Publish It on the Web! Macintosh, 2e / Edition 2

Publish It on the Web! Macintosh, 2e / Edition 2

by Bryan Pfaffenberger

ISBN-10: 0125531621

ISBN-13: 9780125531627

Pub. Date: 10/01/1997

Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books

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Elsevier Science & Technology Books
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7.36(w) x 9.18(h) x 1.31(d)

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1The Internet as a Publication Medium3
Ch. 2Understanding Hypertext17
Ch. 3Introducing the World Wide Web33
Ch. 4The Web as a Publishing Medium51
Ch. 5What Can You Publish on the Web?69
Ch. 6Choosing a Web Server99
Ch. 7Developing a Publishing Plan113
Ch. 8Understanding Web Architecture135
Ch. 9The Fundamentals of Web Page Design151
Ch. 10Choosing Software for Creating Your Pages181
Ch. 11Your First HTML Document195
Ch. 12HTML Fundamentals225
Ch. 13Building Your Document243
Ch. 14Adding Hyperlinks265
Ch. 15Adding Graphics, Sounds, and Movies273
Ch. 16Enabling User Feedback287
Ch. 17Adding Fonts and Style Sheets313
Ch. 18Creating Tables and Frames327
Ch. 19Including Java, JavaScript, and ActiveX Controls355
Ch. 20Using a HTML Editor369
Ch. 21Testing, Publishing, and Publicizing Your Site383
Ch. 22Capturing Multimedia Material401
Ch. 23Producing Web Graphics415
Ch. 24Creating Imagemaps433
Ch. 25Producing Audio441
Ch. 26Producing Video455
Ch. 27Producing Adobe Acrobat Documents467
Ch. 28Security485
Ch. 29Copyright491
Ch. 30Standardization Issues499
App. AHTML 3.2 Quick Reference Guide507
App. BISO Latin-1 Special Characters525
App. CNon-Dithering Color Codes529
App. D: What's on the CD-ROM541

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