by James B. Stewart

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Stewart, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, concentrates on white-collar crime in this fine survey. Included are cases involving the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company charged with bribing Pakistani officials; Japan's Hitachi Company and allegations of industrial espionage; Morgan Stanley and insider trading; the Bank of Nova Scotia in connection with tax-shelter fraud; and the investigation of Edwin Meese on his nomination as attorney general. Readers are made aware of the clout large corporations wield, the power of prosecutors and the instructive fact that they spend little actual time in the courtroom. There are also portraits of several prosecutors, the most memorable of them Rudolph Giuliani of New York. Author tour. (September 28)
Library Journal - Library Journal
The Prosecutors is another exciting and fascinating book by the author of The Partners. Most trial stories depict the prosecutor as a cold, unemotional agent of the government. But Stewart uses six actual casesfrom inception to final resolutionto depict the lives of federal prosecutors. We soon see that very little that a prosecutor does is in the actual courtroom. Most of his work is behind the scenes, in investigation, grand jury proceedings, and out-of-courtroom clashes with criminal defense attorneys. The cases that Stewart describes involve famous people and corporations, such as Attorney General Edwin Meese, Hitachi, McDonnell-Douglas, etc. Some of the prosecutors are fairly well known (e.g., Rudolph Guiliani), others not known at all. In every case, however, Stewart manages to grab our interest. Highly recommended. Sandra K . Lindheimer, Middlesex Law Lib., Cambridge, Mass.

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