Psychology: A Journey (with Practice Exam and Visual Guide) / Edition 3

Psychology: A Journey (with Practice Exam and Visual Guide) / Edition 3

by Dennis Coon, John O. Mitterer

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ISBN-10: 0495095532

ISBN-13: 9780495095538

Pub. Date: 03/22/2007

Publisher: Cengage Learning

A psychology text that you'll actually want to read! PSYCHOLOGY: A JOURNEY is guaranteed to spark your curiosity, insight, imagination, and interest. Using the proven SQ4R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Relate, and Review) active learning system to help you study smarter, Coon leads you to an understanding of major concepts as well as how psychology relates


A psychology text that you'll actually want to read! PSYCHOLOGY: A JOURNEY is guaranteed to spark your curiosity, insight, imagination, and interest. Using the proven SQ4R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Relate, and Review) active learning system to help you study smarter, Coon leads you to an understanding of major concepts as well as how psychology relates to the challenges of everyday life. Each chapter of this book takes you into a different realm of psychology, such as personality, abnormal behavior, memory, consciousness, and human development. Each realm is complex and fascinating, with many pathways, landmarks, and detours to discover. Take the journey and find yourself becoming actively involved with the material as you develop a basic understanding of psychology that will help you succeed in this course and enrich your life.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Psychology: The Search for Understanding1
Psychology--Spotlight on Behavior2
A Brief History of Psychology--Psychology's Family Album6
Psychology Today--Five Views of Behavior11
Human Diversity--Appreciating Social and Cultural Differences12
Psychologists--Guaranteed Not to Shrink13
Scientific Research--How to Think Like a Psychologist16
Naturalistic Observation--Psychology Steps Out!19
Correlational Studies--In Search of the Perfect Relationship20
The Psychology Experiment--Where Cause Meets Effect22
Placebo Effects--Sugar Pills and Saltwater24
The Clinical Method--Data by the Case26
Survey Method--Here, Have a Sample27
Summary--Science and Critical Thinking28
Pseudo-psychologists--Palms, Planets, and Personality29
Psychology in Action: Psychology in the News--Separating Fact from Fiction33
Chapter in Review36
Chapter 2Brain and Behavior40
Neurons--Building a "Biocomputer"41
The Nervous System--Wired for Action45
Research Methods--Charting the Brain's Inner Realms48
The Cerebral Cortex--My, What a Big Brain You Have!51
The Subcortex--At the Core of the (Brain) Matter59
The Endocrine System--Hormones and Behavior62
Chapter in Review70
Chapler 3Human Development74
Heredity and Environment--The Nurture of Nature75
The Newborn Baby--The Basic Model Comes with Options81
Social Development--Baby, I'm Stuck on You86
Maternal and Paternal Influences--Life with Mom and Dad89
Language Development--Fast-Talking Babies93
Cognitive Development--How Do Children Learn to Think?96
The Story of a Lifetime--Rocky Road or Garden Path?102
Chapter in Review110
Chapler 4Sensation and Perception114
Sensory Systems--What You See Is What You Get115
Vision--Catching Some Rays116
Hearing--Good Vibrations124
Smell and Taste--The Nose Knows When the Tongue Can't Tell126
The Somesthetic Senses--Flying by the Seat of Your Pants129
Adaptation, Attention, and Gating--Tuning In and Tuning Out132
Perceptual Constancies--Taming an Unruly World134
Perceptual Grouping--Getting It All Together136
Depth Perception--What If the World Were Flat?139
Perception and Objectivity--Believing Is Seeing144
Extrasensory Perception--Do You Believe in Magic?150
Chapter in Review158
Chapler 5States of Consciousness162
States of Consciousness--The Many Faces of Awareness163
Sleep--A Nice Place to Visit163
Stages of Sleep--The Nightly Roller-Coaster Ride166
Sleep Disturbances--Showing Nightly: Sleep Wars!169
Dreams--A Separate Reality?172
Hypnosis--Look into My Eyes175
Meditation--The 20-Minute Vacation178
Drug-Altered Consciousness--The High and Low of It180
Uppers--Amphetamines, Cocaine, Caffeine, Nicotine181
Downers--Sedatives, Tranquilizers, and Alcohol187
Marijuana--What's in the Pot?191
Chapter in Review198
Chapler 6Conditioning and Learning202
What Is Learning--Does Practice Make Perfect?203
Classical Conditioning--Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell?204
Principles of Classical Conditioning--Teach Your Little Brother to Salivate206
Classical Conditioning in Humans--An Emotional Topic208
Operant Conditioning--Can Pigeons Play Ping-Pong?210
Operant Reinforcers--What's Your Pleasure?215
Partial Reinforcement--Las Vegas, A Human Skinner Box?220
