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Puppet Child

Puppet Child

4.8 8
by Talia Carner

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When the justice system fails her daughter, one courageous mother takes matters into her own hands. In a wrenching race against time, the safety of one child becomes entangled in the theatrics of family court, bottled-up family dynamics, media frenzy, and the pressure of the political machine


When the justice system fails her daughter, one courageous mother takes matters into her own hands. In a wrenching race against time, the safety of one child becomes entangled in the theatrics of family court, bottled-up family dynamics, media frenzy, and the pressure of the political machine

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A gut wrenching story of injustice, rescue and responsibility that grips you from Chapter One and never lets go. From its 'I can't believe I just read that' opening scene, Puppet Child delivers a gutsy heroine, a deliciously clueless and corrupt legal system, and suspense to the last page.

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Talia Carner
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My first novel, PUPPET CHILD, was listed in The Top 10 Favorite First Novels 2002 (BookBrowse.com) and won me an Outstanding Author Award (BookReviewCafe.com). It launched The Protective Parent Reform Act, a law now passed or under consideration in two dozens states and the platform for two State Senatorial candidate. The research into my second novel, CHINA DOLL, and the issue of infanticide in China became the platform for my presentation at the U.N. in 2007 about infanticide in China—the first ever in U.N. history. I've since published through HarperCollins JERUSALEM MAIDEN (winner Forward National Literature Award) and am looking forward to my next novel with them, HOTEL MOSCOW (summer 2015.) The digital versions of these novels are available directly through your specific servers. My award-winning personal essays appeared in The New York Times, Chocolate For Women anthologies [Simon & Schuster], Cup of Comfort [Adams Media] and The Best Jewish Writing 2003 (John Wiley & Son). Several of my short stories entered Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope’s Hall of Fame and were published in literary magazines such as Lynx Eye, River Sedge, Moxie, Lilith, Midstream, Rosebud, Confrontation and North Atlantic Review. My addictions include chocolate, ballet, Sudoku, hats—and social justice.

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Puppet Child 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Talia Carner in Puppet Child has given us an exceptionally realistic insight, albeit not a very pretty one of a mother's journey into hell. We are caught up in the trials and tribulations she faces as she attempts to protect her daughter from her husband and the childs father who is a sadistic pedophile. We as witnesses to these events which are unfolding before our eyes are powerless to intervene. We find ourselves unable to comprehend the unfairness of it all. Yet, this scenario is replayed each and every day . Just spend a day in the corridors and court rooms of our family courts and view first hand these horrors. Read Puppet Child. Mrs. Carner 's writing is graphic and yet poetic in its content and extremely insightful. Her verbal pallette is wonderful. She brings out too us in detail the childs great fear of her father and the very real reasons for this fear and how it impacts on this poor childs very being. I will look forward to her next novel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Though she works hard at her career, Rachel Belmore enjoys her job, but especially loves her two-year old baby Ellie and her highly regarded surgeon husband Wes. However, her idyllic life in Nassau County New York ends when she sees Wes ¿coaxing his penis into the baby¿s mouth¿ for what she now knows is not the first time. However, Wes is a pro at the game of illusion and quickly has the child welfare and legal system participants believing he is an innocent victim of a maniac whom never recovered from giving birth. As Ellie¿s behavior worsens, Rachel turns desperate to keep her baby safe from a pediophile who makes Machiavelli look like an amateur especially with Judge McGillian leaning towards giving full custody of Ellie to her publicly smooth father in Belmore vs. Belmore. This work is simplistic in terms of the characters as Wes is a predator manipulating the public relations process and the child welfare and legal systems while Rachel is an emotional wreck making errors as she learns the needed game to protect Ellie. The impact of the abuse and the court case are described on several levels, but especially the aftermath on the child as seen through the distraught filter of the mother. PUPPET CHILD is a powerful modern day social tale that pulls no punches as Talia Carner wastes no words to describe the pediophile and his clever machinations and the desperation of a lioness to keep her cub safe from a jungle of knowing do-gooders. This book is a powerhouse that opens ones eyes to the evil around them. Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
What a masterful tale! With a major plot with sub-plot weaved around it to combine a tapestry of the life of one courageous mother who seems to have no choice but forge ahead to save her daughter from the injustice inflicted upon her by a judge, Carner is treating the reader to a non-stop feast of events and emotions. This new author's lively, descriptive prose brings to life every scene, evey dialogue, every moment of high and low in this tale. Puppet Child is a the kind of book that stimulates a lively conversation. I will recommend it to my reading group.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Even I was convinced that it was NOT fiction for hours of reading . What a relief that it is ! This talented writer has taken a shunned subject of immense importance to our society and has woven a spellbinding can't- put -it -down -'til- it's- read image of every mother's worst nightmare - one many of us are forced by courts to live. Read it because you should. Read it because you WILL learn. Read it because you should care - childhood and motherhood have radically changed in our lifetimes and Talia Carner spellbindingly explains how. United for Justice recommends you BUY this one - and do our world a favor by buying a half dozen more for gifts for those you care about. Idelle Clarke
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one very difficult book to put down. The story is, to anyone who reads the newspapers, altogether too plausible; its urgency and the breadth of the injustice it profiles are compelling. The subject matter is admittedly grim-- child abuse, and the abuse by the court system of a mother seeking shelter for the child. However, Carner's writing is hopeful, and the story counterbalances its horrors with the warmth of positive relationships. It was not, for me, a depressing read; rather, it make me indignant about all that is wrong in our skewed justice system. I did find some of the coincidences in the book a bit too easy, but the story and its treatment easily overrode this minor complaint. Kudos to Carner for having the courage to write so compellingly about judicial injustice, and for infuriating us that it exists.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rachel Belmore's life shattered when she caught her husband sexually abusing her infant daughter, Ellie. Her husband was Dr. Wesley Belmore who was very well known and respected. From then on, it was battle-after-battle against the corrupted legal system.

Rachel would go to ANY lengths, and does, to protect her child from Wes, the pedophile.

***** Author Talia Carner has woven an intricate story from a sensitive subject that all parents fear! It showed the horrors, in detail, that many women have had to deal with, as well as, our judicial system that forces the mothers into failure and the children into the arms of their abusers. This situation happens more often than you would believe. Here is a book that shows the public why many women are currently in jail because they were forced to protect their children when the courts refused to.

From the amazing opening until the very last page, I was hooked! I often found myself holding my breath. I only wish I could have seen Ellie return and Wes be humiliated. I CANNOT say from where, how, when, or anything more without ruining the startling ending.

I hope MANY workers in our legal system reads this book! The author researched so well, that I had to remind myself that this was a work of fiction. Problem is, it really is happening out there! I strongly recommend this book to everyone. *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch.