Pure Swing [Universal 2010]

Pure Swing [Universal 2010]


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Considering the increasing foray into dance music by the likes of Black Eyed Peas and Usher, it can be easy to forget that R&B hasn't always been dominated by electro beats, Auto-Tuned vocals and layers of synths. Indeed, the late-'80s and early-'90s urban scene was ruled by funky basslines, hip-hop rhythms, andSee more details below


Considering the increasing foray into dance music by the likes of Black Eyed Peas and Usher, it can be easy to forget that R&B hasn't always been dominated by electro beats, Auto-Tuned vocals and layers of synths. Indeed, the late-'80s and early-'90s urban scene was ruled by funky basslines, hip-hop rhythms, and soulful harmonies in a subgenre also known as New Jack Swing. An already successful compilation series, Pure Swing compiles the best tracks from its five '90s albums to produce a retrospective of the music that introduced the world to En Vogue, Mary J. Blige, and Boyz II Men, to name a few. As the producer credited for creating its unique sound, it's inevitable that Pure Swing has Teddy Riley's stamp written all over it, not only as an artist as part of Guy, Blackstreet, and his duet with Tammy Lucas, but also as a producer on tracks from Wreckx-N-Effect, Heavy D and the Boyz, and Bobby Brown. However, aside from the Tupac-sampling "Don't Leave Me," his contributions are by no means the standouts. From Disc One, Adina Howard's feisty "Freak Like Me," Montell Jordan's huge party anthem "This Is How We Do It," and Shanice's gloriously uplifting "I Love Your Smile" provide the highlights, as do Sounds of Blackness' gospel-inspired "I'm Going All the Way," Pebbles' infectious "Girlfriend," and Brandy's sultry slow jam "I Wanna Be Down," from the second disc. The third disc selections fopcus on the likes of Johnny Gill, Aaron Hall, and Tevin Campbell, who may be less familiar to U.K. audiences, but these inclusions certainly don't lessen the album's quality, with Jodeci's raunchy "Freek'n You," Soul for Real's Jackson 5-inspired "Candy Rain," and Shai's "If I Ever Fall in Love" (later a hit for Gabrielle and East 17) among the hidden gems. However, despite featuring 52 tracks, there are several notable omissions. R. Kelly, arguably the genre's most successful star, is only represented by his production of Changing Faces' "Stroke You Up," while TLC, Aaliyah, and Janet Jackson, responsible for some of the era's biggest hits, are also ignored. Pure Swing isn't as comprehensive or as hit-laden as similar recently released Essential '90s R&B anthems, but featuring both iconic tracks and lesser-known U.S. hits, it still provides an intriguing and exciting introduction to a classic and under-rated genre.

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Disc 1

  1. Don't Be Cruel  - Bobby Brown
  2. U Blow My Mind  -  Blackstreet
  3. Real Love  - Mary J. Blige
  4. Every Little Thing I Do  -  Soul for Real
  5. Don't Walk Away  -  Jade
  6. One for the Money  - Horace Brown
  7. Whatta Man  -  En Vogue
  8. I Like  -  Guy
  9. Now That We Found Love  - Heavy D
  10. Forget I Was a "G"  -  Whitehead Bros.
  11. This Is How We Do It  - Montell Jordan
  12. I Wanna Sex You Up  -  Color Me Badd
  13. I Love Your Smile  -  Shanice
  14. Freak Me  -  Silk
  15. Freak Like Me  - Adina Howard
  16. Sensitivity  - Ralph Tresvant
  17. Sugar Honey Ice Tea  -  Goodfellaz
  18. Optimistic  -  Sounds of Blackness

Disc 2

  1. Motownphilly  -  Boyz II Men
  2. Poison  -  Bell Biv DeVoe
  3. Every Little Step  - Bobby Brown
  4. Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz  - Montell Jordan
  5. I Wanna Be Down  -  Brandy
  6. I'm Going All the Way  -  Sounds of Blackness
  7. Rump Shaker  -  Wreckx-N-Effect
  8. My Prerogative  - Bobby Brown
  9. Is It Good to You  - Tammy Lucus
  10. Lisa Baby  - Father MC
  11. Her  -  Guy
  12. Rub You the Right Way  - Johnny Gill
  13. I Want Her  - Keith Sweat
  14. Girlfriend  -  Pebbles
  15. We Got Our Own Thang  - Heavy D
  16. She's Mine  - Pete Rock
  17. Something About You  -  New Edition
  18. Taste Your Love  - Horace Brown
  19. Roses Are Red  -  McCampbell Brothers

