexual urges of dominance that he does not want to express fully. He is terrified that they make him as abusive as his father. Therefore, he suppresses his dominant feelings and only lets a little show when he finds a willing one-night stand. However, in his heart and soul, he craves something more, something he thinks he can never have.  Then one day Jessie notices him in a way she never did before after accidentally walking in on him in a compromising position in a bar bathroom. Jessie always thought of Nate as a poor little rich boy. Sure, he was hot, but not really her type. She usually went for the tatted up bad boys. When she walked into the bathroom bar and spotted Nate with a girl pushed up against a sink in a very not so boy next-door kind of way, Jessie saw Nate in a completely new light one she found herself desperate to explore further.  They had been friends lightly flirting and busting on each other. Never did either one of them think the other could be interested. An opportunity, throws them together and they get to each other. I loved how the two characters found more and more out about each other as the book progressed. The first sexual encounter when Nate lets some of his dominance show was hot! Hot! The second sex scene is even steamier; with each experience, Jessie and Nate grow closer and closer. The BDSM experimentation well written and well thought out. A chapter is my favorite is when they both realize without saying it to each that they were making love and not just having sex, my heart just about melted it was a hot and tender scene all at once.  I could not help but root for this couple as I read each page. Nate’s relationship with his dysfunctional family is heart wrenching had me angry for him and then crying for him and his brother. Jessie’s close-knit family in comparison made for a deeper story. I love Christina Lee’s writing, she has become my favorite New Adult writer and I cannot wait to dive into one of her other books. This is the fourth in the series, but the second book in this series I have read; you do not have to read the books in order to follow the stories. Each couple has their own story if you want to know how the background characters got together, you can easily go back and read a book without feeling confused or lost.  I was also excited to read the sneak peek of Dakota and Shane’s story characters from Whisper To Me book three in this series cannot wait for that one.
miztrebor More than 1 year ago
To say that I enjoyed this book would be a bit of an understatement. There was a great story, but it was the characters that grabbed me and took me for an emotional ride. On the surface this book is great for someone looking for some steamy sex scenes, a great slow building romance within a complicated friendship. But it’s much more than that. Getting both Nate and Jessie’s points of view to tell this story allowed me as a reader to see each character for who they were and to not just have me speculate on each side of the story. I got the honest true, with no punches pulled. Especially from Nate’s POV, with the demons he’s battling throughout the book, a no holds barred account is what made me love the book. This isn’t an easy story to digest either. A lot goes down that isn’t going to be easy for some readers to stomach, even I was tense for some scenes, but it’s worth it in the end. Great books for me are often those that pull at the heart while exploring uncomfortable sides of human nature. If Promise Me This, with its character’s depths and lack of restraint on tough topics, is any indication of the rest of Lee’s Between Breaths series, I’m going to have some more books to go out and enjoy. This is a book that’ll stay with me for a while.
AboutThatStory More than 1 year ago
This was a great story and I really enjoyed it. :-) Nate and Jessie are both really likeable characters and I loved how they came together. This is told from dual POV’s so it was nice getting inside both their heads. Nate is so sweet but he has a lot of past issues that are pretty heavy that he’s dealing with. It made for some really sad moments and I felt for him. There was definitely a big internal struggle there you could feel. I liked Jessie a lot, she was a strong girl with a good head on their shoulders. Even though this was about their growing relationship, I felt there was more focus on Nate than Jessie. They seemed to be complete opposites but I thought they were a great fit with really good chemistry. They had some great flirty moments and I liked their teasing with one another. It helped to provide some lighter moments. I thought there relationship developed nicely, loved those times when Nate opens up and you could feel their attraction and I definitely loved their heat. I really liked the storyline, though I did see some things coming. I thought there was good development throughout, it was a fast paced, smooth read with mild drama. It all moves along nicely and Nate’s growth seems easy, without a huge amount of struggle. Considering the content I might have thought there would have been a bit more drama and complexity but I still really liked it and didn’t necessarily feel like it was missing, I just thought there would have been more. I felt invested and caught up in their story. I loved that characters from other stories intersected and enjoyed all their interactions. The ending was really sweet and I loved the conclusion. Great read! Complimentary copy received for honest review.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
