Pulitzer Prize-Winning Editorials: America's Best Editorial Writing, 1917-1993 / Edition 2

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Editorials: America's Best Editorial Writing, 1917-1993 / Edition 2

by W. David Sloan

ISBN-10: 081381491X

ISBN-13: 9780813814919

Pub. Date: 01/28/1994

Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

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Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
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Older Edition
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5.87(w) x 8.92(h) x 0.84(d)

Table of Contents

The Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing
The Lusitania Anniversary 19173
Vae Victis! and War Has Its Compensations 19188
Law and the Jungle 192016
The Unknown Soldier 192221
To an Anxious Friend 192324
Who Made Coolidge? 192426
The Plight of the South 192529
The House of a Hundred Sorrows 192631
We Submit 192733
Our Tom 192837
An Unspeakable Act of Savagery 192939
The Gentleman from Nebraska 193142
Too Much Government 193348
Where Is Our Money? 193451
Bankrupt 193656
Censorship, You - and Us 193659
The Opposition 193762
Tenancy Problem Is National 193868
My Country 'Tis of Thee . . . 193972
Europe's Emperor 194075
Toward Totalitarianism 194178
The Urgent Need of Unity 194281
Statesmanship in the Legion 194384
How Germany Fooled the World and That Valley Falls Latin Teacher 194487
Relations of Freedoms 194593
Go For Broke 194697
Apathetic and Pathetic 1947100
We Will Not Be Intimidated 1948104
Imagine, One Billion! 1949108
Church Unity 1949110
First Things First 1950113
Government by Treaty: What We Can Do About It 1951117
The Low Estate of Public Morals 1952120
The Quality of Morality 1953124
Still Wanted: A New Look - 1, 1954127
An Instance of Costly Cause and Effect Which Detroiters Should Weigh Soberly 1955130
If the Russians Want More Meat . . . 1956136
What a Price for Peace 1957138
Reflections in a Hurricane's Eye 1958141
A Church, A School - 1959144
The Year Virginia Closed the Schools 1960147
The Pastoral Letter 1961150
The John Birch Society: An Editorial 1962152
Perfectly Capable of Closing Ole Miss 1963155
Arrest of Bombing Victim Is Grave Disservice 1964157
Memo to McKinney 1965160
The Containment of Ideas 1966162
Julian Bond Got Used, Too 1967165
Our "Commitments" Open to Question 1968168
An Appeal to Reason 1969174
Lyndon Johnson's Presidency 1970177
Do You, Governer Kirk? 1971181
Whitewash 1972183
Our $213 Million Gift Horse 1973185
Mr. Cahill's Colleagues 1974188
Where They Square Off and Washington, the Father or an Infamous Traitor? 1975191
Justice Is Blind - and Gagged 1976195
Conforte's Influence 1977199
Conforte Influence in Washoe County Is Shocking 1977202
Reno's Reputation 1977205
A Good Decision on Libel 1978208
Solzhenitsyn at Harvard 1979211
Chappaquiddick and Credibility 1980214
The Pornography of Fat 1982217
Miami Herald, The Shame of Krome 1983220
Moldy Department 1984223
We Must Be Crazy 1985226
Too Far Too Fast on Abortion 1986229
Easter Sunrise on the Border Ends in Trauma 1987232
An Orange Going Sour 1988235
Election Board Caves In to a Swindle 1989239
Bond Issue Is Essential to Protect Chester County's Future and Rampant Development May Doom Chester County's Farm Industry 1990243
The Bubbling Caldron 1991247
Nickels and Dimes 1991250
Handcuffing Money 1991253
A Victim No More 1992256

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