Psychology and Buddhism: From Individual to Global Community / Edition 1

Psychology and Buddhism: From Individual to Global Community / Edition 1

by Kathleen H. Dockett

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International and Cultural Psychology Series
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Contributors. Acknowledgments.
Introduction; G.R. Dudley-Grant, C.P. Bankart, K.H. Dockett.
Part I: Foundations. 1. On the Path of the Buddha: A Psychologists' Guide to the History of Buddhism; C.P. Bankart, K.H. Dockett, G.R. Dudley-Grant. 2. Five Manifestations of the Buddha in the West: A Brief History; C.P. Bankart. 3. Value and Meaning in Gestalt Psychology and Mahayana Buddhism; E.S. Ragsdale.
Part II: Healing and Psychotherapy: Alternatives in Psychotherapy. 4. Buddhism, Psychology, and Addiction Theory In Psychotherapy; G.R. Dudley-Grant. 5. Suffering from Biobabble: Searching for a Science of Subjectivity; P. Young-Eisendrath. 6. Role of Responsibility in Daseinanalysis and Buddhism; B. Siew Luan Khong. 7. Classical Buddhist Model of a Healthy Mind; R.P. Hayes.
Part III: Empowerment, Responsibility and the Challenges of Change. 8. Buddhist Empowerment: Individual, Organizational, and Societal Transformation; K.H. Dockett. 9. The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Community Building; L.A. Jason, J. Moritsugu. 10. Transcending Self and Other: Mahayana Principles of Integration; K.H. Dockett, D. North-Schulte. 11. Environmental Problems and Buddhist Ethics: From the Perspective of the Consciousness-Only Doctrine; S. Yamamoto. 12. Buddhist Social Principles; D.W. Chappell.
Part IV: Future Directions: Global Impact. 13. On the Path to Peace and Wholeness: Conclusion to Psychology and Bubbhism; G.R. Dudley-Grant, C.P. Bankart, K.H. Dockett.
Author Index. Subject Index. About the Editors.

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