Stimulus Control--Red Light, Green Light222
Punishment--Putting the Brakes on Behavior224
Cognitive Learning--Beyond Conditioning228
Modeling--Do as I Do, Not as I Say229
Chapter in Review237
Chapter 7Memory241
Stages of Memory--Do You Have a Mind Like a Steel Trap? Or a Sieve?242
Short-Term Memory--Do You Know the Magic Number?244
Long-Term Memory--Where the Past Lives246
Measuring Memory--The Answer Is on the Tip of My Tongue250
Exceptional Memory--Wizards of Recall253
Forgetting--Why We, Uh, Let's See; Why We, Uh...Forget!256
Memory Formation--Some "Shocking" Findings263
Improving Memory--Keys to the Memory Bank265
Chapter in Review272
Chapter 8Cognition, Intelligence, and Creativity276
What Is Thinking?--It's All in Your Head!277
Mental Imagery--Does a Frog Have Lips?278
Concepts--I'm Positive, It's a Whatchamacallit280
Language--Don't Leave Home without It281
Problem Solving--Getting an Answer in Sight286
Artificial Intelligence--I Compute, Therefore I Am289
Human Intelligence--The IQ and You291
Creative Thinking--Down Roads Less Traveled301
Intuitive Thought--Mental Shortcut? Or Dangerous Detour?304
Chapter in Review311
Chapter 9Motivation and Emotion315
Motivation--Forces that Push and Pull316
Hunger--Pardon Me, That's Just My Hypothalamus Growling318
Primary Motives Revisited--Thirst, Sex, and Pain324
Sexual Behavior--Mapping the Erogenous Zone326
Stimulus Drives--Skydiving, Horror Movies, and the Fun Zone329
Learned Motives--In Pursuit of Excellence333
Motives in Perspective--A View from the Pyramid335
Inside an Emotion--How Do You Feel?338
Physiology and Emotion--Arousal, Sudden Death, and Lying340
Expressing Emotions--Making Faces and Talking Bodies343
Theories of Emotion--Several Ways to Fear a Bear345
Chapter in Review354
Chapter 10Personality358
The Psychology of Personality--Do You Have Personality?359
The Trait Approach--Describe Yourself in 18,000 Words or Less362
Psychoanalytic Theory--Id Came to Me in a Dream368
Learning Theories of Personality--Habit I Seen You Before?372
Androgyny--Are You Masculine, Feminine, or Androgynous?376
Humanistic Theory--Peak Experiences and Personal Growth378
Personality Theories--Overview and Comparison382
Personality Assessment--Psychological Yardsticks382
Projective Tests of Personality--Inkblots and Hidden Plots387
Sudden Murderers--A Research Example389
Chapter in Review394
Chapter 11Health, Stress, and Coping398
Health Psychology--Here's to Your Good Health399
STDs and Safer Sex--Risk and Responsibility402
Health and Wellness--Job Number One404
Stress--Thrill or Threat?405
Frustration--Blind Alleys and Lead Balloons408
Conflict--Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No, Well, Maybe410
Psychological Defense--Mental Karate?412
Learned Helplessness--Is There Hope?415
Stress and Health--Unmasking a Hidden Killer418
Chapter in Review432
Chapter 12Psychological Disorders436
Normality--What Is Normal?437
Classifying Mental Disorders--Problems by the Book439
Personality Disorders--Blueprints for Maladjustment444
Anxiety-Based Disorders--When Anxiety Rules446
Anxiety and Disorder--Four Pathways to Trouble451
Psychotic Disorders--Life in the Shadow of Madness453
Delusional Disorders--An Enemy Behind Every Tree456
Schizophrenia--Shattered Reality456
Mood Disorders--Peaks and Valleys463
Mental Hospitalization--Treating Major Mental Disorders466
Chapter in Review472
Chapter 13Therapies476
Psychotherapy--Getting Better by the Hour477
Origins of Therapy--Bored Skulls and Hysteria on the Couch478
Psychoanalysis--Expedition into the Unconscious479
Humanistic Therapies--Restoring Human Potential481
Psychotherapy at a Distance--Psych Jockeys and Cybertherapy483
Behavior Therapy--Healing by Learning485
Operant Therapies--All the World Is a Skinner Box?490
Cognitive Therapy--Think Positive!492
Group Therapy--People Who Need People494
Psychotherapy--An Overview496
Medical Therapies--Psychiatric Care499
Chapter in Review510
Chapter 14Social Behavior514
Affiliation and Attraction--Come Together515
Loving and Liking--Dating, Rating, Mating518
Life in Groups--People, People, Everywhere520
Social Influence--Follow the Leader522
Obedience--Would You Electrocute a Stranger?525
Compliance--A Foot in the Door528
Attitudes--Doomsday for the Seekers531
Attitude Change--Why the "Seekers" Went Public533
Forced Attitude Change--Brainwashing and Cults535
Prejudice--Attitudes that Injure538
Intergroup Conflict--The Roots of Prejudice539
Aggression--The World's Most Dangerous Animal543
Prosocial Behavior--Helping Others547
Chapter in Review553
Psychologist's Journal: Statistics from "Heads" to "Tails"1
Descriptive Statistics2
The Normal Curve5
Inferential Statistics6
Index of Names1
Subject Index1

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