Punch Drunk, Vol. 4

Punch Drunk, Vol. 4


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  1. Operation Saliva  -  Generators
  2. You're So Fake  -  Electric Frankenstein
  3. Without Warning
  4. What Caused the Problem  -  Last Target
  5. Invincible  -  Krays
  6. No Control  -  Reducers SF
  7. Kick Time Suicide  -  Riffs
  8. Today Your Love.../Stormtrooper
  9. Human Bondage
  10. Proles  -  New York Rel-X
  11. (Come On) Let's Do It
  12. For All Commons
  13. Working Man's a Sucker
  14. R.R.D.  -  Forgotten
  15. Hate Finger
  16. Lied  -  Hollywood Hate
  17. Bourgeois Bohemians
  18. Stand Together  -  Bonecrusher
  19. War Machine  -  Bottles & Skulls
  20. Set Me Free
  21. Punk Rock Outlaws
  22. Stand Still Blues
  23. Rich Girl  -  Bad Luck Charms
  24. Do Anything You Wanna Do  -  Business

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Gene Simmons   Composer
Mark Winkler   Composer
Jeff Dahl   Producer
Daryl Hall   Composer
Jim Foster   Composer
Whale   Producer
Adam Horovitz   Composer
Wayne Barrett   Composer
Mario Caldato   Composer
Pat Collier   Producer,Engineer
Graeme Douglas   Composer
Ed Hollis   Composer
Jim Vallance   Composer
Fitz   Producer
Mark Nathan   Engineer
Joe Deluca   Engineer
Sal Canzonieri   Composer
Tom Gajewski   Engineer
Jeff Murdock   Engineer
Mike   Engineer
Beef   Composer
Randy Burk   Engineer
Guitardogs   Composer
Scott "Watson" Lake   Engineer
Class Assassins   Composer
Alan Wrench   Engineer
Johnny Kray   Composer
Adam Yauch   Composer
Michael Diamond   Composer

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