Promissory Payback (Jane Perry Series)

Promissory Payback (Jane Perry Series)

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by Laurel Dewey

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Raves for Protector:“A great novel and a fabulous mystery.”– Mysterious Reviews“A unique, entertaining, emotionally powerful, deftly crafted, highly recommended work.”– Midwest Book ReviewAnd for Redemption:“I took my time reading this book, actually savoring every page as it is possibly the best book I have read in


Raves for Protector:“A great novel and a fabulous mystery.”– Mysterious Reviews“A unique, entertaining, emotionally powerful, deftly crafted, highly recommended work.”– Midwest Book ReviewAnd for Redemption:“I took my time reading this book, actually savoring every page as it is possibly the best book I have read in a couple years.”– TCM Reviews“I loved it and can’t wait for book three.”– Armchair InterviewsLaurel Dewey’s Detective Jane Perry is quickly becoming one of the most distinctive, dynamic, and unforgettable characters in suspense fiction today. She’s rock hard, but capable of extraordinary tenderness. She’s a brilliant cop, but she’s capable of making life-altering mistakes. She’s uncannily talented, and she’s heartbreakingly human.In this novelette, Jane is called in to investigate the gruesome murder of a woman who profited greatly from the misfortunes of others. The case leaves Jane with little question about motive...and with a seemingly endless number of suspects.

