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Pure... Celtic


Sony Music's Pure... Celtic compilation features 60 tracks spread out over four discs. The term "Celtic" is loosely applied here, as for every Chieftains, Cherish the Ladies, or Clancy Brothers cut there's a straight-up pop song orSee more details below


Sony Music's Pure... Celtic compilation features 60 tracks spread out over four discs. The term "Celtic" is loosely applied here, as for every Chieftains, Cherish the Ladies, or Clancy Brothers cut there's a straight-up pop song or ballad from Sarah McLachlan or October Project, but fans of the more "new agey" side of the genre will find some gems amidst the usual non-cacophony of tracks from the likes of Clannad, Capercaillie, and James Galway.

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Disc 1

  1. Theme From Harry's Game  -  Clannad
  2. Molly Ban  -  Chieftains
  3. Angel  - Sarah McLachlan
  4. Cùchulainn's Last Battle  - Brian Dunning
  5. Brian Boru's March  - James Galway
  6. Servant To The Slave  -  Capercaillie
  7. Fields Of Gold  - Lisa Lynne
  8. A Place Among the Stones  - Davy Spillane
  9. Where You Are  -  October Project
  10. Stor Mo Chroí  - Mary McLaughlin
  11. You'll Never Walk Alone  - Finbar Wright
  12. Black Is The Colour  - Christy Moore
  13. Irish Rover  -  Clancy Brothers
  14. Thady Casey's Fancy/The Ladies Pantalettes/The Monaghan Twig/The Linen  -  Cherish the Ladies
  15. Foggy Dew  -  Young Dubliners

Disc 2

  1. Declan  - Jeff Beck
  2. Ay Fond Kiss  -  Fairground Attraction
  3. In A Lifetime  -  Clannad & Bono
  4. The Dragon's Breath  - David Arkenstone
  5. Moonchild  -  Celtus
  6. An Fharraige  - Moya Brennan
  7. St Patrick's Polka
  8. Rolling In The Barrel/Pinch Of Snuff/Vincent Campbell's/The Galloping H  -  Cherish the Ladies
  9. The Whinney Hills Jigs  -  Capercaillie
  10. By The River Shannon  - W.G. Snuffy Walden
  11. Waiting For The Wind  -  Cantara
  12. Rosemary Faire (Song Of Lughnasadh)  - Aine Minogue
  13. An Chúileann  - Incredible E.G. O'Reilly
  14. Finnegan's Wake  - Christy Moore
  15. Danny Boy  - Kate Smith

Disc 3

  1. Circle Of Joy  - Lisa Lynne
  2. Eirigh Suas A Stoirin  - Moya Brennan
  3. Carrickfergus  - Brian Kennedy
  4. Strathglass  - Phil Cunningham
  5. Cailleach's Whisper  - David Arkenstone
  6. The Rose Of Tralee  -  Nightnoise
  7. The Curragh Of Kildare  -  Cherish the Ladies
  8. Whisper A Prayer To The Moon  - Eleanor McEvoy
  9. Robin (The Hooded Man)  -  Clannad
  10. Natasha  - Sally Oldfield
  11. Forever Frozen  - Davy Spillane
  12. Coisich, A Rùin  -  Capercaillie
  13. Haste To The Wedding/The Irish Washerwoman  -  Gallowglass Ceili Band
  14. I'll Tell Me Ma  - Roger Whittaker
  15. Will Ye Go, Lassie Go  - Finbar Wright

Disc 4

  1. Opening Medley  -  Chieftains
  2. Rocky Road To Dublin  -  Young Dubliners
  3. Deep As You Go  -  October Project
  4. Strange Day In The Country  -  Celtus
  5. Fallen  - Sarah McLachlan
  6. Silence  - Aine Minogue
  7. I Will Find You  -  Clannad
  8. Keening Of The Three Marys  - William Coulter
  9. Caoineadh Na Mara/Amen  - Mary McLaughlin
  10. The Shores Of The Swilly  - Phil Coulter
  11. Way Of The Warrior  - Brian Dunning
  12. Beeswing  - Christy Moore
  13. The Leaving Of Liverpool  -  Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem
  14. Crowley's/Jackson's (Reels)  - Eileen Ivers
  15. Pennywhistle Jig  - James Galway

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Capercaillie   Composer
Cherish the Ladies   Composer
Dónal Lunny   Composer,Producer
Christy Moore   Composer
Henry Mancini   Composer
David Arkenstone   Composer
Nightnoise   Composer
Fairground Attraction   Composer
Sting   Composer
Richard Thompson   Composer
James Galway   Composer
Brian Kennedy   Composer
Sarah McLachlan   Composer
Sally Oldfield   Composer
Phil Coulter   Composer
William Coulter   Composer
S. Martland   Composer
Eileen Ivers   Composer
Emil Adler   Composer
Greg Boland   Composer
Ciaran Brennan   Composer
Paul Brennan   Composer
Sonny Condell   Composer
Mary Coogan   Composer
William Cooper   Composer
Brian Dunning   Composer
Julie Flanders   Composer
Donna Long   Composer
Manus Lunny   Composer
Joanie Madden   Composer
Calum Malcolm   Producer
Paddy Moloney   Composer
Don Markese   Composer
Blair Masters   Composer
John McManus   Composer
Pat McManus   Composer
David Sabatino   Composer
Declan Sinnott   Composer
Davy Spillane   Composer
Young Dubliners   Composer
Eleanor McEvoy   Composer
Aine Minogue   Composer
Siobhan Egan   Composer
Mary McLaughlin   Composer
George Tortorelli   Composer
W.G. Snuffy Walden   Composer
Phil Cunningham   Composer
Carlos Núñez   Composer
Joseph Young   Composer
Todd Denman   Composer
Paul Bateman   Composer
Lisa Lynne   Composer
Mary Barton   Composer
Jorane   Composer
Moya Brennan   Composer
Bernd Hoffmann   Composer
Frederick Edward Weatherly   Composer
O'Reilly   Composer
Charles W. Glover   Composer
P. Clancy   Composer
T. Makem   Composer
T. Clancy   Composer
Robbie Burns   Composer
Samuel Lewis   Composer
Barber   Composer
Carol Worthy   Composer
Dick Rich   Composer
Deirdre Brennan   Composer
Mark Rafferty   Composer
Paddy Moroney   Composer

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