Psychopathology: The Evolving Science of Mental Disorder / Edition 1

Psychopathology: The Evolving Science of Mental Disorder / Edition 1

by Steven Matthysse

Psychopathology surveys the study of mental disorder, with contributions from pre-eminent scholars in the field.See more details below


Psychopathology surveys the study of mental disorder, with contributions from pre-eminent scholars in the field.

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Cambridge University Press
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New Edition
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List of contributors; Preface Steven Matthysse; Part I. Brain Mechanisms: 1. Editor's introduction: from controversy to connectivity Francine M. Benes; 2. The functional parcellation of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the heterogeneous facets of schizophrenia Patricia Goldman-Rakic; 3. Components of working memory deficit in schizophrenia Sohee Park and Gillian O'Driscoll; 4. Temporal lobe structural abnormalities in schizophrenia: a selective review and presentation of new magnetic resonance findings Martha E. Shenton; 5. Location, location, location: the pathway from behavior to brain locus in schizophrenia Deborah L. Levy; 6. The defects of affect and attention in schizophrenia: a possible neuroanatomical substrate Francine M. Benes; Part II. Development: 7. Editor's introduction: methods in the developmental study of madness Jerome Kagan; 8. Developmental psychopathology: from attribution toward information Sheldon H. White; Comments Philip S. Holzman; 9. A paradoxical partnership: some historical and contemporary referents linking adult schizophreniform disorder and resilient children under stress Norman Garmezy; 10. A look at the evolution of developmental models of schizophrenia L. Erlenmeyer-Kimling; 11. Developmental theory: lessons from the study of risk and psychopathology Dante Cicchetti; 12. The return of the ancients: on temperament and development Jerome Kagan; Part III. Thinking: 13. Editor's introduction: Upward toward phenomenology m downward toward physiology Steven Matthysse; 14. The psychometric assessment of schizophrenia proneness Jean P. Chapman and Loren J. Chapman; 15. Politeness in schizophrenia Roger Brown; Comments Philip S. Holzman; 16. Neuroleptic treatment effects in relation to psychotherapy, social skills training and social withdrawal in schizophrenics Herbert E. Spohn; Comments Philip S. Holzman; 17. Familial factors in the impairment of attention in schizophrenia: data from Ireland, Israel and the District of Columbia Allan F. Mirsky; 18. Parsing cognitive processes: psychopathological and neurophysiological constraints Anne Sereno; 19. Cognitive psychopathology in schizophrenia: explorations in language, memory, associations and movements Brendan A. Maher; Part IV. Genetics: 20. Editor's introduction: contemporary issues in the genetics of psychopathological disorders Deborah L. Levy, Steven Matthysse and Philip S. Holzman; 21. Genetic and environmental factors in the etiology of schizophrenia Seymour S. Kety; 22. Problems and paradoxes in research on the etiology of schizophrenia Einar Kringlen; Comments Philip S. Holzman and Steven Matthysse; 23. Epistemological issues in psychiatric research Josef Parnas; 24. Searching for major genes in schizophrenia Kenneth K. Kidd; 25. The Drosophila eye and the genetics of schizophrenia Steven Matthysse; Part V. Response and Reflections: 26. Reflections on the developing science of psychopathology Philip S. Holzman; Author index; Subject index.

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