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Pure... Hard Rock


Pure... Hard Rock collects 68 original hits featuring Alice Cooper ("Poison"), Deep Purple ("Smoke on the Water"), Boston ("More Than a Feeling"), Quiet Riot ("Cum on Feel the Noize"), …  See more details below


Pure... Hard Rock collects 68 original hits featuring Alice Cooper ("Poison"), Deep Purple ("Smoke on the Water"), Boston ("More Than a Feeling"), Quiet Riot ("Cum on Feel the Noize"), Molly Hatchet ("Flirtin' with Disaster"), and Journey ("Wheel in the Sky"). Tracks by Warrant, Journey, Judas Priest, Ratt, and Ted Nugent are also included on this four-disc compilation.

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Sony Uk


Disc 1

  1. Poison  - Alice Cooper
  2. Living After Midnight  -  Judas Priest
  3. The Cross  -  Scorpions
  4. Satch Boogie  - Joe Satriani
  5. Scream Aim Fire  -  Bullet for My Valentine
  6. Chop Suey!  -  System of a Down
  7. I Hate Everything About You  -  Three Days Grace
  8. More Than a Feeling  -  Boston
  9. Bat out of Heil  - Meat Loaf
  10. Cum On Feel the Noize  -  Quiet Riot
  11. Over the Edge  -  Ratt
  12. The Final Countdown  -  Europe
  13. When I Look Into Your Eyes  -  Firehouse
  14. Flirtin' With Disaster  -  Molly Hatchet
  15. Running Out  -  Pretty Maids
  16. In For the Count  -  Balance
  17. Smoke On the Water  -  Deep Purple

Disc 2

  1. Hellraiser  -  Motörhead
  2. Cherry Pie  -  Warrant
  3. Girlschool  -  Britny Fox
  4. Godzilla  -  Blue Öyster Cult
  5. Wheel In the Sky  -  Journey
  6. Hallowed Land  -  Paradise Lost
  7. Make It Right  -  Anathema
  8. Beautiful Day  -  3 Colours Red
  9. Twinkle  -  Whipping Boy
  10. Feathers  -  Coheed and Cambria
  11. That Girl  -  FM
  12. Up Around the Bend  -  Hanoi Rocks
  13. When You See the Sun  -  Jason Bonham Band
  14. Here Comes the War  -  New Model Army
  15. Easy To Smile  -  Senseless Things
  16. Alone  -  Suicidal Tendencies
  17. Freak On a Leash  -  Korn

Disc 3

  1. Barracuda  -  Heart
  2. Theme from M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)  -  Manic Street Preachers
  3. Love Rears Its Ugly Head  -  Living Colour
  4. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck  -  Prong
  5. Bad Horsie  - Steve Vai
  6. Harvest  -  Opeth
  7. Over You  -  Daughtry
  8. The River  -  Live
  9. When I See You Smile  -  Bad English
  10. Kiss Me Deadly  - Lita Ford
  11. All Fired Up  -  Fastway
  12. Brand New Hate  -  Backyard Babies
  13. I Survive  -  Terraplane
  14. Naughty Naughty  -  Danger Danger
  15. Hold the Line  -  Toto
  16. Cat Scratch Fever  - Ted Nugent
  17. Search and Destroy  -  Iggy & the Stooges

Disc 4

  1. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous  -  Good Charlotte
  2. Girl All the Bad Guys Want  -  Bowling for Soup
  3. Teenage Dirtbag  -  Wheatus
  4. Someday  -  Zebrahead
  5. Happy?  -  Mudvayne
  6. Immigrant Song  -  Infectious Grooves
  7. Stop the Rock  -  Apollo 440
  8. Once Bitten, Twice Shy  -  Great White
  9. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
  10. Stay  -  Giant
  11. Teas'n, Pleas'n  -  Dangerous Toys
  12. Turn Up the Radio  -  Autograph
  13. Ain't Comin' Home  -  Silvertide
  14. Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?  -  Love Hate
  15. Cold  -  Crossfade
  16. Three Little Pigs  -  Green Jelly
  17. Hard Rock Hallelujah  -  Lordi

