The Psychology of Creative Writing

The Psychology of Creative Writing

by Scott Barry Kaufman

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ISBN-10: 052170782X

ISBN-13: 9780521707824

Pub. Date: 06/22/2009

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

The Psychology of Creative Writing takes a scholarly, psychological look at multiple aspects of creative writing.


The Psychology of Creative Writing takes a scholarly, psychological look at multiple aspects of creative writing.

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Part I. The Writer: 1. The Personalities of Creative Writers Jane Piirto; 2. Killing Your Babies: The Creative Writer, Locus of Control, and Rumination E. M. Skrzynecky and James C. Kaufman; 3. 'The more I write, the better I write, and the better I feel about myself': Mood Variability and Mood Regulation in Student Journalists and Creative Writers Adèle Kohanyi; 4. Characteristics of Eminent Screenwriters: Who Are Those Guys? Steven R. Pritzker and David McGarva; 5. The Tears of a Clown: Understanding Comedy Writers Scott Barry Kaufman and Aaron Kozbelt; Part II. The Text: 6. The Evolution of Creative Writing Daniel Nettle; 7. Literary Creativity and Physiognomy: Expressiveness in Writers, Readers, and Literature Martin S. Lindauer; 8. The Literary Genius of William Shakespeare: Empirical Studies of His Dramatic and Poetic Creativity Dean Keith Simonton; Part III. The Process: 9. In search of the writer's creative process Todd Lubart; 10. Writing as a collaborative act R. Keith Sawyer; 11. Writing as an interaction with ideas Mark A. Runco; 12. Creative Cognition in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Thomas B. Ward and E. Thomas Lawson; Part IV. The Development: 13. Writing in flow Susan K. Perry; 14. Writers' Blocks and Blocked Writers: Using Natural Imagery to Enhance Creativity Jerome L. Singer and Michael V. Barrios; 15. Pretend Play, Emotional Processes, and Developing Narratives Sandra W. Russ; 16. The Healing Powers of Expressive Writing Janel D. Sexton and James W. Pennebaker; Part V. The Education: 17. How Rewards and Evaluations Can Undermine Creativity (and How to Prevent This) John Baer and Sharon S. McKool; 18. Teaching Writing by Demythologizing Creativity Grace R. Waitman and Jonathan A. Plucker; 19. Creation and Response: Wellspring to Evaluation Genevieve E. Chandler and Pat Schneider; 20. Fostering Creative Writing: Challenges Faced by Chinese Learners Ai-Girl Tan; 21. Putting the Parts Together: An Integrative Look at the Psychology of Creative Writing Scott Barry Kaufman and James C. Kaufman.

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