Una vida con propósito: Para qué estoy aquí en la tierra? [NOOK Book]


Rick Warren, reconocido autor de Una Iglesia con propósito ganador del premio SEPA como «Libro del Año», El poder de transformar su vida y Respuestas a las dificultades de la vida, plantea ahora un nuevo reto al creyente que quiere alcanzar una vida cristiana victoriosa. La obra enfoca la edificación del individuo como parte integral del proceso formador del cuerpo de Cristo. Cada ser humano tiene algo que le inspira, motiva o impulsa a actuar a través de su existencia. Y eso es lo que usted descubrirá en las ...
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Una vida con propósito: Para qué estoy aquí en la tierra?

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Rick Warren, reconocido autor de Una Iglesia con propósito ganador del premio SEPA como «Libro del Año», El poder de transformar su vida y Respuestas a las dificultades de la vida, plantea ahora un nuevo reto al creyente que quiere alcanzar una vida cristiana victoriosa. La obra enfoca la edificación del individuo como parte integral del proceso formador del cuerpo de Cristo. Cada ser humano tiene algo que le inspira, motiva o impulsa a actuar a través de su existencia. Y eso es lo que usted descubrirá en las páginas de Una vida con propósito.

Rick Warren ha sido inspirado por el Señor para ayudarnos a vivir centrados en el propósito de Dios para nosotros. Dios nos diseñó para vivir como hombres y mujeres de propósito. Al leer este libro, no sólo se le abrirán los ojos en cuanto al propósito de Dios para su vida, sino encontrará guías prácticas que le ayudarán a cumplir con ese propósito.

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Editorial Reviews

From Barnes & Noble

In this expanded Libros edition of his resilient bestseller The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren answers life's core question: What on earth am I here for?

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780829762815
  • Publisher: Vida
  • Publication date: 11/20/2012
  • Language: Spanish
  • Series: Purpose Driven Life
  • Sold by: Zondervan Publishing
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 368
  • Sales rank: 200,530
  • File size: 3 MB

Meet the Author

Rick Warren
Rick Warren es pastor, estratega global, teólogo y filántropo. Los medios le llaman “El líder espiritual más influyente de América” y “El pastor de América”. Él y su esposa, Kay, fundaron la Iglesia Saddleback en California, una propiedad de 120 acres con más de 300 ministerios comunitarios de ayuda a prisioneros, adictos y padres solteros, entre otros. Como estratega global, el Dr. Warren asesora a líderes en sectores públicos, privados y religiosos en temas de pobreza, salud, educación, la fe en la cultura y desarrollo de liderazgo. Es invitado a dictar conferencias en congresos y agencias estatales como las Naciones Unidas y es catedrático en diferentes universidades. El Dr. Warren es autor de varios libros, incluyendo el éxito de ventas Vida con Propósito.
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Read an Excerpt

Vida Con Proposito, Una

What on Earth Am I Doing Here?

By Rick Warren Vida Publishers

Copyright © 2003 Rick Warren
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780829737868

Chapter One


Getting the Most from This Book

This is more than a book; it is a guide to a 40-day spiritual journey that will enable you to discover the answer to life's most important question: What on earth am I here for? By the end of this journey you will know God's purpose for your life and will understand the big picture-how all the pieces of your life fit together. Having this perspective will reduce your stress, simplify your decisions, increase your satisfaction, and, most important, prepare you for eternity.

Your Next 40 Days

Today the average life span is 25,550 days. That's how long you will live if you are typical. Don't you think it would be a wise use of time to set aside 40 of those days to figure out what God wants you to do with the rest of them?

The Bible is clear that God considers 40 days a spiritually significant time period. Whenever God wanted to prepare someone for his purposes, he took 40 days:

Noah's life was transformed by 40 days of rain.

Moses was transformed by 40 days on Mount Sinai.

The spies were transformed by 40 days in the Promised Land.

David wastransformed by Goliath's 40-day challenge.

Elijah was transformed when God gave him 40 days of
strength from a single meal.

The entire city of Nineveh was transformed when God gave
the people 40 days to change.

Jesus was empowered by 40 days in the wilderness.