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Alice Cooper   Composer
John Fogerty   Composer
Ian Gillan   Composer
Ian Hunter   Composer
Ted Nugent   Composer
Ozzy Osbourne   Composer
Jimmy Page   Composer
Robert Plant   Composer
Iggy Pop   Composer
Joe Satriani   Composer
Neal Schon   Composer
Steve Vai   Composer
Ritchie Blackmore   Composer
Danny Joe Brown   Composer
Desmond Child   Composer
Robert Fleischman   Composer
Roger Glover   Composer
Nick Holmes   Composer
Jon Lord   Composer
Jim Steinman   Composer
Green Jelly   Composer
Roger Fisher   Composer
Ronnie Atkins   Composer
Andy Barnett   Composer
Jason Bonham   Composer
Scott Dalhover   Composer
Terry Date   Composer
Dean Davidson   Composer
Jonathan Davis   Composer
Warren DeMartini   Composer
Michael DeRosier   Composer
Jerry Dixon   Composer
K.K. Downing   Composer
Marti Frederiksen   Composer
Mark Geary   Composer
Rob Halford   Composer
Ken Hammer   Composer
Rob Heaton   Composer
Dave Hlubek   Composer
Steven Isham   Composer
Matthias Jabs   Composer
Doug Katsaros   Composer
Ed Kowalczyk   Composer
Jani Lane   Composer
Stephen Lynch   Composer
Johnny Mandel   Composer
John McCurry   Composer
Luke Morley   Composer
Mike Muir   Composer
Paul Page   Composer
Ian Paice   Composer
David Paich   Composer
Ted Parsons   Composer
Stephen Pearcy   Composer
Spencer Proffer   Vocal Arrangements
Randy Rand   Composer
Bruno Ravel   Composer
Vernon Reid   Composer
Keni Richards   Composer
Donald Roeser   Composer
Jerry Shirley   Composer
Steven Sweet   Composer
Joey Tempest   Composer
Banner Thomas   Composer
Glenn Tipton   Composer
Eric Turner   Composer
Butch Walker   Composer
Diane Warren   Composer
Ann Wilson   Composer
Zakk Wylde   Composer
Mike Kirkland   Composer
Bill Leverty   Composer
Justin Sullivan   Composer
James Williamson   Composer
Mark Keds   Composer
Joey Allen   Composer
Nancy Wilson   Composer
Noko   Composer
Tommy Victor   Composer
James Schaffer   Composer
Brian Welch   Composer
Mikael Åkerfeldt   Composer
Fearghal McKee   Composer
David Silveria   Composer
Mick Smiley   Composer
Pete Vuckovic   Composer
Daron Malakian   Composer
Serj Tankian   Composer
Ali Tabatabaee   Composer
Kevin J. Frank   Composer
Dregen   Composer
Myles McDonnell   Composer
Lemmy Kilmister   Composer
Greg Bergdorf   Composer
Justin Mauriello   Composer
Ben Osmundson   Composer
T. Gray   Composer
Gavin Brown   Composer
Brendan Brown   Composer
Peter Nelson   Composer
Coheed and Cambria   Composer
Brian Weaver   Composer
Jaret Reddick   Composer
Three Days Grace   Composer
Brian Howes   Composer
Ed Sloan   Composer
Walt Lafty   Composer
Nick Perri   Composer
Neville Holder   Composer
Claudio Sanchez   Composer
Mark Melchiorre   Composer
Ryan Martinie   Composer
Matt McDonough   Composer
Greg Tribbett   Composer
Chris Daughtry   Composer
Chad Gray   Composer
J. Hendrix   Composer
Tom Scholz   Composer
James Lea   Composer
J. Stuart   Composer
J. Madden   Composer
B. Madden   Composer
Mr.Lordi   Composer
James Michael   Composer
Mike Altman   Composer
Reginald Arvizu   Composer
H. Gray   Composer
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Dianne Valory   Composer
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Greg Mackintosh   Composer
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Peter Jupp   Composer
B. Kulick   Composer
Timothy Trembly   Composer
Michael Watson   Composer
Ed Udhusi   Composer
Mervyn Golodsworth   Composer
Mark Levinthal   Composer
Todd Jeremias   Composer

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