by Catherine Smith, Jonathan Barker

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Reviewer: Patricia Wong, MD (Private Practice)
Description: This is a concise slim paperback book covering the generalities of psoriasis. The writing is clear and easy to understand, discussing the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and treatment of psoriasis. There are lots of color photographs and diagrams.
Purpose: The purpose is to provide a basic understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis for physicians who are not dermatologists.
Audience: Medical students, first year dermatology residents, and family practitioners are the apparent target audience for the book
Features: The book is an introduction to the diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis. the different types of psoriasis are briefly discussed, and pictures of the various morphologies are shown. The topical and oral medications used to treat psoriasis, their side-effects, and indications for use are mentioned. The clinician is provided with a thumbnail sketch on the subject.
Assessment: This is a guideline and not an in-depth text. The topic is covered in a simple and clear way. The reader is referred to more in-depth references on the subject.
3 Stars from Doody

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