A sweet, emotional, and lovely New Adult romance, Promise Me This was a great read. It was another wonderful book in an already fantastic series and I really enjoyed it. Jessie was a great heroine. Tough, independent, but also kind and compassionate. I really liked how she helped Nate face his issues, encouraging him but never pushing him farther than he wanted to go. She was a lovely character and I really liked her. Nate was also wonderful. He had trust issues but not with other people. Because of his violent father, he had difficulty trusting himself and that had him keeping women at a distance because he didn't trust himself not to hurt them. But, in reality, he was very sweet and a truly good man who would never knowingly hurt someone. He was great and I really liked him as well. The romance was lovely. I thought Jessie and Nate were so sweet together, especially with how Jessie helped Nate come to terms with his family issues. And they definitely hot some super hot chemistry together. I thought they were a wonderful couple. The plot moved quickly and I was kept interested the entire way through. I only have one complaint and it was that something felt a bit off to me. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there was something about this book that didn't flow with everything else. It might just be a combination of a bunch of little things but I can't pinpoint it. There wasn't anything wrong with the major aspects of the book but something didn't work and if I can figure out what it is, I'll let you know. But, otherwise, this book was great. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was perfect. Promise Me This was a wonderful New Adult romance that I really enjoyed. Sweet, emotional, and an overall lovely read, this book was great. Romance lovers, this is a book you'll want to check out. *I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Livlovesbooks More than 1 year ago
5 big fat super shinny stars! It’s been a couple of weeks now since I originally finished it so I found myself getting caught up in rereading my favorite scenes. Instead of writing a quick review, I’ve been sitting here falling in love with it all over again. I don’t know how author Christina Lee keeps hitting the ball out of the park like she does. The temptation to fill my review with copious excerpted quotes is incredibly strong, but I’ll resist this time especially since a lot of them are rated R. I loved everything about Jessie & Nate’s story – the character development, the sexual tension, the humor, and how it all played out. And of course, I absolutely loved the updates on all the series' characters and seeing them interact even more in PMT.  Major spoilers follow!  ***** I’m always more intrigued by couples who start off as friends in some capacity and end up discovering that they have more to explore between them. Blue-haired, tattooed Jessie is a photography student who also works at Raw Ink, the same tattoo shop as Bennett from All of You (Between Breaths #1). Bennett is friends with wealthy Nate, an engineering student whose very clean cut, muscular appearance helps to hide a dark family secret that haunts him. Nate hangs out with the Raw Ink crew on a regular basis and always maintained a very casual friendship with Jessie. That changes when Jessie and Nate embark on a road trip to check out bridges for her photography assignment and are forced to stay out of town overnight. They start to peel back each others’ layers, seeing each other in an entirely new light. Their night at the hotel was smoking HAWT, and I totally didn’t expect it to end the way it did. And then we get hit with that bridge scene – just wow! I also adored their text messaging conversations and the hilarious teasing conversations about Nate’s “package.” And Nate convinces Jessie to try rock climbing. Oh boy! I loved how the rock climbing scene gets Nate all juiced up and inspired about future uses of harnesses in the bedroom. And how can I not want my own Nate to teach me how to bow like he does with Jessie? Yes, please! *wink!*  I definitely wanted to BE Jessie. I couldn’t help but envy Jessie’s close relationship with her mom especially. I enjoyed learning how her parents’ life philosophy, tolerance, and support had influenced her own outlook on life. I felt bad for Nate, his brother and his mom because I’ve been there, done that. Luckily, Nate takes Jessie’s advice to try out the counseling service available on campus. And eventually, Nate believes Jessie’s and his counselor’s dual assertions that he is not in danger of becoming his father.  In one swift move he had me backed up against the wall, my hands braced above my head. He flattened his body against mine and I felt the full weight of his erection bearing into my abdomen. “All I could think about for days is tying you up and having my way with you.” Oh. My skin tingled pitifully, that’s how badly I wanted it.  