Public Reason

Public Reason

by Fred D'Agostino, Gerald F. Gaus

ISBN-10: 1855219549

ISBN-13: 9781855219540

Pub. Date: 03/28/1998

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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International Research Library of Philosophy
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Table of Contents

Series Prefaceix
Introduction--Public Reason: Why, What and Can (and Should) It Be?xi
1'The Domain of the Political and Overlapping Consensus', New York University Law Review, 64, pp. 233-55. (1989)1
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4'Kantian Politics: The Public Use of Reason', Political Theory, 14, pp. 523-51. (1986)67
5'Toward a Deliberative Model of Democratic Legitimacy', Democracy and Difference, pp. 67-94. (1996)97
6'Kantian Constructivism and Reconstructivism: Rawls and Habermas in Dialogue', Ethics, 105, pp. 44-63. (1994)125
7'Constrained Discourse and Public Life', Political Theory, 19, pp. 202-29. (1991)145
8'The Rational, the Reasonable and Justification', Journal of Political Philosophy, 3, pp. 234-58. (1995)173
9'Moral Conflict and Political Legitimacy', Philosophy and Public Affairs, 16, pp. 215-40. (1987)199
10'The Ideal of Community and the Politics of Difference', Social Theory and Practice, 12, pp. 1-26. (1986)225
11'Pluralism and Reasonable Disagreement', Social Philosophy and Policy, 11, pp. 61-79. (1994)251
12'Public Reason and Cultural Pluralism: Political Liberalism and the Problem of Moral Conflict', Political Theory, 23, pp. 253-79. (1995)271
13'Value Pluralism, Public Justification, and Post-Modernism: The Conventional Status of Political Critique', Journal of Value Inquiry, 29, pp. 351-66. (1995)299
14'The Reasons We Can Share: An Attack on the Distinction Between Agent-Relative and Agent-Neutral Values', Social Philosophy and Policy, 10, pp. 24-51. (1993)315
15'Constructing an Ideal of Public Reason', San Diego Law Review, 30, pp. 729-62. (1993)343
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17'The Limits of Public Reason', Journal of Philosophy, 91, pp. 5-26. (1994)403
18'Public Practical Reason: An Archeology', Social Philosophy and Policy, 12, pp. 43-86. (1995)425
Name Index469

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