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Protected: Book 2 in the Alien Mate Index Series

Protected: Book 2 in the Alien Mate Index Series

4.7 23
by Evangeline Anderson

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Grav N’gol. Half Braxian, half Vorn, and one hundred percent son-of-a-bitch. I’m a murderer, an ex-con…and a Protector.
Some people think a Protector is just a bodyguard for hire but it’s so much more than that—I’ll lay down my life for my ward if I have to without


Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Grav N’gol. Half Braxian, half Vorn, and one hundred percent son-of-a-bitch. I’m a murderer, an ex-con…and a Protector.
Some people think a Protector is just a bodyguard for hire but it’s so much more than that—I’ll lay down my life for my ward if I have to without hesitation.

Which means I’m damn picky about who I chose to ward.

Enter Leah Roth, a bewitching little Earth female with silky hair down to her luscious ass and big brown eyes a male could easily drown in.

I know this gig is only temporary—I haven’t even given her my oath. I’m just supposed to make sure she’s okay and then report back.
So how did she end up on my ship, traveling with me on a top-secret mission that might affect the fate of the entire galaxy?
And why do I feel like I’m falling for her?

It doesn’t matter, even if I am. I have a secret in my past—a bloody one that would turn even the kindest and most forgiving heart against me. I have to put distance between the luscious little Earth female and myself, no matter how I long to possess her.

From my past and my true nature, Leah must be Protected at all costs.

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Meet the Author

Evangeline Anderson is the USA Today Best Selling Author of the Brides of the Kindred and Born to Darkness series. She is thirty-something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats. She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for it. To her delight, she found that it was actually possible to get money for having a dirty mind and she has been writing paranormal and Sci-fi erotica steadily ever since. You can find her online at her website www.evangelineanderson.com Come visit for some free reads. Or, to be the first to find out about new books, join her newsletter. http://evangelineanderson.us9.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=29b467eebf0af968606782cef&id=2df94ec8cd

