Psychic Kids: True Life Stories of Children Who See Beyond the Everyday

Psychic Kids: True Life Stories of Children Who See Beyond the Everyday

by Sue Bishop

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The increasingly common phenomena of pychic children—how does a parent know if their child has the gift, and what should they do when they find out?

While there have always been a handful of children who have premonitions, can see those who have passed over, or have "imaginary" friends, more of these children exist now than they did in


The increasingly common phenomena of pychic children—how does a parent know if their child has the gift, and what should they do when they find out?

While there have always been a handful of children who have premonitions, can see those who have passed over, or have "imaginary" friends, more of these children exist now than they did in the past. Life can be hard for these children, unless they have adults who will listen and who understand these things. This book looks at highly gifted psychic children who talk with deceased grandparents and play with children in the spirit world, who have past life recall, see angels and auras, have a healing gift, or can pick up on what has happened in places years before they were born. This rich collection of real-life stories explores these topics and more, giving the reader fascinating insights into what is really going on with these children. It also offers good advice on what to do as an adult, if you have one of these remarkable children in your life.

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Psychic Kids

True Life Stories of Children Who See Beyond the Everyday

By Sue Bishop

Allen & Unwin

Copyright © 2012 Sue Bishop
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-74269-522-8



There's a global phenomenon going on. You may have sensed it, others have too. Our kids are becoming more psychic. Why? It's because they're being born with an awareness that belies their age. These children stand out because many of them have the wisdom of old souls. It is this uniqueness that keeps us on our toes, because these kids don't come with a user manual. They are breaking all the rules of how things are meant to be. The psychic child is capable of crossing the boundaries between two worlds — our everyday world and the spirit world. And I can empathise with parents who feel they are not keeping pace with these changes.

Discovering that your child has amazing psychic abilities can be incredibly exciting. It can also be confronting when they see and hear things that you can't. As a parent, I know how concerned you might feel having to deal with it. As a psychic, I can appreciate what your child is going through.

Caitlin had an unsettling experience when her three- year-old Steven came running into the house.

'She won't play with me!' he cried.

'Who won't?' asked Caitlin.

'The little girl,' he replied.

Caitlin couldn't see anyone. 'What little girl?'

'That one out there,' he said, pointing to the courtyard.

They went outside together.

'Talk to her,' he demanded. 'Tell her to play with me.'

'Where is she?' Caitlin asked.

'Right there,' he cried, pointing in frustration. 'Look, I'll show you.' Steven grabbed a ball and threw it towards the corner of the courtyard.

'See!' he sobbed. 'She won't try to catch it.'

Caitlin didn't know how to explain to him that the little girl wasn't real.

Then his seven-year-old brother Robbie came out. 'Where is she, Steven?' he asked. When Steven pointed to the same spot, Robbie hopped onto his bike and proceeded to run over the imaginary girl.

'See, there's no one here,' he said hopefully. Unfortunately Robbie didn't help. Steven became hysterical, crying and screaming because the girl wouldn't play with him, and because no one else could see that she was real. Caitlin tried explaining the girl was in his mind but he didn't believe her. So everyone ended up unhappy and frustrated.

Later on, after enrolling in one of my psychic development classes, Caitlin realised that Steven was actually psychic.

'He started seeing coloured circles around people. What he was seeing was their auras,' she told me. 'One day, when he was about six, my friend Brenda was over having coffee and Steven looked at her and said, "Mummy, her wheels aren't spinning right."'

When talking about 'wheels' Steven was describing Brenda's chakras or energy centres. These whirling energy centres do look like spinning wheels. Your body has seven main chakras, and each of these centres helps you to deal with different areas of life, such as your finances, sexuality, relating to others, speaking your mind, or connecting with nature, to name but a few applications.

At the time Caitlin had no idea what Steven was on about so she asked him what he meant.

Steven pointed to Brenda's chest, stomach and throat. 'Those wheels,' he said. He pointed to her throat chakra first and said, 'That one is going too far over there.' Although Steven didn't understand fully what he was seeing, he could see her throat chakra was out of alignment. This means that Brenda had an unresolved self-expression issue she needed to deal with. Then Steven pointed to her heart chakra. 'That one looks like it's got mud in it.' This indicated that Brenda was stuck in a no-win love situation. Then he pointed his finger down to Brenda's solar plexus chakra, just under the rib cage, and said, 'And this one is turned off.'

