Pure Punk Rock

Pure Punk Rock

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Punkcore Records


  1. Punk Rock Love @@Casualities
  2. For the Punx @@Casualities
  3. Who's in Control? @@Casualities
  4. Rejected and Unwanted @@Casualities
  5. Fight for Your Life @@Casualities
  6. Full Circle  -  Virus
  7. Rats in the City  -  Virus
  8. Terrorist Attack  -  Defiance
  9. All Systems Fail  -  Varukers
  10. No Hope of a Future  -  Varukers
  11. Still Screaming @@Self Destruct
  12. Out in the Dark  -  Global Threat
  13. All We Really Own  -  Global Threat
  14. Unseen  -  Countdown
  15. One Sided Society  -  Devotchkas
  16. Wicked Heart  -  Devotchkas
  17. Just Like Clockwork  -  Lower Class Brats
  18. Airwave Raid  -  Lower Class Brats
  19. Ultra Violence  -  Lower Class Brats
  20. Just Exist  -  Clit 45

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Pure Punk Rock 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you're just getting into old school/street punk it would do you good to pick up this comp. If you already known and own albums by these bands, it's still cheap enough that you could buy it as a premade mix tape. Just hit shuffle.