Psychedelic States: Mississippi in the 60's

Psychedelic States: Mississippi in the 60's


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Gear Fab Records


  1. Love  -  Ravin' Blue
  2. Somebody Help Me  -  Kicks
  3. Come Inside My Heart  -  Missing Links
  4. Good-Bye  -  Soule Survivors
  5. I Wanna Be Your Man  -  Sandpypers
  6. Psychedelic Soul  -  Strags
  7. Go Away, Go Away  -  Kicks
  8. Hey Girl  -  James & The James Gang
  9. Colors  -  Ravin' Blue
  10. It Really Works  -  Soul Shakers
  11. Fed Up  -  Herdsmen
  12. Don't Go Away  -  Kelts
  13. Mt. Olympus  -  Rick's Continentals
  14. My Baby Don't Care  -  Phinx
  15. Death Angel  -  Missing Links
  16. I'm The Place  -  Kicks
  17. Bad Girl  -  James & The James Gang
  18. Can't Find A Way  -  Knights
  19. You Can Live It Up (But You Can't Live It Down)  -  Rick's Continentals
  20. Seven Different Ways  -  Strags
  21. I Don't Think I'll Call You Again  -  Bridge
  22. Shadows  -  Soule Survivors
  23. It's Not Real  -  Ravin' Blue
  24. When You Brought Me  -  Reets
  25. Catch That Girl  -  Soul Shakers
  26. No Other Love  -  Continentals
  27. Yard Dog  -  One Way Street
  28. You've Got To Forget Her  -  Bridge
  29. Love Is A Necessary Evil  -  Kicks

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Bob Morrison   Composer
Bobby Ellis   Composer
Mike Cunningham   Composer
Roger Maglio   Foreword
Sid Herring   Composer
David Welch   Composer
Kelts   Composer
B. Ellis   Composer
L. Miller   Composer
McDaniel   Composer
Virginia Shine   Composer
J. Gardner   Composer
Thomas   Composer
Jones   Composer
Christopher   Composer
Bernard   Composer
C. Ferguson   Composer
Wattsy Watts   Composer
Ray Zoller   Composer
Alfred Cooper   Composer
R. Brown   Composer
R. Bernard   Composer
Richard Spence   Composer
John H. Dewitt   Composer
Lonnie Duvall   Composer
Patterson   Composer
A. Christopher   Composer
Mix   Composer

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