Psychological Testing / Edition 3

Psychological Testing / Edition 3

by Robert M. Kaplan, Dennis P. Saccuzzo

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ISBN-10: 0534162339

ISBN-13: 9780534162337

Pub. Date: 01/28/1993

Publisher: Wadsworth

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Psychology Ser.
Edition description:
Older Edition

Table of Contents

Part IPrinciples1
Chapter 1Introduction3
Basic Concepts7
Overview of the Book11
Historical Perspective13
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise25
Web Activity26
Chapter 2Norms and Basic Statistics for Testing27
Why We Need Statistics28
Scales of Measurement29
Frequency Distributions33
Percentile Ranks36
Describing Distributions40
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise61
Web Activity61
Chapter 3Correlation and Regression63
The Scatter Diagram64
Other Correlation Coefficients80
Terms and Issues in the Use of Correlation82
Multivariate Analysis (Optional)85
Appendix 3-1Calculation of a Regression Equation and a Correlation Coefficient92
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise96
Web Activity96
Chapter 4Reliability98
History and Theory of Reliability99
Models of Reliability105
Reliability in Behavioral Observation Studies115
Connecting Sources of Error with Reliability Assessment Method118
Using Reliability Information119
Appendix 4-1Using Coefficient Alpha to Estimate Split-Half Reliability When the Variances for the Two Halves of the Test Are Unequal127
Appendix 4-2The Calculation of Reliability Using KR[subscript 20]127
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise129
Web Activity129
Chapter 5Validity130
Defining Validity132
Aspects of Validity132
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise152
Web Activity152
Chapter 6Writing and Evaluating Test Items153
Item Writing154
Item Analysis163
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise176
Web Activity177
Chapter 7Selection and Decision Analysis178
The Test Manual179
Base Rates and Hit Rates181
Locating Information About Published Tests194
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise197
Web Activity197
Chapter 8Test Administration198
The Examiner and the Subject199
Behavioral Assessment Methodology210
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise214
Web Activity215
Part IIApplications217
The Issue of Test Use219
Concepts and Distinctions221
Chapter 9Interviewing Techniques223
The Interview as a Test227
Reciprocal Nature of Interviewing228
Principles of Effective Interviewing229
Types of Interviews238
Developing Interviewing Skills247
Sources of Error in the Interview247
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise252
Web Activity252
Chapter 10Theories of Intelligence and the Binet Scale253
The Problem of Defining Intelligence254
Binet's Principles of Test Construction256
Spearman's Model of General Mental Ability257
The Early Binet Scales259
Terman's Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale262
The Modern Binet Scale266
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise276
Web Activity276
Chapter 11The Wechsler Intelligence Scales278
The Wechsler Intelligence Scales280
Scales, Subtests, and Indexes of the WAIS-III282
Interpretive Features of the Wechsler Tests291
Psychometric Properties of the Wechsler Adult Scales295
Evaluation of the Wechsler Adult Scales296
Downward Extensions of the WAIS-III: the WISC-III and WPPSI-R297
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise306
Web Activity306
Chapter 12Other Individual Tests of Ability307
Alternative Individual Ability Tests Compared with the Binet and Wechsler Scales308
Alternatives Compared with One Another310
Specific Individual Ability Tests310
Individual Tests of Ability for Specific Purposes327
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise335
Web Activity335
Chapter 13Group Ability Tests: Intelligence, Achievement, and Aptitude337
Comparison of Group and Individual Ability Tests338
Overview of Group Tests341
Group Tests in the Schools: Kindergarten Through 12th Grade343
College Entrance Tests349
Graduate and Professional School Entrance Tests354
Nonverbal Group Ability Tests362
Group Tests for Specific Purposes366
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise370
Web Activity370
Chapter 14Tests for Choosing Careers372
Measuring Interests374
Measuring Personal Characteristics for Job Placement389
Measuring Characteristics of the Work Setting393
Job Analysis397
Measuring the Person-Situation Interaction399
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise403
Web Activity403
Chapter 15Structured Personality Tests404
Strategies of Structured Personality-Test Construction406
The Logical-Content Strategy410
The Criterion-Group Strategy411
The Factor Analytic Strategy424
The Theoretical Strategy428
Combination Strategies435
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise440
Web Activity440
Chapter 16Projective Personality Tests442
The Projective Hypothesis444
The Rorschach Inkblot Test445
An Alternative Inkblot Test: The Holtzman458
The Thematic Apperception Test458
Alternative Apperception Procedures464
Nonpictorial Projective Procedures464
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise468
Web Activity468
Chapter 17Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment470
Cognitive-Behavioral Assessment Procedures472
Psychophysiological Procedures484
Computers and Psychological Testing486
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise491
Web Activity491
Chapter 18Testing in Health Psychology and Health Care493
Neuropsychological Assessment494
Anxiety and Stress Assessment510
Quality of Life Assessment519
Info Trac College Edition Exercise524
Web Activity525
Part IIIIssues527
Chapter 19Test Bias529
Why Is Test Bias Controversial?530
Test Fairness and the Law531
The Traditional Defense of Testing534
Other Approaches to Testing Minority Group Members541
Suggestions for Solutions550
Changing the Social Environment557
Info Trac College Edition Exercise562
Web Activity562
Chapter 20Testing and the Law563
Laws Governing the Use of Tests565
Major Lawsuits That Have Affected Psychological Testing576
Web Activity598
Chapter 21The Future of Psychological Testing599
Issues Shaping the Field of Testing600
Current Trends611
Future Trends614
InfoTrac College Edition Exercise619
Web Activity619
Appendix 1Areas of a Standard Normal Distribution621
Appendix 2Publishers of Major Tests624
Appendix 3Critical Values of r for [alpha] = .05 and [alpha] = .01 (Two-Tailed Test)627
Appendix 4Critical Values of t628
Appendix 5Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education630
Author Index687
Subject Index695

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