Prosperity Pie: How to Relax about Money and Everything Else

Prosperity Pie: How to Relax about Money and Everything Else


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Prosperity Pie means: plenty of everything with enough to share!

We can be and feel prosperous no matter how much we have or don't have, or what outside circumstances may be.
You are enough
You have enough
You do enough
It's true


Prosperity Pie means: plenty of everything with enough to share!

We can be and feel prosperous no matter how much we have or don't have, or what outside circumstances may be.
You are enough
You have enough
You do enough
It's true

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From the Publisher
Cheryl Richardson author of Take Time for Your Life SARK has done it again! Pick up a copy of Prosperity Pie, and let a wise wonderful friend show you how to open to all the abundance has to offer!

Publishers Weekly SARK is a peerless author.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. author of Inner Peace for Busy People Bake yourself in SARK's cozy oven and grow warm with wonder, wisdom, and satisfaction.
Playful and energetic in tone, Prosperity Pie is like a play date in the park with your best friend. You can draw, color, write, stare at the sky, climb a tree, and share your secrets and dreams while chewing on a piece of summer grass. According to vivacious and bodacious author Sark, that's what feeling prosperous is all about -- giving, enjoying, taking, and creating your life day by day. Sprinkled with poems, quotes and exercises such as making a money journal, creating a collage of people who inspires you, dealing with personal challenges through "energetic shifting," this pie sure does taste good.
Publishers Weekly
Whimsical artist and writer SARK (Succulent Wild Woman; Living Juicy) urges readers not to let lucre take over their lives in Prosperity Pie: How to Relax About Money and Everything Else. With her trademark line drawings, handwritten text and autobiographical asides, SARK guides readers through self-awareness excercises and philosophical musings aimed at keeping money in proper perspective. Some of her handmade worksheets exploring financial history and anxieties are reminiscent of Suze Orman's guides, but most of the book is taken up with broader questions of personal identity and fulfillment. ( Apr.) Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

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Prosperity pie means:

Plenty of everything, with enough to share.

I believe that we need to discover who we truly are, in order to develop inner prosperity.

Exploring time, money, love, work, adventure, inspiration and self, will assist us in asking/answering the following question:

  • What contributes to our prosperity?
  • What life skills do we need?
  • How can we welcome more prosperity into our lives?
  • How can we share more of our prosperity with other?

I'm also calling this the Whole Pie Theory

Everyone deserves a whole pie!

The universe provides for us all every day, no matter how much we have or don't have. We deserves to feel that we are, have and do enough in our lives.

Exactly as we already are. We can infuse our lives with new perspectives on prosperity. By shifting our focus and reawakening our minds and hearts, life will overflow with a profound sense of "enoughness" regardless of what our actual circumstances may be.

We can revel in the luxury of being alive, with full awareness and permission to truly feel that are enough just "as is."

So many of us never, or rarely feel that we are enough. We fill our lives with self-improvement as though we're lacking in some primary way.

We're not!

Our inner critics would have us believe that if only we had more ____, or less _____, or were _____, then we would finally be enough.

Yet when we actually do strategize, make changes, those inner critics become very wily and use that information to point out how we're still lacking.

So sneaky

New perspective and tools are needed. I've been studying these concepts for many years, and still only get glimpses of feeling that I am "enough."

Prosperity practice


assisting me

The first thing I will admit is that I'm in a process of discovery about living with prosperity and relaxation. I believe fiercely in sharing my ongoing story of life, because it is your story too.

I'm excited to share what I've discovered, and what I still don't know. I think I'm one of the least relaxed people I know. I asked my friend Yofe for her opinion, and at first she politely said,

"Oh no, I think you're relaxed."

After I encouraged her to tell me the truth, she finally said,

"Well, you're the most fun least-relaxed person I know!"

Life of ten shows vs the contrast of prosperity and relaxation.


It is very tempting and often feels necessary to contract ourselves into scarcity and tension/agitation.

The truth is, things fall apart, blow up, get lost, die, become hopelessly tangled, disappear and disappoint.

We are still called upon to find out center, to bake our

"prosperity pie"

Regardless of outside circumstances.

"The paradox is that it's all perfect and it all stinks. A conscious being lives simultaneously with both of those"

Ram Dass


I've chosen to share my life experience through my writings and drawing, and I write about the "real stuff" as it happens to me.

Even when its unflattering

I am convinced that when we can share our "real stuff," we can then alchemize it into something valuable to bring to the world.

The world will respond well to this way of being, and to the gifts we bring.

We are so full of glorious treasures! Our olives are huge libraries containing gems and sweet mysteries to share with other our "ordinary lives" are really a miraculous combination of biology, psychology and radiant energy.

We are so abundantly blessed and I am calling you out to play and be seen (and to bake your won prosperity pie.)

Prosperity pie means expanding all the good things, and that include the pain. For years, I tried to over-emphasize the light, before I fully understood that the dark and to be woven in and worked through first.

We can work with this darkness together.

There are many, many millions of us on this journey of self-exploration, and we are kindred spirits speaking a similar soul-language.

This "language" is one of connection, color, eccentricity, humor, allowing and compassionate witnessing.

We can share more of our turbulence and seeking for enoughness, with its raw, ragged edges and places of not-knowing.

We can provide emotional shelter for each other and keen vision.

We can borrow each other's strength and confidence when we stumble and falter.

We can learn to live fully in this very moment.

Right now

Where are you? Look around. Whatever you see is a teacher of some kind. Our lives are our prosperity pie teachers.

I've written many books and made many mistakes. I've also been sincerely blessed. Much of my earlier life was troubled, and yet whatever wisdom I may have, originated with these experiences.





This book of prosperity pie contains:

  • My inventions and discovery systems for expanding your feelings of prosperity, with examples of old patterns transforming into new ones.
  • Identification of obstacles and challenges in daily living, and new ways of being with them.
  • Supportive stories and introductions to people living in prosperity and working on all the same stuff you are.
  • Questions for you, designed to awaken your feelings of prosperity, with places to scribble and color your answers.

Feel free to write in the book or not. Either way will work. I have a theory that books don't even need to be read to be helpful.

Just their presence affects us

There are things to try that have worked for me and others, and many descriptions of my mistakes and failures, which include places I still get stuff and lost.

Which are plentiful

Mostly, it is an active companion to your own journey of prosperity. This book will serve as a sturdy walking stick, a self-love magnifier, and a kind, wise friend who tells you;




And then brings you chocolate

We are all gifted

Inside of you are treasures

Here's why: You can wear a tutu / eat fruit naked / imitate a sheep / cut your own hair / cavort in the grass / drink lemonade barefoot / discover inner wealth / climb tall trees / communicate with angels / multiply love / eat delicious food / listen to spiritual songs / reinvent how you are / receive countless blessings / deliver hope / make your creative dreams visible / breathe / surprise your fears / travel gently / reawaken love / forgive yourself / design a brand new path

inside of you are treasures

Copyright 2002 by Sark

Meet the Author

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is an author/artist and acclaimed teacher on the subject of creativity. She was featured on the PBS series Women of Wisdom and Power. She is a recovering procrastinator and perfectionist who practices what she teaches and lives in a Magic Cottage in San Francisco with her "fur husband" cat, Jupiter. You can visit her website at

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