Pure... Hip-Hop

Pure... Hip-Hop

Like the other Pure… sets, Pure... Hip-Hop is a cheaply priced four-disc box set that is heavy on hits, while there are plenty of deeper -- but smartly chosen -- cuts as well. This one spans the '80s, '90s, and 2000s. It's led by Cypress Hill's "How I Could Just Kill a Man," Special Ed's "I Got It


Like the other Pure… sets, Pure... Hip-Hop is a cheaply priced four-disc box set that is heavy on hits, while there are plenty of deeper -- but smartly chosen -- cuts as well. This one spans the '80s, '90s, and 2000s. It's led by Cypress Hill's "How I Could Just Kill a Man," Special Ed's "I Got It Made," Too Short's "Life Is Too Short," Goodie Mob's "Cell Therapy," OutKast's "So Fresh, So Clean," and Clipse's "When the Last Time." There are a couple stylistic outliers, like Ini Kamoze and Zhane, but it still offers a useful, if somewhat random, assortment of rap singles.

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Disc 1

  1. Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem)
  2. So Fresh, So Clean
  3. Insane In The Brain
  4. Can I Kick It?
  5. C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)
  6. The Message
  7. Keep It Thoro
  8. Love vs. Hate
  9. Put It On
  10. Cell Therapy
  11. Mr. Me Too
  12. Hood Hop
  13. Rock Dis Funky Joint
  14. I'm Hot
  15. Short Texas
  16. Knockin' Boots
  17. It's Tricky

Disc 2

  1. Fu-Gee-La
  2. I'm Not a Player
  3. Shake Ya Ass
  4. "X"
  5. Lord Give Me a Sign
  6. 357
  7. Trans DF Express
  8. Don't Forget Em
  9. True Fuschnick
  10. Let the Rhythm Take You
  11. Funkdafied
  12. Take a Lick
  13. Oochie Wally
  14. Only When I'm Drunk
  15. Life Is...Too Short
  16. Ya Don't Stop
  17. Jazz Thing

Disc 3

  1. Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)
  2. How I Could Just Kill a Man
  3. Blue Angels
  4. Hip Hop
  5. Fast Life
  6. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
  7. It's My Beat
  8. Magic's Wand
  9. Hey Mr. D.J.
  10. Award Tour
  11. Rock On
  12. I Used to Love H.E.R.
  13. Hope I Don't Go Back
  14. A.M. to P.M.
  15. One for The Road
  16. Let's Talk About It
  17. My Way (Doin' It)

Disc 4

  1. Walk This Way
  2. Nas Is Like
  3. Like You
  4. MC's Act Like They Don't Know
  5. Shook Ones, Pt. 2
  6. When the Last Time
  7. Here Comes the Hot Stepper
  8. No Pigeons
  9. Tonite
  10. I Got It Made
  11. My Philosophy
  12. Iron Maiden
  13. Chop Chop
  14. Back to the Hotel
  15. Black Connection
  16. Freek-A-Leek
  17. Perfect Gentleman

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Special Ed   Composer
Jimmy McCracklin   Composer
Thomas Dolby   Composer
Ernie Isley   Composer
Chris Kenner   Composer
Ralph Tresvant   Composer
Maurice White   Composer
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Mike Post   Composer
Candyman   Composer
Da Brat   Composer
Ant Banks   Composer
John Bettis   Composer
Brett Bouldin   Composer
Pete Carpenter   Composer
Luigi Creatore   Composer
DJ Quik   Arranger
Jermaine Dupri   Composer
Kenny Gamble   Composer
Howie Tee   Composer
Marvin Isley   Composer
O'Kelly Isley   Composer
Ronald Isley   Composer
Rudolph Isley   Composer
Albert Johnson   Composer
Joseph Jones   Composer
Ini Kamoze   Composer
Hugo Peretti   Composer
Darryl McDaniels   Composer
Muggs   Arranger
Ali Shaheed Muhammad   Composer
Organized Noize   Composer
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Jerrell Jones   Composer
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Finger Prints   Composer
Earl Thomason   Composer
Dexter Mills   Composer
Cameron Gipp   Composer
True Masters   Arranger
Scott Storch   Composer

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