When I didn’t say anything because I was too lost in my own desire, he said, “Does…does that scare you…do I scare you?” “I’m not afraid of you, Nate. I think you’re afraid of yourself,” I whispered. “I want you to do those things to me. I want you so bad.” That above scene just gets hotter and hotter and is only one of many delightfully sexy scenes between them. Ultimately, the counseling and Jessie’s steadfast friendship helps Nate move beyond his damaging past. He finally lets his full freak flag fly guilt free, completely embracing their romantic potential. “It’s true I haven’t used my tongue on many girls.” He trailed his lips along my jaw. “But now I only want to use it on you.” I was so stunned and amazed and turned on that I could barely think straight. “I’m trying to figure myself out, my family out, every damn thing out.” His heavy breaths were now mixing with mine. “But everything inside of me aches for you.” I held the gasp inside my throat and slid my hand around his waist. “I ache for you, too.” His eyes closed momentarily as if reveling in my words. “I have a lot going on right now and I’m afraid to drag you into it,” he said, gathering my face in his hands. “I can’t keep you from seeing other…guys. But I know that I only want to be with you.” “Then be with me,” I said simply. “Ask me to only be with you.” And Jessie’s photography exhibit was such a beautiful expression of how she felt about Nate. I was so happy for them when he saw it and her new ink. The two combined were inescapable proof that she loved him and made him gladly promise to give her “the wild and the sweet, the light and the dark,” all of the facets that made him unique and hers. This novel will always have a special place in my heart not only because of author Christina Lee’s fabulous storytelling magic, but also because my mom died the day I started reading Promise Me This. Obviously, I had to put Jessie & Nate’s story on hold for a couple of days. Grieving such a loss is a sadly long process. I can’t express how much I appreciated the much needed book therapy I received from escaping back into their story and discussing my reactions to it and the parallels that I shared with Nate with Christina herself via Facebook. A million times, thank you! Be sure to read the sneak peek of Christina Lee’s Two of Hearts contemporary adult novel featured at the end. I’m eagerly anticipating its 5-5-15 release.
Kristas_Dust_Jacket More than 1 year ago
I've decided that everyone needs a little Nate in their lives. A man who is outwardly the pretty, charming boy, but inwardly, he's a closet bad boy. That's a change of pace, right? Nate single-handedly made Promise Me This the best book in Christina Lee's Between Breaths series yet. Nate comes from an abusive father. His brother is already showing signs of being just like him, and Nate is determined to not let the other men in his life define him. But, the fact is, Nate is sometimes prone to a little violence himself. Granted, it's usually in the bedroom, and it's of the sexy nature, but to Nate, it's all black and white. Violence is violence, and it has no place in his life. Except, then Nate has a chance to be with Jessie, a girl he's crushed on for a long time. And, Jessie's not exactly a shy violet. As she starts to bring out those parts of Nate he'd rather keep hidden, he has to decide whether he's capable of showing her it all. I can't imagine growing up with a father like Nate's. He beat his wife within an inch of her life, and even took a few turns at his two sons from time to time. Having a dad like that would absolutely shape the man a boy becomes. So, the fact that Nate is as sweet and chivalrous as he is is a bloomin' miracle. He's made it his life's mission to not grow up to become his dad and to eventually save his mom. Somehow, Nate has translated that into tramping down every urge he has to rough somebody up - whether it be in anger or in passion. And, that's so sad. Because those emotions - anger and passion - mean you can feel and that you're alive. As a result, Nate is practically dead inside. And then there's Jessie. She's artistic and creative and she brings a beacon of light to Nate's drab existence. She's had her own problems in life, but somehow Jessie has become comfortable in her own skin. And, that example is exactly what Nate needs. On an impromptu trip to Nate's old neighborhood, Jessie starts to chip away at Nate's carefully constructed composure. Because, she likes the rough stuff when it's done for fun. And, Jessie becomes determined to show him the difference, and that sometimes it's okay to unleash his inner beast. I felt so badly for Nate. I get why he didn't know the difference. And, I also get why he was so scared to discover the difference. The burning desire to be as unlike his father as possible is what made me love this character so much. And, Jessie's persistence and reluctance to quit made me love her. Jessie and Nate were so perfect for one another. Nate found his perfect match - the girl who challenges him and loves him unconditionally. She loves all of him - even his wild side. ESPECIALLY his wild side. Promise Me This was told in dual POV, and thank goodness for that. Getting inside Nate's head was imperative for this story, I think. The chemistry and passion between Jessie and Nate was off the hook, and it was the perfect complement to the story. Of all the characters we've met in the Between Breaths series so far, these two were my favorite.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
