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by Jeffrey Thomas
In the city they call Punktown, on a planet where a hundred sentient species collide, you can become a creator of clones. You can become a piece of performance art. You might even become a library of sorrows...


In the city they call Punktown, on a planet where a hundred sentient species collide, you can become a creator of clones. You can become a piece of performance art. You might even become a library of sorrows...

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Admirers of Jeffrey Thomas's acclaimed weird SF collection, Punktown (2000), will embrace this expanded edition, which adds eight stories and one poem to the original nine tales. Michael Marshall Smith provides an introduction. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Punktown 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jeffrey Thomas¿ is a grim, grimy, and enthralling world. A genre-busting collection, Punktown has cyberpunk and horror (even a touch of splatterpunk) in its lineage, and a compelling collection of tales merging a smattering of species on a faraway planet with the gritty, crumbling, degraded desperation of life in a huge megopolis slowly suffering the unstoppable enfeeblement of its advancing age. A future noir in its own vein. Thomas¿ stories bring life and death, excess and blight, triumph and failure to Punktown with a clear, sharp writing style. Punktown is not to be missed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Jeffrey Thomas' Punktown consists of nine elegant stories that jointly conduct a sometimes shocking, sometimes droll, sometimes sentimental tour of Thomas' own Interzone-like, Burroughsian metropolis ... Cross Punktown's city lines, by all means, but watch your step.' - Paul Di Filippo, Asimov's Science Fiction *** 'A dazzlingly complex and detailed future vision as poetic as it is horrifying, full of insights and images that cling to the mind.' - Ramsey Campbell *** 'Make no mistake, these are stories that shine a light on the darkest recesses of the soul. But through it all, Thomas manages to keep his readers focused on those inherent struggles that make us, above all else, human beings. Emotionally charged and fascinating.' - David B. Silva *** 'Thomas uses the tropes of SF in their more horrific mode to explore serious questions of art and life, of crime and punishment, of memory and identity, but he never forgets his obligation to give us vivid characters and lively tales.' - Brian McNaughton *** '[Punktown is] one of the most interesting places I've seen in a long time. Jeffrey Thomas has created a city so deeply textured and brutally cold that at times I wanted to turn away; but, like a car wreck on the side of the road, I couldn't. It fascinated me and gave me something that I had been looking for in good science fiction writing for a long time ... Thomas is a masterful storyteller. His use of language paints the reader into his stories and makes them feel, hear, smell and taste the city of Punktown. You can feel the pain and confusion of the characters as they struggle through their daily existence in a harsh, odd land ... I hoped going into Punktown that I would enjoy it, I just didn't know that it would offer up such an intelligent collection of science fiction that left me emotionally touched and scarred at the same time. Buy this book ... NOW!' - David G. Barnett, Midnight Hour *** 'Punktown is a powerful collection of short stories...' 'As in Dali's paintings, this is a tangible, three-dimensional world, with shadows and depth. Regardless of the species or origin of the characters or even whether they are robotic, they exhibit credible emotions and motivations. You can understand why they do what they do, and may empathize with them, regardless of whether they have non-human characteristics and abilities. The longer you stay, the more real this bizarre landscape feels...' 'Time and again, the author presents us with totally bizarre, futuristic, and alien sets of circumstances and then uses that situation to illuminate emotions and values, showing them as timeless and not just limited to humanity...' - Richard Seltzer