by Turtle Creek Chorale

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  1. Make a Joyful Noise, for chorus, organ & percussion
  2. Psalm 1 "Truth is God's gift"
  3. Psalm 8 ("The Majesty and Glory of Your Name"), for choir, harp, organ
  4. Brother James's air
  5. Psalm 47 ("Clap Your Hands"), for choir, percussion & organ
  6. Psalm 91 ("The Secret Place"), for choir, brass, harp, organ & percussi
  7. Psalm 93 ("The Lord Reigneth"), for choir, organ, brass & percussion
  8. Improvisation for organ (October, 1998)
  9. Psalm 92 ("It is a Good Thing to Give Thanks"), for choir, brass, harp
  10. Psalm 100 ("A Festive Psalm") , for choir, brass, organ & percussion
  11. Psalm 103 ("Bless the Lord, My Soul"), for choir, brass & organ
  12. Psalm 121 ("I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes"), for choir, harp & organ
  13. Psalm 85 ("A Psalm of Peace"), for chorus & organ
  14. Psalm 150 ("Praise The Lord") , for chorus, organ, brass & percussion

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Turtle Creek Chorale   Primary Artist,Choir, Chorus
Mark Whitfield   Tenor (Vocal)
Brian Allen   Baritone
Rusty Allen   Bass
Bob Burnham   Trombone
Gary Dobbins   Trumpet
Stewart Harris   Bass
Kevin Hodges   Tenor (Vocal)
John Lambert   Tenor (Vocal)
Tim Lewis   Baritone
Michael Mullen   Baritone
Paul Myers   Bass
Randy Ray   Bass
Doug Mitchell   Tenor (Vocal)
Jerry Davis   Baritone
Will Varner   Tenor (Vocal)
Jake Jacobs   Bass
Michael Bradley   Bass
Wayne Davis   Tenor (Vocal)
Tom Lloyd   Tenor (Vocal)
Michael Sullivan   Bass
Christopher Berry   Organ
Lance Weiseman   Tenor (Vocal)
Erin Brewer   French Horn
Alex Cauthen   Tuba
Roland Muzquiz   Percussion
Timothy Seelig   Conductor
Craig Robinson   Bass
Reggie Walker   Tenor (Vocal)
Michael E. McNicholas   Percussion
John Charles Thomas   Baritone
Robert Steele   Tenor (Vocal)
Robert Emery   Baritone
Will Handy   Baritone
Tom Osborne   Bass
Craig Gregory   Baritone
Brian Keith Allen   Baritone
Daryl Baker   Tenor (Vocal)
A.G. Black   Tenor (Vocal)
Ralph Blackburn   Bass
Gary Born   Tenor (Vocal)
Tab Boyles   Tenor (Vocal)
Kent Cochran   Tenor (Vocal)
Daryl Curry   Baritone
Gene E Dolphus   Tenor (Vocal)
Donald Dureau   Bass
David Fessenden   Baritone
Chris Forman   Baritone
Jim Frederick   Baritone
Ralph Thaddeus Gonzales   Bass
Martin Guerra   Tenor (Vocal)
Gene Hempy   Bass
Thomas Jaekels   Tenor (Vocal)
J. Jack Jakubowski   Tenor (Vocal)
Kit Kayton   Tenor (Vocal)
Wes Kennedy   Baritone
Bill Kotch   Tenor (Vocal)
Lonnie Lane   Tenor (Vocal)
Bert Martin   Bass
Tom McKee   Bass
Peter Mena   Tenor (Vocal)
Frederick Moore   Bass
Stephen Price   Bass
Mack Richard   Baritone
Jason Swan   Bass
Paul Wignall   Tenor (Vocal)
Gary R Williams   Baritone
Frederick Johnson   Baritone
Danny Buck   Bass
Peter Marshall Anderson   Baritone
Ruben Basantes   Tenor (Vocal)
Nate Bonviri   Percussion
Patrick Brotherton   Bass
Jamie Buck   Tenor (Vocal)
C.E. Bunkley   Bass
David G. Burbee   Tenor (Vocal)
Steve Burgos   Baritone
Jonathan Burnett   Tenor (Vocal)
Carl Busbey   Bass
Bradley Chamberlain   Bass
Douglas Clifton   Tenor (Vocal)
Randy Culbreth   Bass
David M. Daigle   Baritone
Herbert Daniel   Tenor (Vocal)
Timothy J. Dowler   Baritone