I have thoroughly enjoyed ever book in the Between Breaths Series by Christina Lee and have been looking forward to Promise Me This, which is Nate and Jessie's story.  We have met both of these characters briefly in previous novels, and while this is a series, each novel is a companion novel and can easily be read as a standalone, though you won't want to miss any of them.  Nate and Jessie fit the old cliche "opposites attract" perfectly.  They couldn't seem anymore different.  She's tattooed with blue in her hair and he's a clean-cut, well-dressed, jock-type.  They've always been friends, but something begins to change and their relationship takes a different turn.  Nate only does hookups, one night stands, mainly because of issues resulting from a dysfunctional family....or what he believes is his dark side.   What he doesn't get is that Jessie likes all of him, including the dark side.  She just gets him.  She doesn't do hookups, but she can't stop thinking about Nate.  He helps her with a project for school, and she helps him through some really tough issues, and the process by which they do this is a wonderfully written and addictive story you won't want to put down. I really enjoyed getting to know both Nate and Jessie, and loved the romance between them.  I also enjoyed getting to see glimpses of previous characters from the other novels in the series.  Once again, Christina Lee has provided her readers and fans of this series with another outstanding novel that will make you swoon, sigh, fan you face, and smile.  Contemporary romance fans, this is one you won't want to miss. 
BlkosinerBookBlog More than 1 year ago
WARNING: NEW ADULT. ABUSIVE TRIGGERS (parental) BDSM Type situations (handcuffs and "orders" during sex (all consensual). Read review at own discretion.      I wanted to read Promise Me This because I have loved the Between Breathes series. They are all friends so can be read separately, but I will admit I am a little fuzzy on a few of the characters but remember other pieces of stories.      I like that Nate is conscious of his past, and that those who are abused is more likely to be an abuser. But I think that at times he is being overly cautious. He has desires to be more wild in sex, but he restrains himself because of a negative encounter as well as his fear of losing control. It was a journey for him to realize the difference. He is more straight laced in day to day life, but has his reputation of being a player. He had his own limits such as no kissing, etc, and he doesn't do long term.      Jessie is more of the wild girl, blue haired and tattooed. She is fiesty and can hold her own. Nate likes this and they try to maintain a friendship where they are bantering back and forth and giving each other a hard time. One night when she admits to having been handcuffed and it stirs Nate's lust but again he is afraid. She calls him square and has heard rumors of his one night stand ways, but when she sees him pushing a girl against a sink, she thinks there is more there than she thought instead of money bags boy.      When they take a road trip for Jessie's photography project we get to see them open up to one another while they drove and then exploring some of their feelings and attractions for each other. Nate holds back so much, and Jessie realizes it, and helps him to realize that its ok to be rough and bed and do the role playing when both partners are consenting and it stays healthy--only in the right context. This one did push some of my buttons because I have been in an abusive relationship that actually started as a bdsm type arrangement. So I don't know if it was truly more explicit or if it came from a bit of my sensitives.     From the trip everything got pretty tense because of his fear, their mutual attraction and the back and forth. There were some pretty hot moments right along side some bravery, arguments, and trying to figure out how it will work for him. Nate really started standing up for himself and trying to be more open about what he went through. He also tries to get his mom to see the light and eventually had a stand off with both his dad and his brother Luke.      The ending was sweet and I am glad that things worked out in some ways. It was realistic though and nothing was easy about it and some of the secondary characters still were in a place that was not so bright. But Nate was able to realize the difference in his thinking and how it is okay and not to be with Jessie and how he thinks outside of the bedroom is what shows his beautiful and kind heart.  Bottom Line: Steamy but also riddled with Nate having to come to terms with his passion and what he fears he could become. 
