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Puerto Rico - The People and the Culture

Puerto Rico - The People and the Culture

by Erinn Banting

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A part of the "Lands, Peoples, and Cultures" series this book introduces the reader to Puerto Rico's history, political status, religions, languages, traditions, festivals, celebrations, and its arts and entertainment. The book, which is user friendly, is divided into 12 sections, each dealing with a different aspect of the Puerto Rican culture. The book opens with an explanation of the "Ta�no myth," which tells the story of how the island was created. An introduction to the history of Boriqu�n, the original name for Puerto Rico follows. Beginning with the early history of the island, it tells of the first settlers, who paddled their way across the Caribbean Sea from South America 4,000 years ago. With the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1493 the reader learns that the Ta�nos were forced to work on Spanish plantations that, for many of them, lead to death caused by starvation, overwork, disease or suicide. Issues of slavery, Puerto Rico's fight for independence, and its relationship with the United States are also discussed. The controversy surrounding Puerto Rico's political status, which explains the debate over whether the island should be completely independent or remain part of the commonwealth is briefly mentioned as is the controversy surrounding the island of Vieques. Island religions such as Espiritismo, Catholicism, Protestantism, and alternative churches and their origins are discussed. Also featured are the various languages that are spoken in Puerto Rico. Accompanied by photographs of religious festivals, holidays, parades, musical instruments and performances, arts and crafts, and sporting events, the text clearly portrays the island's colorful and rich culture. 2003,Crabtree Publishing Company,
— Cara Mulcahy <%ISBN%>0778793346

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Lands, Peoples and Cultures Series
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