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Promissory Payback 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
VickiLN More than 1 year ago
I was first attracted to this book (and Promissory Payback) because I'd never read anything by author Laurel Dewey. I also liked that they were mystery/suspense, and that it is only 96 pages. I know most readers like books with around 300, but I like shorter books and short stories a lot. I loved this book so much that I plan on reading the other books in the Jane Perry series as soon as I can. I loved all four of the stories in Unrevealed. You wouldn't think there could possibly be much going on in such short reads, but you'd be very very wrong. The author keeps a steady flow of twists, and clues are popping up all over, but again I never did figure out who did what. It would be impossible to say which one of the four was my favorite, I was blown away with each one! This book was amazing, I loved every second of reading and didn't want to put it down. I love Jane Perry, she's got a quick mind and not much gets past her. She has a keen sense of intuition and picks up on clues that most people wouldn't give a second thought to. The only down side to the book was the language. Jane definitely has a potty no, it's more like a sewer mouth. Laurel Dewey is working on a new character named Betty Craven. She says Betty doesn't solve crime or talk like a sailor, but that she's tough. I know for sure that I'll be waiting eagerly to meet Betty.
Icecream18 More than 1 year ago
This short detective story relates the mysterious killing of an unsympathetic victim, Carolyn Handel. Through dialogue, the reader learns about the self-centered victim's personality and illegal financial dealings. The suspects are down on their luck - or champions of charity. When the swearing,smoking, observant, on-the-wagon, detective, Jane Perry solves the crime, the reader will not be surprised at the wrap up. This crime novelette is satisfyingly short. It harks back to the thirty-minute detective radio shows of the 1940's. The detective is hard-boiled but likeable. The characters are caricatures;they are bluntly sweet, obstreperous, irritating etc. Teens and adults who enjoy crime mysteries will be glad they picked up and finished "Promissory Payback" during a break from class or while riding home on the train.
CMash More than 1 year ago
PROMISSORY PAYBACK by Laurel Dewey Published by The Story Plant ISBN-10: 1611880076 ISBN-13: 978-1611880076 At the request of The Story Plant, a PDF EBook Edition of a double novelette, Promissory Payback and Unrevealed were provided, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion. Synopsis (from publisher): In PROMISSORY PAYBACK Jane is called in to investigate the gruesome murder of a woman who profited greatly from the misfortunes of others. The case leaves Jane with little question about motive...and with a seemingly endless number of suspects. My Thoughts and Opinion: This was my first introduction to both this author, Laurel Dewey and character, Detective Jane Perry. Although it was only 80 pages, I instantly knew that I had been missing out on a very talented author. Within 80 pages she made the characters come to life and "transported" the reader into the plot. The writing style was fluid and very descriptive, which made it quite easy to create my own vivid visualizations as if I was watching a movie. The novelette was a stand alone read but gave hints of giving the reader to want more and to know more about this tough, street smart, but sensitive detective. My Rating: 4 As for marketing, in my opinion and this is only my opinion, this would be a perfect solution for those times when a reader is one of those reader's slumps. It is a quick, yet detailed, descriptive, gripping story line. It would also be good for those times when you need to purchase a "small gift" such as a hostess gift, get well visit, teacher's gift, a little something, etc.
Katya_Sozaeva More than 1 year ago
This novella/novelette is in the Detective Jane Perry series of novels. It is the first one I've read, so it is likely that I didn't catch everything that a long-time reader of the series might have; however, the story is written in such a way that it can be read and stand by itself. Perry is called to a murder case - the woman is hog-tied on her own bed, no sign of forced entry or struggle, and has been suffocated with duct tape over her nose and mouth. She was discovered by her long-term friend, Laura Abernathy, who says she was responding to a call from the previous evening requesting that she come over to see Carolyn, the victim. As Perry investigates the murder, she untangles a complex web of lies and plots to discover the reason for the killing, as well as who was involved. I really enjoyed this quick read - it is cleverly written and plotted. I am definitely going to be tracking down the series of books - Perry is an interesting and complex character and I'd love to read more about her escapades and exploits. A very satisfying read for fans of mystery and suspense alike!
VoraciousReaderEG More than 1 year ago
Wow! This 80 page novelette is intense! The writing and storytelling is tight. You can literally feel the tension jumping off the page between Jane Perry and the suspects she interviews. The story has to do with a real b--tch of a woman named Carolyn Handel who is found murdered in her upscale Denver home. She's hog tied and has the words "Karma is a b--tch" written in red lipstick across her skin. At first, you wince because you think, "Wow, what monster did that?" And then you read about Carolyn and realize that she was a master manipulator, cheating friends and acquaintances out of their life savings. Her Ponzi schemes were out of control and somebody did her in because of it. But who? There's a bevy of suspects and they are all well written and fleshed out. GREAT dialogue (but Dewey is adept at that) and fabulous observations about life and people abound. Highly recommended! The whole Jane Perry series is a gem!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked these little short stories. I got them for $.99 and although they are short, they are great. If you like Jane Perry's character, as I do, you love these. The characters are believable and you don't get bogged down in a lot of details that aren't necessary to the plot. I'm becoming a true Laurel Dewey fan.
portiat More than 1 year ago
hope the author keeps writing jane perry series because i will definitly buy them!
YvonneReviews More than 1 year ago
