Psalms of Joy and Sorrow

Psalms of Joy and Sorrow


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  1. Psalm 23
  2. Psalm 150
  3. Psalm 93, for chorus & organ
  4. Cantata (based on the First Psalm), for chorus
  5. Ma Tovu, for chorus
  6. Shiru Ladonai (Psalm 96), for chorus
  7. Ma Tovu, for solo voice, organ & chorus
  8. Adonai Malakh (Psalm 93), for solo voice, organ & chorus
  9. The Lord Is My Shepherd, for solo voice & orchestra
  10. Psalm 126, for chorus & orchestra
  11. 2. The Twenty-Third Psalm of David
  12. 4. Jonah's Prayer from the Belly of the Whale
  13. Prologue. Prais'd be
  14. 1. Master of the Universe
  15. 2. Thy Covenant
  16. 3. Day of Wrath
  17. 4. Epilogue. Life and Joy
  18. Psalm 117, for chorus & organ
  19. The 23rd Psalm, for chorus & organ
  20. Psalm 137 (Al Naharot Bavel), for solo voice, men's chorus & organ

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Theodore Bikel   Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Michael Brewer   Conductor
Alberto Mizrahi   Vocals
Samuel Adler   Conductor
Patrick Mason   Baritone (Vocal)
Meir Finklestein   Tenor (Vocal)
Sarah Leonard   Soprano (Vocal)
Christopher Bowers-Broadbent   Organ
Stephen Gunzenhauser   Conductor
Elli Jaffe   Conductor
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Ronald Corp   Conductor
Neil W. Levin   Conductor
Avner Itai   Conductor
Barcelona Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
BBC Singers   Choir, Chorus
National Orchestra of Catalonia   Performing Ensemble
Karl Anton Rickenbacher   Conductor
Justin H. Bischof   Organ
Carmina Mundi Chamber Choir   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

George Rochberg   Composer
Ralph Shapey   Composer
David Dusman   Engineer
Campbell Hughes   Engineer
Tom Lazarus   Engineer
Paul Libson   Engineer
Rob Rapley   Engineer
David Frost   Producer
Michael Isaacson   Producer
Yehudi Wyner   Composer
Simon Weir   Producer
Ursula Mamlok   Composer
Robert Strassburg   Composer
Elliott Miles McKinley   Producer
Jacob Druckman   Composer
Zavel Zilberts   Composer
Martin Kalmanoff   Composer
Bertram Kornacher   Engineer
Neil W. Levin   Liner Notes
Lowell Milken   Liner Notes

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