Puppy Love is True Love if you're a Puppy

Puppy Love is True Love if you're a Puppy

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by Frank Josey

A short and true story, about love as a teenager.The experience causes the author to mature fast.


A short and true story, about love as a teenager.The experience causes the author to mature fast.

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Apart from "The Forgotten Heroes", which was a special project for a late friend, my e-publications' main theme to November 2011 is the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This powerful mental illness wreaks havoc on our society, a society that rarely understands the impact of this condition.


Sadly, the overuse of PTSD diagnosis has increased confusion and cynicism. I only address PTSD where SEVERE TRAUMA was experienced (battle weary soldiers or brutally abused children).

Let's stop euphemisms re most returned soldiers - THEY SUFFERED SHELL SHOCK OR BATTLE FATIGUE.

My PTSD was not caused by the "Puppy Love" experience, but from a brutal terror suffered by most children of returned soldiers who experienced the horror of combat (but were never treated for its effects). Thus, the baby boomer generation families still harbour many forbidden secrets.

Am I cured? In my case, the mental illness is managable, but still affects my day to day choices.

Many consider me a failure, I am now living proof that there is hope for PTSD sufferers, besides the alternative - suicide. I must emphasize that a top mental health professional must treat this crippling condition.

When the truth is revealed (the buried emotions rise to the surface), you will lose more "friends" than rats deserting a sinking ship. Many arrogant people have laughed at my financial and social demise (what goes around comes around).

For many of us, the attempt at a cure is worse than the ailment (reliving the trauma)- but if you persist, you'll be granted a second chance. A successful man goes from failure to failure but never gives up (Winston Churchill).

Self compassion, now THAT's a project PTSD sufferers can tackle. Until we forgive ourselves, we're just actors. Once we learn to truly respect and properly care for ourselves, then, and only then, can mature love for others develop.

Loneliness is an ever present challenge for PTSD sufferers. Loneliness is Western Society's biggest problem, Mother Teresa once said, responding to an arrogant reporter (who expected abortion to be Mother Teresa's response). Accept the loneliness, embrace it - it'll end in greater character within.


I enjoy drumming as a hobby, specializing in Big Band Jazz, Heavy Metal and Parade Drumming (Bagpipe Bands).

I am a Management Accountant, having graduated from Simon Fraser University Burnaby BC Canada.

I am over the hill but it's better than being under it.


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Puppy Love is True Love if you're a Puppy 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Brenna Hadder More than 1 year ago
Good? Noooooooo, weird. Sorry guys. I too, dont like bashing books but it rly doesnt have anything to do with puppies.
Carolyn Olortegui More than 1 year ago
Just a teen whos friend died
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He was heartbroken
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Frank was relaxing and listening to tune's when he came home from working. Ken called Frank and told him that Jill had died. She was hit by a car and she was thrown 100 feet. Jill was Frank's first girlfriend they never went on a date. They would talk on the phone and drinking coffee and soda. Luke was Jill's real girldfriend. Frank was one of the pall bearers in her wake and funeral. It was a sad novel. But I enjoyed it very much. ShelleyMA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago