Purple Delicious Blackberry Jam

Purple Delicious Blackberry Jam

by Lisa Westberg Peters, Barbara McGregor

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Two upper-crust urchins, Muff and Freddy, discover how challenging jam-making can be when they try to revive an old-fashioned tradition. After talking Grandma into going berry-picking, they learn that preparing the treat involves thorny bushes, swarms of mosquitoes, green inchworms and--messiest of all--cooking blackberry juice and waiting for it to cool. Although these kids seem too storybook-perfect to get their hands dirty, purple goo ends up all over them--and even on their wiggly pet dachshund--before the jam is ready to eat. Peters ( The Sun, the Wind, and the Rain ; Water's Way ) knows whereof she writes, but her tale seems rather pedestrian: perhaps because of the plot's limitations, readers' interest here will be minimal. McGregor supplies stylish, swooping line drawings in pastel hues. Grandma appears contemporary despite her gray hair and frumpy apron; pert Muff and cherubic Freddy retain a genteel air even at their sloppiest. A tepid, white-bread look at a pastoral pursuit. Ages 4-8. (Sept.)
Hazel Rochman
In a delightfully comic story with words and pictures full of character, slapstick, and funny reversals, two children nag their crotchety grandmother to make blackberry jam. They go blackberry picking (she picks and they play); they mash and smash the berries, squirting little blops of juice all over the kitchen; the juice finally cooks up, and Grandma confidently fills the clean jars with frothy liquid; then there's the cleanup ("walls, floors, spoons, pans, Grandma's cheeks, and kid's hands--all purple"). That night the jars of jam are cool, and they prepare their toast--but the jam's a disaster, all soupy and drippy. Grandma, who knew she should never have made jam, sags at the table, exhausted, until the kids find a delicious use for the messy liquid. McGregor's cartoon-style illustrations in pen and watercolor dance across the pages, as messy and warm as the story, and all the generations will appreciate the reversal of the stereotype of competent, wise, domestic granny in touch with the old cottage crafts.

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Arcade Publishing
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1st ed
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9.33(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.35(d)
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5 - 8 Years

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