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Psychic Pets: Supernatural True Stories of Paranormal Animals

Psychic Pets: Supernatural True Stories of Paranormal Animals

by John Sutton, Linda Birch
From Holly the Collie who sees ghosts and Cuddles the life-saving cat to a psychic pet consultant and show-jumping horse whisperers, these incredible but true stories describe the psychic powers of ordinary household pets. Illustrations.


From Holly the Collie who sees ghosts and Cuddles the life-saving cat to a psychic pet consultant and show-jumping horse whisperers, these incredible but true stories describe the psychic powers of ordinary household pets. Illustrations.

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School Library Journal
Gr 5-7Readers hoping for accounts of animal ESP will be disappointed in many of the selections in this poorly organized British import. The book is a hodgepodge of animal superstitions, urban legends, and "true" psychic stories. There are several descriptions of animals that do exhibit possible psychic talents. A dead cat leaves a message on a cassette tape and a dog appears to play with ghosts. However, other accounts portray perfectly normal behavior, interpreted with a supernatural spin. The small, grainy black-and-white photographs do not add much interest. Informational chapters alternate with psychic-assessment tests to use with pets. Libraries with a demand for material on this subject would be better served by additional copies of books by Daniel Cohen.Elaine E. Knight, Lincoln Elementary Schools, IL

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8 - 12 Years

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Chapter One


My name is John Sutton and as the author of this strange and often weird book I want to assure all readers that I believe the stories within it to be the truth. In my research I have met and interviewed many people and their psychic pets. From a supernatural Halloween cat found on a haunted hill, to a father and daughter showjumping team that can whisper to horses, I have listened to and recorded their often uncanny stories.

    You, dear reader, may believe these stories or not, but I feel certain that Psychic Pets will make you wonder.

Childhood visions

Before we proceed, let me first tell you a little about myself and the paranormal phenomena that I believe in. Throughout my life—I am now forty-seven years of age—I have experienced odd and often supernatural happenings. As a child, I could see clairvoyant visions of distant lands. Alone in my room I would look at the flowered wallpaper next to my bed and see such things as the creation of the pyramids in ancient Egypt. But as I grew older, these visions ceased. I was programmed into being a `normal' person living in a material world.

    The process starts early. When I was little, I told my parents about what I could `see' and they told me it was crazy. I trusted them absolutely, they must know best, so I denied the evidence of my sixth sense and gradually it vanished. I was filtering out the psychic information and replacing it with material facts based on accepted science. I grew into a `normal' person as I wasrequired to do by the society into which I was born. As we all know, `normal' people do not have clairvoyant psychic sight, do they?

I see a ghost

As a man, I once again began to experience psychic phenomena. My dear father, Frank Sutton, who had been a police detective, returned to see me some months after his death. I saw him sitting in a chair inside my home, a home he had never visited. As I looked into his half-smiling eyes I knew he could not be there, at least not physically. Yet I spoke to him. `What are you doing here, Dad?' I asked. But in that instant he was gone. He had disappeared into thin air, leaving only his memory behind. I am certain he returned to let me know that all those years before he had been wrong and there is a psychic fourth dimension that exists beyond this physical world.

The psychic world

From that day on I have never doubted that life is eternal, that ghosts exist, that there are more things in this weird and wonderful world than we can even begin to understand. I have continued to break down the mental filters imposed by my social programming. Since the day my father came back, my experiences of the paranormal have forced me to accept that psychic powers exist.

    Today I am the feature editor of the journal Psychic World, which deals with spiritual and often supernatural occurrences. I have met and worked with many psychics and witnessed their gifts.

    It is my belief that there are those among us who can `see' with psychic powers, but they have to overcome the problem of their social programming. Pets and animals have no such difficulty. They are, I believe, totally natural creatures who are able to receive information through their sixth sense, see ghosts, glimpse the future, and transport themselves through time and space.

Test it out!

In this book I have brought you many true-life stories of animals that have displayed their psychic powers in various ways. I have spoken with the people who own these pets and they seem to me to be ordinary people telling the truth. However, as the reader, you must decide whether you are convinced by their stories. To better enable you to make up your mind, I have devised a multiple-choice psychic assessment at the end of each strange tale. You are invited to use this to help form a decision on exactly what you think the truth is in the story.

    The more adventurous readers may like to test and develop their own pets' psychic powers. There are a number of specially designed tests and score charts to help you do this. You can even take your pet on a ghost hunt!


If, having read this book, you think you have a psychic pet of your own, why not tell me about it? Who knows—perhaps you and your pet could be in the next volume of Psychic Pets. Write to: John Sutton, Psychic Pets, c/o Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., 20827 N.W. Cornell Road, Suite 500, Hillsboro, Oregon, 97124.



The communication of thoughts to people or animals by using only the mind. Telepathic communication does not rely on the normal five senses of touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell.


Transporting oneself in an instant to another place. Teleports (also called apports) are believed to happen through a fourth dimension beyond those accepted by the science of geometry—length, breadth and depth.

Clairvoyance, or psychic sight

Perceiving something by visualisation, forming a thought picture in the mind. This psychic power exists beyond the five accepted senses and enables gifted ones to see ghosts.


The ability to `hear' voices conveying information without using any of the accepted five senses. Such voices are often thought to be communications from the spirit world.


The gaining of information or knowledge relating to forthcoming events without use of reasoning or any of the accepted five senses.

You decide!

There is no scientific evidence to support the above. These psychic powers may or may not exist in some people and animals. You, the reader, must decide.



This test is designed to assess your pet's psychic attunement to you, its owner. It is most likely to work with dogs but well worth trying on cats or birds. It is a three-day test.

