The Purple Pussycat

The Purple Pussycat

by Margaret Hillert, Krystyna Stasiak

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Reading Levels vary with each set, but range from 1.0 - 1.5.


Reading Levels vary with each set, but range from 1.0 - 1.5.

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Children's Literature - Melissa A. Brown
In this Beginning-to-Read book, the author tells the story of a stuffed pussycat's nocturnal adventures while its child sleeps. After cleaning up his toys, the young boy in the story takes the pussycat to bed. As soon as the boy sleeps, the pussycat begins his exploration. Pussycat teases the family pet (some type of rodent in a cage) because he is on his way out and the pet is stuck in the cage. Outside, pussycat sees the moon, watches baby bunnies playing, runs and jumps with his shadow, watches an owl chase a field mouse, sees a raccoon catch a fish, and observes a mama opossum with three young ones on her back. As the sun rises, Pussycat sneaks back into bed just in time to be awakened by the child who is now ready to play. Children will enjoy the brightly colored and attractive pictures. The pussycat himself is purple with red spots. The book uses repetition and a list of fifty-eight common sight words to help reinforce reading. There are exercises at the back of the book to help parents and teachers question children about their reading.

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Silver Burdett Press
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Follett Just Beginning-To-Read-Book

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