As Brenda struggled to hold back tears, Caitlin realised that Steven was undeniably right with what he was sensing. Brenda was going through a lot of emotional grief (heart chakra) with an ongoing dispute between her husband and son. She was feeling disempowered (solar plexus chakra) because neither of them was listening to her. Now it was showing up clearly in her chakras.

In the midst of all the drama there was a moment of humour as Robbie, who was also in the room, pointed out, 'I know how we can now make money, Mum. Let's start up a kids' psychic line!'

Being psychic, or having the sixth sense, is a gift. It means you have extrasensory perception, the ability to pick up information that the other five senses can't. Add clarity and insight to the mix and you have the perfect sensor that helps you get far more accurate impressions of what's going on in and around you. It also lets you do some pretty amazing things as well. Imagine being able to accurately predict the future or using your intuition to help your family and friends.

While some say that psychic ability is a gift that few people have, the truth is that all young children are psychic, even though it might not be apparent. Just because certain kids show more pronounced psychic tendencies than others, it doesn't mean that the rest aren't intuitive. The environment a child is in influences their ability to use their psychic talents. If they're in a noisy home where the TV is on 24/7, or where they never get the chance to be quiet or be outside in nature, their psychic gifts will tend to fade. This is because they are constantly being distracted, so they don't listen to their inner voice as much.

Children experience their sixth sense in their own unique way. Some see things such as a grandparent who is in spirit. Others intuitively feel what is going on around them, like picking up on your true emotions or the feeling of a situation. There are children who hear spirits talking to them. And there are kids who get a sense, or an inner knowing, about something without being told anything about it.

Given that so many children being born today are incredibly psychic, it's essential you have a deeper understanding of what's going on. This book will walk you through the beautiful world of the psychic child. It will give you an insight into why children see, hear, feel and know about things that lie beyond our everyday perception. By using the simple and practical tools provided here, you will be able to support and nurture your child's development. I'm sure you will also find that the process of unravelling the mystery behind their talent can be an inspiring and uplifting journey for you as well.



The psychic child sees things differently to most adults and this is where tensions can arise. What is real to them might not seem real to you. And this is where your worlds separate — if you're not already working with your own psychic abilities then it can seem confusing and challenging to understand their exceptional perspective. So, what does it mean to be psychic? What kind of experiences is your child having? What adjustments do you need to make to help meet their needs and your own? Sometimes it seems like there are more questions than answers. And trying to sort reality from illusion can be difficult for concerned parents.

The key is to start by informing yourself about what goes on in their world — what a psychic child is and what they do. Once you understand what your child's psychic gift means and how it works, you'll feel confident enough to guide and nurture them.

How do you know if your child is psychic? Well, everyone is born psychic. However, some children are able to keep their psychic abilities open as they make the transition from childhood into adulthood. Others stop using their psychic abilities early on in life. It's not uncommon to find that psychic kids doubt they can be psychic. Also, just because a child's sixth sense isn't initially apparent doesn't mean that it's not playing out in their lives. It's easy to miss their intuition at work in inconsequential everyday things, like them knowing who's coming to visit before you announce it, or who's going to send the next message to them on Facebook. It's also easy to dismiss these small snippets of intuition as coincidence when they're not.

If you begin by assuming that your child does have psychic ability, it will help you to recognise their gift, even if it isn't fully developed. This is the first hurdle — breaking the belief that psychics are few and far between.

The next thing to recognise is that psychic children are sensitive. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are emotionally sensitive, although a lot are, but they are highly tuned into, and reactive to, their environment, just like six-year-old Krysta.

For months Krysta kept telling her mother, 'There is a little dark boy sitting on my bed.' Being young, she didn't know of another word to use to describe the Indigenous-looking boy.

Finally, one day her mother said, 'What does this little boy want?'

'He's scary. He wants me to go away,' replied Krysta.


'He won't say. He keeps telling me to get out ... get out!'

Shortly after Krysta's mother took her to see a spiritual healer hoping for more than a healing — she needed answers.

The healer was also psychic and she used her ability to tune in on the spirit in Krysta's room.

'I'm seeing an image of an Indigenous boy. I'm being told that you are living on an old Indigenous sacred site,' she said. 'Did you know that?'

The next day Krysta's mother investigated the history of the Burns Bay Reserve in Lane Cove, Sydney. She discovered that it actually was once a sacred site. Indigenous people have a strong affinity to the land. They also believe that their ancestors walk among them. Sacred sites are very important to them, so it's easy to understand why the boy was trying to tell Krysta to get out.

The spiritual healer helped Krysta deal with her disturbing situation. She said Krysta had to close the doorway to the spirit world in her bedroom all by herself. Krysta's mother was a bit shocked by the suggestion. How could a little girl do that?

