Purcell: 'Tis Nature's Voice and Other Songs and Elegies

Purcell: 'Tis Nature's Voice and Other Songs and Elegies

by René Jacobs

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  1. Work(s)
  2. Music for a While (from "Oedipus"), song, Z. 583/2
  3. Retir'd from any mortal's sight (from "The History of King Richard II"), song, Z. 581/1
  4. Since from my dear Astrea's sight (from "Prophetess"), aria for soprano, Z. 627/App2
  5. Pious Celinda goes to prayers, song, Z. 410
  6. Incassum, Lesbia, incassum rogas (The Queen Epicedium), song, Z 383
  7. Ah! cruel nymph! you give despair for soprano & continuo, Z. 352
  8. The fatal hour comes on apace, song, Z. 421
  9. As Amoret and Thirsis lay, song (from "The Old Bachelor"), Z. 607/11
  10. Sweeter than roses (from "Pausanius"), song, Z. 585/1
  11. I lov'd fair Celia, song, Z. 381
  12. Young Thyrsis' fate, ye hills and groves, deplore (On the death of Thomas Farmer), song for soprano, bass & continuo, Z. 473

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