Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs

Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs


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Disc 1

  1. And Now Little Green Bag...
  2. Little Green Bag
  3. Rock Flock Of Five
  4. Hooked On A Feeling
  5. Bohemiath
  6. I Gotcha
  7. Magic Carpet Ride
  8. Madonna Speech
  9. Fool For Love
  10. Super Sounds
  11. Stuck In The Middle With You
  12. Harvest Moon
  13. Let's Get A Taco  - Harvey Keitel
  14. Keep On Truckin'
  15. Coconut  - Harry Nilsson
  16. Home Of Rock

Disc 2

  1. Pumpkin and Honey Bunny (Dialogue)/Misirlou  - Tim Roth
  2. Royale With Cheese
  3. Jungle Boogie
  4. Let's Stay Together  -  Green
  5. Bustin' Surfboards  -  Tornadoes
  6. Lonesome Town
  7. Son Of A Preacher Man
  8. Zed's Dead, Baby (Dialogue)/Bullwinkle, Pt. II
  9. Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest (Dialogue)/You Never Can Tell ...
  10. Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
  11. If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags)
  12. Bring Out the Gimp (Dialogue)/Comanche  - Duane Whitaker
  13. Flowers On The Wall
  14. Personality Goes a Long Way (Dialogue)
  15. Surf Rider
  16. Ezekiel 25:17 (Dialogue)

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Steven Wright   Track Performer
Chuck Berry   Track Performer
Dick Dale   Track Performer
Green   Track Performer
Kool & the Gang   Track Performer
Maria McKee   Track Performer
Harry Nilsson   Vocals,Track Performer
Dusty Springfield   Track Performer
Joe Tex   Track Performer
Bruce Willis   Track Performer
Bedlam   Track Performer
Urge Overkill   Track Performer
Blue Swede   Track Performer
Lively Ones   Track Performer
Stealers Wheel   Track Performer
John Travolta   Track Performer
Amanda Plummer   Track Performer
Statler Brothers   Track Performer
Rick Nelson   Track Performer
Tornadoes   Track Performer
George Baker Selection   Track Performer
Steve Buscemi   Track Performer
Quentin Tarantino   Track Performer
Duane Whitaker   Track Performer
Jerome Patrick Hoban   Track Performer
Maria De Medeiros   Track Performer
Samuel L. Jackson   Track Performer
Tim Roth   Track Performer
Harvey Keitel   Track Performer
Sandy Rogers   Track Performer
Eddie Bunker   Track Performer
Lawrence Tierney   Track Performer
Centurians   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Giles Reaves   Producer
Kool & the Gang   Composer
Maria McKee   Producer
Bob Keene   Producer
Ozzie Nelson   Producer
Willie Mitchell   Producer
George Baker   Producer
Ronald Bell   Composer
Bruce Brody   Producer
Tom Dowd   Producer
Jay Joyce   Producer
Jerry Kennedy   Producer
Buddy Killen   Producer
Arif Mardin   Producer
Jim Monsour   Producer
Bengt Palmers   Producer
Richard Perry   Producer
Karyn Rachtman   Executive Producer
Bill Wenzel   Producer
Jerry Wesler   Producer
Bob Irwin   Producer
Tim Stedman   Art Direction
Lawrence Bender   Executive Producer
Bob Regan   Producer

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