As it turns out, Krysta was up to the challenge, as these remarkable children are when you give them a voice.

'What can we do to help the little boy go?' asked her mother.

'What if I get my fairy wand and I send him magic white light fairy dust and tell him to go with his mummy?' said Krysta enthusiastically.

She did this and after that she never saw the boy again. Although she didn't necessarily understand what she was doing, Krysta was using the power of intention. She was determined to help this young boy in a loving way. You can use the power of intention too. If you focus your thoughts, or create a powerful loving statement of what is required, the energy of your words, and your actions, can produce wonderful results that benefit everyone.

Your child will really appreciate your involvement in situations like this. By seeking answers Krysta's mother was able to help support Krysta's unique view of life. This little girl has some valuable life skills. By helping her with them, her mother is supporting her daughter in numerous ways. You can do the same for yourself and for your child. If you don't know what to do, or you don't trust in your own sixth sense to help you deal with a situation like this, seek advice from someone recommended to you who you can trust. It will be a very special learning curve for everyone.



Krysta was opening up to her psychic abilities but she didn't understand it at the time. When your child is learning the lesson of what it is like to be psychic, they will have some fantastic growth spurts, which can be sensesational. And then there's bound to be the occasional hiccup as they develop their skills. It's perfectly reasonable for parents to want to know the ins and outs of being psychic. They often ask me, 'What happens to psychic children as they grow up?' and 'What kind of a psychic will they be?' because they worry that their kids may end up as the fringe-dwellers of a new frontier in consciousness and awareness. With support, however, these kids can lead very empowered, useful lives as adults. It doesn't mean that they can't be a brain surgeon, astronaut or best-selling writer. The important thing for parents is that they get up to speed. For most, it's back to the classroom to learn Psychic 101.

The first lesson is to understand what being psychic is and to explore the various types of psychic abilities your child might have. A psychic is someone who has the sixth sense, or extrasensory perception, and this gives them a heightened awareness, like sensitivity to energy, the ability to 'read' people's thoughts and feelings, or see what the future holds. But there is more than one way to psychically pick up information. The difference lies in how your sixth sense obtains its impressions. For example, your child could be a clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient or they might be a medium or use telepathy. And they may have one or more of these sensory gifts.

If your child is clairvoyant it means that they see things. They get intuitive impressions through symbols, pictures or visions in their mind's eye. Sometimes they might even see an entire scene playing out in their mind as if they are watching a movie. A clairvoyant is a visual psychic.

The clairaudient child hears the voice of spirits talking to them. It might sound like the voice of a real person standing in the room, but there is no one there. Or, they may experience it as a voice talking inside their head. The voice might tell them about something that's about to happen or give them the answer to a question. This is their inner voice, the voice of their higher self, speaking to them. A clairaudient hears things psychically.

If your child is clairsentient it means that they feel things. They get impressions, or sense things, but quite often can't see auras or hear Spirit talking aloud. It plays out as an inner knowing that tells them what's going on with people or situations. So they can accurately sense what is going on in someone's aura, or they sense the presence of Spirit rather than see or hear it. They know how someone is feeling by picking up their vibe, or they might pick up on someone's pain by feeling the pain inside of their own body. A clairsentient is a feeling psychic.

A child with mediumship ability communicates with family and friends who are in spirit. They deliver messages of comfort and reassurance from our loved ones in spirit to let us know that they are okay and that they are watching over us. When this communication is opened, they get messages or intuitive impressions but they don't always see the spirit. Some mediums do get a vision in their mind's eye, which is the third-eye or the psychic chakra. A medium is a spiritual messenger.

Children who are telepathic are able to tune into your thoughts. They might not necessarily repeat what's on your mind verbatim, but they'll give you the overall gist of what you have been thinking. A telepath is a mind reader.

Why not spend a few moments reviewing your child's experiences? Which category do they fit into? Perhaps your child can work with a few of their psychic senses at the same time, such as being both clairaudient and clairsentient and therefore hearing and feeling things.

Either way, your child is one of a new breed of souls who are born equipped to work with their psychic ability. They need this skill because this generation has arrived in a rapidly changing world. They are geared up to deal with the problems associated with living in volatile and uncertain times, as long as we can nurture their gifts. Many have chosen to come into the world now to be agents of change. Being more switched on, or 'with it', than previous generations means that they can be visionaries.


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Sue Bishop is one of Australia's top psychic intuitives who appears regularly in the media and the author of Sixth Sense.

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