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by Stephen Phillips

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EOD - "It's a lot like brain surgery, except if we screw up the patient detonates ...Oh yeah, and we do it underwater."

- A Navy EOD Technician

The Sailors of the United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community "perform under pressure" in the hazardous job of bomb disposal, often deep beneath the sea...alone.

An EOD Technician


EOD - "It's a lot like brain surgery, except if we screw up the patient detonates ...Oh yeah, and we do it underwater."

- A Navy EOD Technician

The Sailors of the United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community "perform under pressure" in the hazardous job of bomb disposal, often deep beneath the sea...alone.

An EOD Technician must have the brains of an engineer, the hands of a surgeon, and the courage of a martyr. In the U.S. Navy, carrier flight operations only occur under the watchful eye of EOD Techs ready to respond to ordnance accidents. U.S. Marines assault enemy beachheads only after EOD Techs clear the littoral seas and landing zones of mines. The U.S. Secret Service even relies on military bomb squads to protect the President and visiting foreign dignitaries. Perhaps the best testimony of their value is that when the Navy needs to place a limpet mine under an enemy ship it tasks the Navy SEALs, but to respond to such an attack - the Navy summons EOD.

Proximity highlights the exciting work of one EOD detachment as they become enmeshed in the efforts of a terrorist coalition operating both in Europe and the United States. Lieutenant "Jazz" Jascinski and the men of Detachment Four become the key to helping the FBI apprehend these terrorists - until their unique skills place them under suspicion. To protect themselves, the Techs must race to find the culprits before they become the next victims...

Advance Praise for Proximity:

"Stephen Phillips is the real deal; a Navy EOD Officer and front line operator in the war against terrorism. Proximity is a well crafted thriller-- enthralling, realistic and frightening. Move over Tom Clancy."

- CHUCK PFARRER, author of Warrior Soul and Killing Che

"Steve Phillips is a member of a select group who live by the creed `Initial success or total failure.' EOD Technicians are the special operations community's unsung heroes...until now. Proximity is a great read and hopefully one of many more books by Phillips."

- STEVE WATERMAN, author of Just a Sailor

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Meet the Author

Stephen Phillips served in the United States Navy as a Special Operations Officer and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician at EOD Mobile Units Six, Ten, and Eight.

During his naval career he deployed to Haiti, Somalia, the Arabian Gulf, the Balkans, and served in the Global War on Terrorism.

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Proximity 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Todd_Eggenberger More than 1 year ago
I read this novel while in the Navy EOD training pipeline and it strongly reinforced my desire to be a part of such an amazing, intense, and one-of-a-kind community. Stephen Phillips tells the story of the Navy EOD teams from many different character perspectives, giving the reader an in-depth view as to what it takes to be, and become a Navy Tech. He also does a great job in differentiating Navy EOD from other branches by illustrating the Special Operations aspect of Navy EOD and the many tools a Navy Tech has in their "bag of tricks". What I also really liked about this novel is the way Stephen Phillips "tells" the story. You don't have to be an actual EOD tech to get a good idea as to what is happening or understand the technical aspect of the job. He makes it easy to visualize what is happening in your "mind's eye". The story is action packed, with well developed characters and a strong back story to accompany the already exciting EOD based storyline. I compare this to any Tom Clancy or Andy McNabb novel for the Special Operations enthusiast, or your average novel reader. Now, after becoming a Navy EOD tech, and having met Steve at the EOD Memorial in Florida, (who is humble, down to earth, and a shining example of a Naval Officer) I am even more proud to say that I have joined the ranks of these elite and professional warriors. I completely and wholly recommend this novel to anyone looking for an "edge of your seat" thrill ride and anxiously await any sequels in the future. Hooyah Navy EOD.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mr. Phillips tells a good story. His tale kept me turning pages but left me flat in the end. It is obvious the author has personal experience and does a good job relating small details and technical specifics of Navy EOD daily operations. The overall story line is also very engaging and plausible. That's were it ends however. The character development seems contrived, the middle ground descriptions are wanting and the end is rushed. I am left with the impression Mr. Phillip's publishing deadline was approaching and he was forced to wrap it all up quickly. Several of his characters seem interesting but could have been developed to the point of understanding their motivations and rationale. Overall, anyone interested in the EOD community should read this book; people who are not interested in bomb disposal will be left scratching their heads.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The latest generation of covert action/thrillers are based on Special Operations/Special Warfare missions. Many books of this genre are written by authors who don't have a background of the subject matter to deliver a good story, or those that have a good background, heralded by the book dust cover, but couldn't write a good story.

Stephen Phillips has the background and writes a good story. He thoughtfully explains how EOD Team members face an endless learning process in rendering safe procedures associated with improvised explosive devices and other types of explosive ordnance, on land or underwater. What is very appropriate, and not usually considered in other action thrillers, is examining the strain team mambers and their families are under while faced with extended deployments at a moments notice.

"Proximity, is a timely well written story that is far better than the usual "action thrillers" currently available.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Author Stephen Phillips takes you on a wild ride with one of the Navy's elite Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) teams as they do their part in the Global War on Terror. The main character, LT Jascinski, gave up a promising career as a surface warrior because he wanted to pursue the high-speed low drag world of Navy EOD. In his first billet out of EOD school, he gets all he can handle as he and his team end up in the middle of a world-wide terrorist ring that may just have someone on the inside. Who will have the steady hand, and who will end up as a 'big pink mist?' Phillips writes from experience, and obviously knows what he's talking about. While the story is fiction, the author draws from his years as a Navy EOD Officer-in-Charge to develop the story and provide the technological balance all good military stories need in order to be believable. He also does an excellent job of developing the personal relationships between the LT and his men, the LT and his Chief Petty Officers, and finally the LT and his wife. The result is a fast moving, completely believable action story that's a great read for those who enjoy military fiction, especially Special Operations.