Psychiatric Nursing: A Comprehensive Reference / Edition 2

Psychiatric Nursing: A Comprehensive Reference / Edition 2

by Suzanne Lego

ISBN-10: 0397552661

ISBN-13: 9780397552665

Pub. Date: 03/28/1996

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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Table of Contents

1Psychiatric Nursing Assessment3
2Diagnosis and the DSM-IV15
3Psychodynamic Individual Psychotherapy29
4Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy41
5Couple Therapy53
6Family Therapy61
7Crisis Intervention73
8Individual Therapy with Children79
9Group Therapy with Children87
10Individual Therapy with Adolescents97
11Group Therapy with Adolescents102
12Behavior Therapy109
13Cognitive Therapy121
14Brief Solution-Focused Therapy129
15Clinical Hypnosis/Therapeutic Suggestion136
17Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements154
18Telephone Therapy162
19Gerontological Counseling165
20Counseling Dying Adults and Their Significant Others175
21Bereavement Counseling of Children and Their Families184
22The Client Who Is Anxious195
23The Client Who Is Depressed201
24The Client Who Is Suicidal208
25The Client Who Is Diagnosed Bipolar213
26The Client Who Exhibits Passive-Aggressive Behavior218
27The Client with an Eating Disorder224
28The Client with Borderline Personality Disorder234
29The Client with Dissociative Identity Disorder246
30The Client Who Is Addicted to Alcohol253
31The Client Who Is Abusing Substances Other Than Alcohol264
32The Client with Dual Diagnosis275
33The Client Who Has Dementia285
34The Client Diagnosed as Schizophrenic291
35The Client Who Has Been Battered296
36The Client Who Has Been Raped305
37The Client Who Was Sexually Abused316
38The Client Who Is an Incest Perpetrator327
39The Client with HIV Infection338
40The Client with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or Phobias345
41Designing a Crisis Center353
42Designing a Debriefing Program360
43Designing a Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Nurse Program365
44Designing a Forensic Program372
45Designing a Mental Health Home Care Program377
46Designing an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit383
47Designing a Partial Hospitalization Program392
48Designing Residential Aftercare and Outreach Programs398
49Designing a Family Education Program406
50Designing a Private Practice411
51Designing a Course in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing for Baccalaureate Students425
52Designing a Graduate Program in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing432
53Admission to the Hospital441
54Administration of Medications449
55Special Observation457
56Suicide Precautions459
57Homicide/Aggression Precautions462
58Elopement Precautions464
59Fall Precautions466
60Use of Seclusion and Restraints469
61Electroconvulsive Therapy477
62Teaching Self-Medication484
64Discharge Planning492
65General Nursing Roles in Psychopharmacology499
66Antipsychotic Medications515
67Antidepressant Medications525
68Mood-Stabilizing Medications532
69Antianxiety and Hypnosedative Medications541
70Legal Issues in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing551
71Ethical Issues in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing562
72Cultural Issues in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing571
73Women's Issues in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing580
Appendix A: Standards of Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nursing Practice589
Appendix B: DSM-IV Classifications, Axis I and II Categories and Codes598
Appendix C: Classification of Human Responses of Concern for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Practice607

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