    When you go to school or out for the day, get a friend or a parent to act as your assistant and watch your pet closely just before the time you have agreed to return. You must vary the time that you arrive home over the three days, to avoid creating a pattern. Ask the assistant to fill in the form on the following page.

    Try not to get home later than the time you agreed with your assistant, who may not want to observe your pet closely for an extra half-hour while you're hanging out with your friends.

1) Five minutes before agreed arrival time, did pet seem to become more active?

YES [ ] NO [ ]   YES [ ] NO [ ]   YES [ ] NO [ ]

2) Three minutes before agreed time, did pet move towards the front door or look that way?

YES [ ] NO [ ]   YES [ ] NO [ ]   YES [ ] NO [ ]

3) One minute before arrival time, did pet begin jumping up and down or show other signs of excitement?

YES [ ] NO [ ]   YES [ ] NO [ ]   YES [ ] NO [ ]

4) On arrival, did pet greet owner?

YES [ ] NO [ ]   YES [ ] NO [ ]   YES [ ] NO [ ]

Total your answers: YES [ ] NO [ ]

Refer to the table below for your pet's PSYCHIC ASSESSMENT.

YES 9-12   Extremely strong psychic link
YES 5-8     Good psychic link
YES 1-4     Some psychic link but needs development
All NO's     Are you sure your pet is still alive?


Pets often seem to know when one of their friends is ill or in need of help. Frequently they will lie close to an injured owner or one of their fellow animals to keep them warm and comfort them. This story is one example.

    It begins in the year 1981 in the little town of Kunumurra in Western Australia with a business executive named Riete Camer-Pesci. Since her youngest daughter had left for boarding school, Riete returned each evening from her office to an empty home.

A surprise present

Riete's son Gary, who lived in Perth, was worried that his mother might be lonely. One day he telephoned Riete and told her to go to the airport and collect a surprise present he was sending her. That present was a purebred German short-haired pointer he called Sam.

    At first Riete didn't much like Sam, a skinny thing with a long body and wobbly legs, who needed lots of attention. However, she soon grew fond of her new pet, and the two became inseparable. She would even take Sam with her to the office.

    Most summer evenings Riete and her friend Sue, who lived on the other side of town, used to drive out into the bush for picnics. Riete took Sam along and Sue took Ben, her basset hound. All four used to play and swim together in the river Ord, which was a great way of cooling off from the Australian heat. Their friendship continued in this way for five years.

The bite of the brown snake

Then in 1986 Gary, Riete's son, returned from Perth to work in Kunumurra. One hot day in November he set off with Sam in tow to visit a nearby farm. While walking along a dusty path, Sam was bitten by a king brown snake. These snakes are venomous and their bite can be deadly. The poison quickly spread through the dog's body and within minutes he was unconscious. Gary placed Sam's limp form on the passenger seat and drove as fast as he could back home.

    When Riete saw her friend Sam collapsed, she nearly fainted. But she pulled herself together and drove Sam to the nearest pharmacy. She wanted to buy some antitoxin against the snake venom, but when she got there, they had none. Riete was close to panic, seeing that life was slipping away from her friend.

    From the pharmacy Riete drove to a vet's clinic. There they had some antitoxin, but it was months out of date. They used it anyway, for it was Sam's last chance. The vet injected the dog and handed him back to Riete. Sam was already on death's doorstep.

    That night Riete held her pet close in her arms and remembered all the happy days they had shared with Ben and Sue out in the bush. She could hardly hear him breathing and his pulse was very weak. There was nothing further Riete could do for him. Before going to bed, she laid him gently on a blanket on the open veranda outside her bedroom.

A mystery visit

Suddenly Riete was awake. She looked at her bedside clock and it said 4 a.m. Outside on the veranda she could hear something moving. In a rush it all came back to her: Sam was ill. Quickly she climbed out of bed and ran out into the cool night air. There, standing next to Sam and licking his face, was Ben the basset hound.

    Riete could hardly believe what she saw, because the house had a secure fence all round it and every door was locked. Ben lived with Sue on the other side of town, a long way off, and each night Sue locked him into his room. Yet here he was, comforting his sick friend.

    Riete checked Sam for vital signs. There was a pulse, but it was very faint. She telephoned the vet, who came straight over and put Sam on a saline drip. For days he was on the brink of death. Throughout that time Ben refused to leave Sam's side. He just lay down next to his friend and gently licked his face.

    It took over a week of constant care, but Sam lived on. Within a month he was able to return to the river Ord and swim once more with Riete, Sue and his best friend Ben.

A door in time and space?

To this day neither Riete nor Sue can offer a rational explanation of how Ben got on to the veranda that night when his friend needed him so badly. Sue, who had been unaware of Sam's plight, clearly recalls locking Ben into his sleeping quarters inside the laundry room of her home. All the doors to her house were also locked and the premises were enclosed by a wire fence.

    When I spoke to Riete, she told me that it was her belief that the love between the two dogs had opened a mysterious door in time and space. Through that door Ben the basset hound had traveled on his mission of mercy.


Q: Can pets tell whether somebody is ill?

a) No, they just like to lie next to another creature for warmth.

b) Yes, they seem to be able to sense this.

c) Yes, even from a distance they know if something is the matter with someone they love.

Q: How do you think Ben the basset knew that Sam was in need of help?

a) He didn't know, but he had got loose that night and came looking for his friend.

b) Ben picked up Sam's cry for help telepathically.

c) Sam's spirit traveled to Ben and asked him to come.

Q: Do you believe that Ben traveled through time and space?

a) No, the very idea is silly.

b) Ben got to Riete's house by jumping the fence.

c) Yes, there is no other explanation.

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