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Protected: Book 2 in the Alien Mate Index Series 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a fun fast moving read. Enjoyed the storyline and the characters. Greg and Leah have great chemistry. Laughed out loud when Count Doloroso had his body image problems. Fell in love with Teeny. You'll not be disappointed if you read this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok, for all you who read the first story about Zoe and we're a little angry with her character, you will like this book much more. Leah does not do stupid things like Zoe. This character is much more likeable. And if you liked Grav from Book 1, he's back and very annoying. Sometimes I wanted to reach in the book and shake him -- but NOT by his horns -- no, no, no! He was just very stubborn about things. But I got my HEA, and that's really all that matters. Can't wait for Book 3. Keep writing, Ms. Anderson. You are almost, at least for me, at the caliber in sci-fi erotica of Laurann!!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Original characters. I'm really loving this series.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Great friction between two star crossed loved. Didn't love the earth poltics the author used. I read to escape not hear about Dem vs Republican.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Loved leah, brax, teeny. Besides having outstanding, sizziling sex scenes, it's also tongue in cheek & funny. Evangeline's descriptive style of writing makes all her characters come alive, whether revolting looking or heartpoundingly sexy. There's a lot of adventure, action, conflicting emotions, & the magic of her detailed descriptions of the different planets that leah visits. Leah starts out as an abused wife but matures into a strong, determined woman. & as to the protective brax - all I can say is holy smokes!
Anonymous 8 months ago
A great story. Can't wait to read the next one. At least 300 plus pages. A+ ................................................................................................................
Anonymous 8 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another terrific series by Ms. Anderson! I'm going to purchase and begin Charlotte's story right now!
edcsdc More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars. There is a ton of action and adventure along with some spicy moments. I liked Leah's transformation from broken to a strong woman. She's smart, sweet and so loving to everyone around her. Grav is a wonderful hero; loyal, gentle, caring and fiercely protective. The story has some wonderful humor and some seriously sweet ones. There was a bit too much push and pull between the H/h for my personal taste but they end up just as they should, so the conclusion left me satisfied. Adult read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series is seriously addicting! Loved, loved, loved these characters. I laughed and I cried, and couldn't get enough. I highly recommend this series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've read Abducted and Protected and if you want to read something a little different these are the books for you,,,,,,, can't wait to read book 3
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read! Couldn't put it down till I finished it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a great follow up to the first book. It was an easy read. Can't wait for the next book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this one and can't wait for the next one. I don't know how she thinks of these things especially the Widow.
batesmotel More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love the Alien Mate Index series. I can't wait for #3! Thanks for the great writing and story line.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The dedication page is awsome.
xstitchnut More than 1 year ago
I am loving the Alien Mate Index series! Book 2, Protected, is the story of Leah and Grav and is a fabulous as the first book. Grav is a protector and is as loyal to Leah as he is to his original ward Teeny. The evil Count Doloroso makes another appearance, and you will die laughing when you figure out who he has assimilated with this time. Well done, Evangeline! I cannot wait to see what Charlotte gets up to in the next installment. The Alien Mate Index series is a must read!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think I laughed out loud more while reading this book than any other Sci fi romance. Brilliant move to have Count Doloroso steal a "particular" body. I've always thought he might be an alien too- or at least his hair might be a Tribble! Great book. Ms Anderson doesn't disappoint
SonyK More than 1 year ago
I love this new series! The first book is “Abducted” which is a great story, now you have “Protected”, and I’m just in love with the possibilities! I also like the potential of several new and interesting characters added to the series, due to the many different types of aliens. This author knows how to write a Sci-Fi, I love the humor, suspense, and let’s not forget about hot steamy parts that makes you ache. I know this sounds funny but I do love the “body” of the bad guy in this one. If only wishes could come true, this would be a good one to have. (LOL) I have to admit my family and I went camping while I was reading this and I would get up super early so I could read my book and go to bed early too. I am looking forward to the next book “Descended”, Charlotte’s story; I know it will be just as great. This is a series worth picking up and reading. If you're still not sure, just try a sample first! I won this ARC, and giving it an honest review.
SimplySarahReviews More than 1 year ago
I was given an Advanced Review Copy, by the author, in return for a honest review. This second adventure, in the Alien Mate Index, picks up where the first book left off. Gravex N’gol, part Vorn part Braxian alien, has put his Protector skills to use by watching over one of Lady Zoe's good friends, Leah Roth. Leah's gentle soul has been beaten down, but when Grav appears, and saves her from her abusive husband, her escape into space is what she needs to learn how strong and valuable she truly is, especially to Grav. Will she accept her new life in space and new abilities, as a special Pure One? Can the pair realize they are truly fated, and worthy, of being together, or will evil forces tear them apart forever? What a great read!! I was so excited to dive into this book. Grav and Leah's story seemed so interesting and I really liked how it was told. We see new characters and creatures (Creepy Spiders!!) and many old faces too. The adventure was exciting, but I found I was more focused on the characters, their back stories, and their growing relationship in this novel, though this book was just as descriptive as the first. Leah's bruised spirit and Grav's troubled past really touched my heart. They made a great couple. One thing I found surprising was Leah's special ability; I was guessing Charlotte would have something like Leah's, but I'll just have to see what happens next. What a wonderful sci-fi romance. If you haven't jumped on board yet, this series is a wild ride that hasn't stopped, so hold on tight and enjoy! Can't wait to read Charlotte and Kristoff book! - Sarah
angelblue-240 More than 1 year ago
Sci-fi romance has become my new addiction and Evangeline Anderson's Alien Mate Index is fast becoming a favorite of mine! I blew through the first book in one night but as awesome as Sarden was, I have to admit that I totally fell in love with Grav and I could not wait to get my greedy paws on that sexy blue-grey skinned alien hunk! Grav was sent by Sarden and Zoe to deliver a message to Zoe's two best friends and to make sure that they were still safe on Earth, but when Grav sees Leah being beaten by her abusive jerkhole husband his protective instincts overwhelm him and he rushes to her rescue. Grav is your typical big bad alpha but for all his fierceness he is an absolute teddy bear when it comes to women. I just adored his gentleness with Leah and his young ward, Teeny. He fell hard for Leah but like the typical bonehead alpha male he felt he was not good enough for her. However when you hear about his background it's easy to understand his insecurities. My heart just broke for Grav but I did want to smack him a time or two over his refusal to bond with Leah. I loved how Leah's character blossomed. She started out timid and unsure from all the physical and mental abuse that she suffered during her marriage but by the end of the book she was confident and able to stand up for herself. I have to say that I admired the amount of Leah's inner strength when Grav sent her back to Earth. I don't think I would've been able to leave without at least giving him a swift kick for being so damn stubborn over the mating especially since he already admitted his feelings towards her. Fast paced action, great storyline, beyond smexy aliens and a good dose of humor (Dolorosa in the human body? *dies laughing*) Protected is another fabulous addition to the AMI series and I can't wait to see what happens next in Charlotte's book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I actually liked it more then the first one. The dialogue wasn't so stilted. Fun read. Mskes me wanna be kidnapped by an alien
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book doesn't disappoint, it will make you laugh, cry and want a alien of your own.