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
Christina Lee returns with the fourth novel in her Between Breaths series, Promise Me This. Readers looking for a romance that isn't afraid to brooch some hard-hitting topics will find this one right in their wheelhouse. Lee has a knack for writing with emotion, clarity and a sense of urgency that gives all of her stories a depth that is not always present in the burgeoning New Adult genre. This book is a lesson in contrasts and comparisons that readers won't forget any time soon! What I liked: Christina Lee is one of those writers who knows how to pack an emotional punch. Some New Adult stories and novels shy away from too much drama, or too much emotional baggage, but not Lee's books. She has developed a strong sense of how much is too much and how much is just enough. She gives readers what they need, that strong connection to the characters, that sense of necessity to read, to delve deeper into them, but she doesn't go too far. Promise Me This has that great balance that makes the experience of reading it flow off the page. Very well done! Jessie and Nate are very different. Jessie is a girl who knows who she is and she doesn't care whether you like it or not. She has this innate ability to believe she can do anything, change the world, or her hair color on any given day. I liked her a lot. She was sassy and spunky, but she was also deep and wise in her own way. Nate was the opposite. He was really afraid to figure out who he was, because he wasn't sure he would like that person. He was complex and driven to not let history repeat itself. Though they couldn't have been more different, these characters got each other. It's one of those romances where you know the characters were meant for each other, but it's all about the journey, their experiences together, their growth. Lee does a fantastic job of letting the reader 'get' the characters too. A couple I won't soon forget! Domestic violence is a horrible thing. It is serious and it can be very dark. Lee was able to show Nate's very complicated and tragic history without overwhelming the reader with the gravity of it. Yes, it was emotional, and understandable and heartbreaking, but all of those emotions don't coalesce to make this a downer book. Instead Lee makes it uplifting. She shows the reader that their is hope after tragedy. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Nate's struggle was poignant and fulfilling and readers won't be able to get away from it until the last page, maybe not even then. There is some serious chemistry between these two friends turned lovers. There was a time when Nate pined away after Jessie, but all Jessie saw was a 'square'. That moment when she sees him as more than just a friend was remarkable. When she realizes that, wow, he is really hot... LOL! And Lee doesn't stop there. Nate is scared of how he could possibly treat Jessie, and it's not just another break up he's worried about. It gives their first sexual encounter a very urgent appeal. There is angst and emotional turmoil and everything just works so well. I loved it! Bottom Line: This is a book with a deep soul. Yes, that's what I said, this book has a soul. That thing that you feel down deep that makes you who you are... it has it. It's a new adult love story, but's something more. It's hope between two pages! Enough said!
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4.25 stars--PROMISE ME THIS is the fourth installment in Christina Lee’s contemporary, new adult Between Breaths romance series. This is tattoo artist Nate Connors and Jessie Walters storyline. Although this is the fourth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty. Told from alternating first person points of view (Jessie and Nate) the premise follows the building relationship between Nate-an architectural engineering student/tattoo artist and art major/tattoo shop receptionist Jessie. Nate, a rich kid riding on his daddy’s dollar, has a reputation with the ladies-a one night stand kind of guy. He doesn’t do relationships and the secrets that he carries are heartbreaking and dark. Jessie struggles with paying the bills. As she pursues a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in photography Jessie has had to cut her studies back to part time. When Nate makes a suggestion for her latest class assignment, Jessie jumps at the opportunity and invites Nate along for the ride. PROMISE ME THIS is a friends to lovers storyline that is heartbreaking in its presentation of a young man whose family history is abusive and destructive. Nate is not what he appears to be. The emotional aftershock of his mother’s abuse at the hands of his father has left Nate empty and withdrawn. To hide this darkness Nate looks to the many women who offer up a night in bed or a quickie in the bathroom at the local pub. To this, Nate’s reputation as the campus ‘man whore’ finds Jessie at odds with the man she has come to know. The relationship between Jessie and Nate begins as friends and co-workers but the attraction to one another is immediate. Having never acted on their feelings, Nate and Jessie will discover that they are the yin to the other’s yang: the black to the white.  Jessie will become Nate’s heart and soul; she will anchor Nate when the past becomes the present; she will support, love and offer up herself to the man who will steal her heart. The world building continues with the inclusion of several of the previous storyline characters and the ever present backdrop of the Raw Ink Tattoo studio and Zach’s Bar.  The secondary characters are colorful and relatable; they could be anyone’s best friend or lover. Because this is a character driven storyline, most of the premise follows Jessie and Nate’s developing relationship. Christina Lee offers up an emotional storyline of family and betrayal; heartbreak and abuse; learning to love and letting go.  PROMISE ME THIS is a story with a broken hero, a strong heroine and a love story with a happily ever after. Christina Lee’s BETWEEN BREATHS series is a welcome addition to the world of New Adult storylines.