Disc 3

  1. Feenin'  -  Jodeci
  2. Candy Rain  -  Soul for Real
  3. Don't Leave  -  Blackstreet
  4. All The Things (Your Man Won't Do)  -  Joe
  5. G Spot  - Wayne Marshall
  6. Freek'n You  -  Jodeci
  7. My Body  -  Levert Sweat Gill
  8. Stroke You Up  -  Changing Faces
  9. Can We Talk  - Tevin Campbell
  10. My, My, My  - Johnny Gill
  11. Steelo  -  702
  12. Come & Talk to Me  -  Jodeci
  13. If I Ever Fall in Love  -  Shai
  14. Your Love Is a 187  -  Whitehead Bros.
  15. I Miss You  - Aaron Hall

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Babyface   Composer
Keith Sweat   Composer
Betty Wright   Composer
Dennis Coffey   Composer
Bunny DeBarge   Composer
Kenny Whitehead   Composer
Shanice   Composer
Dr. Dre   Composer
Bobby Brown   Composer
Aaron Hall   Composer
Snoop Dogg   Composer
Craig Mack   Composer
R. Kelly   Composer
Darrell "Delite" Allamby   Composer
Karen Anderson   Composer
Jarvis la Rue Baker   Composer
Easy Mo Bee   Composer
Robert "Kool" Bell   Composer
Vassal Benford   Composer
Michael Bivins   Composer
Bootsy Collins   Composer
Edie Brickell   Composer
Lincoln Browder   Composer
Horace Brown   Composer
Kenny Burrell   Composer
John Bush   Composer
Raymond Calhoun   Composer
Gregory Cauthen   Composer
George Clinton   Composer
Keith Crouch   Composer
DJ Premier   Composer
Aqil Davidson   Composer
DeBarge   Composer
Randy DeBarge   Composer
Constance Durden   Composer
Kenny Gamble   Composer
Junior Giscombe   Composer
Gene Griffin   Composer
Dave Hollister   Composer
Leon Huff   Composer
Jimmy Jam   Composer
Kipper Jones   Composer
Kevin Keane   Composer
Terry Lewis   Composer
Peter Lord   Composer
Narada Michael Walden   Composer
Robert "Spike" Mickens   Composer
Mark Morales   Composer
Nathan Morris   Composer
Roy Murray   Composer
Oji Pierce   Composer
Doug Rasheed   Composer
Markell Riley   Composer
Teddy Riley   Composer
Terri Robinson   Composer
Mark Rooney   Composer
Daryl Simmons   Composer
Vernon Smith   Composer
Ronald Spearman   Composer
Shawn Stockman   Composer
Hamish Stuart   Composer
Joshua Thompson   Composer
Joni Tolbert   Composer
Ricky Walters   Composer
Richard Westfield   Composer
David Wynn   Composer
Montell Jordan   Composer
Gary Hines   Composer
James Harris   Composer
Loren Hill   Composer
Owen McIntyre   Composer
Dave Crawford   Composer
Kelvin Bradshaw   Composer
Curtis Durden   Composer
Lloyd Turner   Composer
Carl "Groove" Martin   Composer
Ann Bennett-Nesby   Composer
Elliot Straite   Composer
Pharrell Williams   Composer
Malik Taylor   Composer
Michele Williams   Composer
Kenny Boreland   Composer
Roosevelt Harrell   Composer
Cheryl "Salt" James   Composer
Kim Spikes   Composer
Darrell Adams   Composer
John Davis   Composer
Walter Scott   Composer
Heavy D   Composer
Willie Clarke   Composer
Mark Valentine   Composer
Charles Clark   Composer
Bob Carter   Composer
Ronald Nathan Bell   Composer
Lana Moorer   Composer
Dave "Jam" Hall   Composer
Joe Thomas   Composer
Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott   Composer
Kirk Robinson   Composer
Chad Elliott   Composer
Johnathan   Artwork
Timothy Brown   Composer
John House   Composer
Herby "Luv Bug" Azor   Composer
George Melvin Brown   Composer
Samuel J. Barnes   Composer
Dennis Ronald Thomas   Composer
DeLouie Avant   Composer
George Pearson   Composer
George Brown   Composer
Timothy Gatling   Composer
Buttnaked "Tim Dawg"   Composer
Richard Allen Westfield   Composer
Robert Earl Bell   Composer
Michael Theodore   Composer
Eugene Hanes   Composer
Errol Johnson   Composer
Donald Boyce   Composer
Edward Riley   Composer
Dwight Myers   Composer
Kenneth Withrow   Composer
Bakardi D. Wildcat   Composer
Sylvester Jackson   Composer
Dennis Thomas   Composer
Donald Degrate   Composer
Gary Lee Cooper   Composer
Antonio "L.A." Reid   Composer
Claydes Smith   Composer
Anton Hollins   Composer
Andrae Hannibal   Composer
Muhammad   Composer
James Quenton Wright   Composer
Walter "Mucho" Chauncey   Composer
Richard Martin   Composer
Oji Pearce   Composer
Cornelius Brown   Composer
Richard Iverson   Composer
Livo Harris   Composer
Alan Aly   Composer
Mark Alton   Composer
Alia Carter   Composer
Austin Dallas   Composer

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