Robert Dulaney   Baritone
Tim Elhard   Tenor (Vocal)
Rod Faulkner   Tenor (Vocal)
Stephen Frels   Tenor (Vocal)
Alan Soctt Goeringer   Baritone
Maurice Griffin   Baritone
Mark Hamrick   Baritone
Dwain Handley   Bass
Mark Hanecke   Tenor (Vocal)
David Hardt   Baritone
Michael R. Herrington   Tenor (Vocal)
Greg Hoeft   Tenor (Vocal)
Joel Ihms   Baritone
Forrest Johnson   Baritone
Jim Jordan   Tenor (Vocal)
Adam Keim   Tenor (Vocal)
Ronald Kercenneck   Tenor (Vocal)
Michael Lambert   Bass
Paul R. LaPierre   Bass
Keith L. Lasley   Bass
Jeffrey Lester   Tenor (Vocal)
Roy Lierman   Bass
Joseph Macias   Tenor (Vocal)
Gordon Markley   Baritone
David McClinton   Baritone
Michael Messmer   Baritone
Jack Mion   Bass
Steve C. Mitchell   Bass (Vocal)
Clay Newlin   Tenor (Vocal)
Mark Turner Parker   Bass
Allen Parks   Tenor (Vocal)
Lonnie Parks   Tenor (Vocal)
Mike Paulus   Tenor (Vocal)
Roger Radant   Bass
Michael S. Raines   Tenor (Vocal)
Jamie Rawson   Bass
Ricky Raymond   Tenor (Vocal)
Gary Rifkin   Tenor (Vocal)
Ellen Ristcher   Harp
Robert Rowell   Baritone
Brent Schafer   Baritone
Mark Schuttler   Baritone
Matthew P. Seckman   Tenor (Vocal)
Randy Startz   Tenor (Vocal)
J. Christopher Stinnett   Tenor (Vocal)
Chuck Sweatt   Baritone
Kyle Talkington   Bass
Robert Talley   Bass
Steven Thomas   Tenor (Vocal)
Bryan Tomes   Tenor (Vocal)
Clinton Trammell   Tenor (Vocal)
Davey Turner   Tenor (Vocal)
John Warton   Trombone
V. Wayne Wooderson   Baritone
John Thomas   Baritone
Pat Blanchard Modisette   Tenor (Vocal)
Tim Blanchard Modisette   Tenor (Vocal)
Cedric Durham   Baritone
James V. Farmer   Bass
Michael Paulus   Tenor (Vocal)
Alberto Lujan   Baritone
Patrick McCann   Bass
Lance Wiesmann   Tenor (Vocal)
John S. Shore   Baritone
Mark Smith   Baritone
M. Bryan Stanley   Bass
Edwin Young   Baritone
Marc Atkinson   Tenor (Vocal)
Danny Ray   Baritone
Kenneth E. McBryde   Tenor (Vocal)
J. Pat Blanchard-Modisette   Tenor (Vocal)
Jon Bohis   Trombone
Tammy Brown   French Horn
Danny T. Buck   Bass
Donnie Caruso   Baritone
Cubby Dean   Baritone
Chad Dingman   Baritone
F. Earl Fitzsimmons   Tenor (Vocal)
Kenneth W. Gartman   Tenor (Vocal)
Vince Hackett   Tenor (Vocal)
John Horany   Tenor (Vocal)
Scott Igo   Tenor (Vocal)
Thomas R Jaekels   Tenor (Vocal)
Ricky Lark   Baritone
T. Eddie McMurtry   Tenor (Vocal)
Michael S. Mullen   Baritone
Miles Olsen   Tenor (Vocal)
Timothy Peterson   Tenor (Vocal)
Stephen W. Price   Bass
Roger L. Radant   Bass
Michael Raines   Tenor (Vocal)
Benny 2 Ruiz   Tenor (Vocal)
Eric Shellhorn   Baritone
Patrick Sifuentes   Baritone
Frank Stegall   Tenor (Vocal)
Kevin C. Washington   Tenor (Vocal)
Ellen Ritscher   Harp
Rob Carpenter   Bass
Bert Johnson   Tenor (Vocal)
Tim Anderson   Trumpet
Robb Stewart   Tenor (Vocal)
Bruce Carter   Baritone
Keith O. Johnson   Recorder
Michael Carrillo   Bass

Technical Credits

Kurt Kaiser   Arranger
J. Tamblyn Henderson   Producer
Timothy Seelig   Liner Notes,Artistic Director
Linda Lee Johnson   Text
Danny Ray   Orchestration
Melinda White   Text
Reagan Courtney   Text
Rev. Mel White   Text
William Roarty   Graphic Design
J. Tamblyn Jr. Henderson   Producer
Keith O. Johnson   Engineer

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