ValerieStuckInBooks More than 1 year ago
I have loved this series so much. Interesting situations that lead to different combinations than you might expect makes this one, oh so good. It's New Adult at it's best. Characters. I love Nate. From the outside, he looks like the privileged rich kid cruising through college. Clean cut with an athletic build, he doesn't do relationships. Why? He grew up in an abusive home and he's greatest fear is to become his father. He's so far from this father, it's not even funny but he's not so sure. So he sticks with hook-ups. Hook-ups where he holds himself in check with a set of rules that keep it impersonal and safe. No getting close to girls. The problem is Jessie. She's a part of the group of friends he hangs with. They are so not each others types so being around her should never be a problem, right. You keep telling yourself that Nate. Jessie is wonderful. She's a tatted strong girl that likes the skinny tatted and pierced boy. Nate's muscled arms and athletic build are not her type at all. But when she catches Nate in a compromising position, she starts seeing him differently. Her upbringing couldn't be more different than Nate's. Her dad's wisdom has strengthened and molded her into a hard working and confident person. The banter between these two is so fun. She's Blue and he's Square. They don't seem to go together at all. His lack of tats and abundance of muscles to her pixie build and tats are light and dark. His dark secrets to her healing stories from her father are dark and light. And mixing them together was that unexpected combination that made a perfect fit. Story. What I adored about this story was the lack of misunderstanding/lying between the characters. When other stories do this, I often find them too contrived. If someone would just speak up the issue would be fixed. But with this story, these two don't misunderstand each other. They aren't lying to each other. In fact, once they spend time together, no one has gotten Nate better than Jessie. They never saw each other as their type. When they discover their chemistry, what keeps them apart is the personal battle that is waring inside Nate. It feels more real. Writing. This author is so good at dealing with the New Adult years. I connected with the characters and enjoyed the story unfold. I read it in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. If you've loved the rest of this series, you should pick this one up too. If you haven't tried this series, then give it a try. New Adult at it's best.
Shadowplay4u More than 1 year ago
Beautifully heart-wrenching, devastatingly raw, and purely stunning in its sincerity and soul, this story will burrow underneath your skin and capture your heart in a gentle yet firm grip that will have you gasping for breath and begging for more. This is not an easy story, but it is a story of unabashed courage, utter determination, and unbreakable love. Once you open these pages and allow it to reveal its secrets to you, your heart will never be the same again. Enter with caution and with all of the strength and love your heart can gather. Nate is considered high society where money talks and commands a lot of control and obedience. He is working hard in the pursuit of his dreams of architecture, and he appears to be just another looking-for-a-good-time, happy jock without a care in the world. Sadly, that is the opposite of what his life is really like. Only his closest friend Bennett has ever scratched the surface of what his life is really like. Nate does a wonderful job of hiding under his playful and anything but serious demeanor. He enjoys his friends but keeps them and everyone else at a safe distance. His other good friend Jessie is a light in his otherwise dark world. He enjoys their fun banter, and he likes the idea of having a girl as a friend. What he didn’t count on was her desire to really get to know him. She finds herself helplessly drawn to him after an unexpected weekend, and Nate must decide if he will follow his heart and change his life or run like always and hide away from the demons that plague him. I absolutely LOVED Nate and Jessie. They were complete opposites in every sense of the word, and they underestimated each other for way too long. Finally seeing past the façade that Nate put on for everyone, she was completely hooked. It blew her mind to see that Nate had such depth and character like she never would have imagined and yet she began to see glimpses of his life that he kept so tightly hidden away. Neither of them would have ever guessed that that other would come to mean so much. They each filled a void in the other’s life and heart that they didn’t even know was empty. Once this realization hit them, they knew nothing would ever be the same again. Not only was Nate a complete surprise but Jessie was just as amazing! Her drive to do whatever she could to help Nate battle with and conquer his demons was exactly what he needed. She pushed him to see that he was so much more then what he thought of himself. It was Jessie’s unconditional love and strong friendship that gave Nate the encouragement and resolve he needed in order to help change his circumstances. Jessie was Nate’s saving grace, and once he recognized that, he grabbed ahold of her and vowed to never let go. This is the second book that I have read by Christina Lee, and I am in complete awe of her outstanding talent! She has created such an incredibly amazing story that touched me like only a few stories ever have. I couldn’t put it down once, and I ended up reading it all in one sitting. This is a story that left my heart so full and my mind reeling in a hugely inspired way. We all need to be sure to allow ourselves to see more than just the initial impression of someone. Our goal should be to break through that porcelain mask and get to know the person underneath. You could very well be someone else’s saving grace.
