Punk: The Worst of Total Anarchy, Vol. 2

Punk: The Worst of Total Anarchy, Vol. 2


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Disky Records

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  1. No More Heroes
  2. Alternative Ulster
  3. If the Kids Are United
  4. I'm Not a Fool
  5. Love Song
  6. This Is Not a Love Song  -  Public Image Ltd.
  7. Time's Up
  8. Stranglehold
  9. Outdoor Miner  -  Wire
  10. Wunderbar
  11. The Banana Splits (The Tra La La Song)
  12. Feeling Alright With the Crew
  13. Something That I Said
  14. Germ Free Adolescents
  15. Turning Japanese
  16. Rock & Roll High School

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

999   Track Performer
Buzzcocks   Track Performer
Damned   Track Performer
Dickies   Track Performer
Ramones   Track Performer
Ruts   Track Performer
Sham 69   Track Performer
Stiff Little Fingers   Track Performer
Stranglers   Track Performer
Wire   Track Performer
X-Ray Spex   Track Performer
Cockney Rejects   Track Performer
Tenpole Tudor   Track Performer
Vapors   Track Performer
U.K. Subs   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Ramones   Composer
Stiff Little Fingers   Composer
Keith Levene   Composer
Captain Sensible   Composer
Martin Atkins   Composer
Jet Black   Composer
Nick Cash   Composer
Guy Days   Composer
Dave Greenfield   Composer
John Lydon   Composer
Malcolm Owen   Composer
Dave Ruffy   Composer
Rat Scabies   Composer
Dave Vanian   Composer
Algy Ward   Composer
Hugh Cornwell   Composer
Gordon Ogilvie   Composer
John "Segs" Jennings   Composer
Jean Jacques Burnel   Composer
Paul Fox   Composer

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