This was a great suspense. I really enjoyed trying to figure out things along with Jane. There were a couple of twists and turns, although I didn't think the outcome was all that shocking, but it was a good mystery. The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review for a blog tour. This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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LetsBookIt More than 1 year ago
Promissory Payback stars the intrepid detective, Jane Perry. I felt like this was a sort of Encyclopedia Brown for adults. (I may be dating myself here but if you missed Encyclopedia Brown as a child, you did miss out.) The clues are obvious and there is little emotional investment required of the reader but the writing is good, the case is interesting and the characters are likable. It's an easy read, there's lots of good irony and sarcasm and it's worth the half hour (OK maybe an hour) it takes to read.
GHott More than 1 year ago
This wasn't the encompassing mystery that you generally find in a Jane Perry novel but it's one I'll be thinking about for quite a while. It wasn't the intensity of this novel that drew me in but instead the characters. The ending, while not shocking, was one of those that makes you rethink your views.
JannyAn More than 1 year ago
Promissory Payback is actually one of the shortest novels I've ever read. But that's nice, especially after reading The Lonely Polygamist and The Help. Just perfect for a rainy afternoon. It's a short crime story about detective Jane Perry. She's investigating the murder of Carolyn Handel, a woman so much hated that almost everyone that knows her could have killed her. Perry finds out that Handel is stealing money from people that trusted her and thought they were investing in real estate. Quite a motivation for murder. So, less then 100 pages, It's a quick read, also due to the fact that the book is fast and fun to read. Dewey's writing style is fluid, sharp and descriptive, The story develops in a gripping pace, it catches you from the beginning but in the end it really lacks action and suspense. It wasn't that much of a brainteaser to understand who did it. Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading this novel.
tupbup More than 1 year ago
Promissory Payback is a short crime story following Detective Jane Perry's investigation into the murder of the much-hated Carolyn Handel. It is difficult to find someone who wouldn't want to kill the self-obsessed money-grabbing sixty year old who made her living out of other people's suffering. Though absent from the action, Carolyn Handel still twists and manipulates emotions from beyond the grave. "Evil requires the sanction of the victim" is Jane Perry's motto. In her life victims are in a situation of their own doing. If someone wants to kill you it's because you have done something so terrible you deserve it or because you are too weak to fight them off. Be strong. If not carry a gun. Dewey paints Jane Perry with all the colours of feminism. A strong woman who loves her gun and who takes yoga only to keep herself flexible in order to catch the 'perps'. Perry despises other women, predominantly for their 'cattiness' and doesn't seem to respond well when they try to bond with her. Forming friendships with women seems to Perry to leave oneself vulnerable: "Jane deduced this was how the trap was set between all women - cradle you in the disingenuous arms of familiarity and then hover until you become vulnerable." Perry remains suspicious and detached from every character in the novel as one would expect from a murder investigator. However during their first interview each potential suspect falls foul of verbal diarrhoea and spews incessant facts about themselves. This seems unusual for a first conversation with a stranger, especially when that stranger is a detective. Snappy dialogue exchanges propel the story forwards with a gripping pace. A lot is revealed about each character from what they say; any gaps are filled in with Perry's impeccable intuition. Her skills at reading people do border on omniscience at times which is distracting. Long descriptions and the occasional runaway sentence make for awkward reading at the beginning of the story and the abundance of clues does dilute the suspense at times. However the ending is powerful and packed with the emotional vengeance of Carolyn's greatest victim.
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
Detective Jane Perry is a no-nonsense, gritty investigator who believes a loaded gun is what keeps you both flexible and safe. However, the victim she is about to witness will make her come close to losing her latest meal. Carolyn Handel is a 62 year-old woman found with the word "karma is a b--ch" across her back and her mouth stuffed with a strip of paper in her mouth with the words "Promissory Note" on it, along with a chair clearly placed to be facing the unfortunate but obviously fearful victim. Not pretty at all! It seems that Carolyn was in the habit of losing people's money, in the recent past several well-meaning friends who had no idea they were being taken in by a scam. But who could it be among the people Detective Perry begins and continues to interrogate as potential perpetrators of this horrific murder? Usually one can predict "who done it" within a relatively short period of time, but this is not the case at all. Laurel Dewey has spun a short but potent mystery thriller that gradually reveals startling and unsuspected clues evolving into quite a surprising solution that will amaze readers. The perfect crime rarely exists. Here, however, it comes close only because of the links missed behind the planned end of Ms. Handel but quickly ascertained by the sharp, quick-thinking detective. Very nicely and cleverly done, Ms. Dewey!!!
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
This is a short direct to the point case for Detective Jane Perry, is called out on a murder case. Caroyln Handle age 62 is found tied up and dead on her bed by lifetime friend Laura Abernathy. Turns out she was stealing money 50,000 for people to invest in condos in Mexico that did not exist. Jane interviews Laura and learns about her robbing investers of their money and how their is 3 investers who lost money. Jane interviews relative that was in LA at time of murder and who benefits from her death. Figures out who the three investers were. and solves the case. You don't learn much about Jane except she is recovering acholic,smokes and swears. She did yoga but got kicked out for having her gun by excersie mat. I think you might have learned more from a previous book. I wish she had more interactions than just the suspects so we could care about her. I was given this ebook in exchange for honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read but way too short.