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
"Give it all to me," she murmured in my ear. "The wild and the sweet, the light and the dark. Because I need them both." All the feels people! I have ALL THE FEELS right now over this book! I really loved Nate and Jessie together and their story is one filled with hope and the promise for something better. The two couldn't be more different- she is artistic with her tattoos and love for photography, where Nate is built like an athlete and fits the preppy, frat boy image. The tension between them has been simmering for quite some time, but it's only now that they start to see each other for more. Jessie knows Nate is a playboy, never hooking up with the same girl twice, but to accidentally walk in on him kissing another girl and actually see him in action, makes her see him in a completely different light. She can tell he is holding back, that there is a wildness brewing beneath the surface that is desperately trying to break free. Nate has always been interested in Jessie, but feels they have too good and easy of a friendship and the last thing he wants is to destroy that by showing her who he really is. An overnight trip to Nate's hometown changes everything between them, as they get to know each other better, and slowly start to reveal parts of themselves they never dreamed they would. I really liked watching Jessie and Nate get to know one another in this book. They have been friends sure, but they really didn't KNOW one another. Jessie always assumed Nate lived this privileged wealthy life, but in reality, she couldn't have been more wrong. Nate is terrified of becoming like his abusive father, and therefore never lets himself go the way he longs to when he's with another woman. He feels shame by his darker sexual desires, as he never wants to hurt a woman like his father has hurt his mother. He doesn't see that there is a difference between the two, especially if it is a consensual experience. Jessie isn't afraid of this 'darkness' as Nate would call it. It's quite the opposite. She likes the things Nate does to her and likes his dominance in bed. He is too caught up in believing the worst about himself, that he completely misses that she is granting him the one thing he is too afraid to seek out but desperately needs- acceptance. Jessie was such a great character and such an amazing support for Nate. He can't get past his demons and is too afraid to drag her down with him. Even when he pushes her away, she is still there for him as a friend, encouraging him to seek professional help to heal the emotional scars his father has left him with. Until Nate finds his own acceptance and realizes that he is nothing like his father, he will never be able to move forward to pursue a deeper relationship with Jessie. I have to talk about the kissing in this book. I loved it! So many people underestimate the effect of a really good kiss, but Christina nails it. Jessie and Nate kissing was so incredibly hot, passionate, and INTENSE! I loved their scenes together because there is so much underlying tension between them that they won't be able to deny for long. The result is explosive and I like that they don't hold back with one another. I really like that Christina makes family an important aspect of this book. Not only do we see Nate's problems with his father, but we see the shell of a woman his mother has become, and how his brother Luke is changing- and not for the better. Nate loves his mother dearly and is heartbroken over her situation, wanting nothing more than to see her shine with happiness again. We also get to see Jessie interact with her mother, and their dynamic is totally different. Her mother is supportive and wants the best for her, but also warns her to be careful with her heart. She is a good woman and I love that she reaches out to Nate's mom. Jessie's memories of her father are pivotal in this book, as he has made a great impact on her life and what she wants to do with her future. He not only impacts Jessie, but his words leave quite the impact on Nate as well. I always enjoy Christina Lee's writing, so it's no surprise I also enjoyed this book. I am a huge fan of the series, so it was nice to see Avery, Bennett, Ella, Quinn, Rachel, and Kai again. I am quite curious as to whether Jessie's friend, Emmy, will get a book of her own in the future. Fingers crossed!