The disciples were transformed by 40 days with Jesus after
his resurrection.

The next 40 days will transform your life.

This book is divided into 40 brief chapters. I strongly urge you to read only one chapter a day, so you will have time to think about the implications for your life. The Bible says, "Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do."

One reason most books don't transform us is that we are so eager to read the next chapter, we don't pause and take the time to seriously consider what we have just read. We rush to the next truth without reflecting on what we have learned.

Don't just read this book. Interact with it. Underline it. Write your own thoughts in the margins. Make it your book. Personalize it! The books that have helped me most are the ones that I reacted to, not just read.

Four Features to Help You

At the end of each chapter is a section called "Thinking about My Purpose." There you will find:

A Point to Ponder. This is a nugget of truth that summarizes
a principle of purpose-driven living that you can reflect on
throughout your day. Paul told Timothy, "Reflect on what I
am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this."

A Verse to Remember. This is a Bible verse that teaches a
truth from that chapter. If you really want to improve your
life, memorizing Scripture may be the most important habit
you can begin. You can either copy these verses onto small
cards to carry with you, or purchase a Purpose-Driven Life
Scripture and Affirmation Pack

A Question to Consider. These questions will help you
think about the implications of what you have read and how
it applies to you personally. Let me encourage you to write
your answers in the margin of this book or in a notebook, or
obtain a copy of The Purpose-Driven Life Journal, a
companion book designed for this purpose. Writing down
your thoughts is the best way to clarify them.

In appendix 1 you will find:

Discussion Questions. I strongly urge you to get one or more friends to join you in reading this book during the next 40 days. A journey is always better when it is shared. With a partner or a small reading group you can discuss what you read and bounce ideas off each other. This will help you grow stronger and deeper spiritually. Real spiritual growth is never an isolated, individualistic pursuit. Maturity is produced through relationships and community.

The best way to explain God's purpose for your life is to allow the Scripture to speak for itself, so in this book the Bible is quoted extensively, using over a thousand different verses from fifteen English translations and paraphrases. I have varied the versions used for several important reasons, which I explain in appendix 3.

I Have Been Praying for You

As I wrote this book, I often prayed that you would experience the incredible sense of hope, energy, and joy that comes from discovering what God put you on this planet to do. There's nothing quite like it. I am excited because I know all the great things that are going to happen to you. They happened to me, and I have never been the same since I discovered the purpose of my life.

Because I know the benefits, I want to challenge you to stick with this spiritual journey for the next 40 days, not missing a single daily reading. Your life is worth taking the time to think about it. Make it a daily appointment on your schedule. If you will commit to this, let's sign a covenant together. There is something significant about signing your name to a commitment. If you get a partner to read through this with you, have him or her sign it, too. Let's get started together!

My Covenant

With God's help, I commit the next 40 days of my
life to discovering God's purpose for my life.

Your name

Partner's name

Rick Warren

"Two are better off than one, because together they
can work more effectively. If one of them falls down,
the other can help him up ... Two people can resist
an attack that would defeat one person alone.
A rope made of three cords is hard to break."

Ecclesiastes 4:9 (TEV)


A life devoted to things is a dead life, a stump;
a God-shaped life is a flourishing tree.

Proverbs 11:28 (Msg)

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord....
They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with
roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees
are not bothered by the heat or worried by long
months of drought. Their leaves stay green,
and they go right on producing delicious fruit.

Jeremiah 17:7-8 (NLT)

viewpoint. Self-help books, even Christian ones, usually offer the same predictable steps to finding your life's purpose: Consider your dreams. Clarify your values. Set some goals. Figure out what you are good at. Aim high. Go for it! Be disciplined. Believe you can achieve your goals. Involve others. Never give up.

Of course, these recommendations often lead to great success. You can usually succeed in reaching a goal if you put your mind to it. But being successful and fulfilling your life's purpose are not at all the same issue! You could reach all your personal goals, becoming a raving success by the world's standard, and still miss the purposes for which God created you. You need more than self-help advice. The Bible says, "Self-help is no help at all. Self-sacrifice is the way, my way, to finding yourself, your true self."

This is not a self-help book. It is not about finding the right career, achieving your dreams, or planning your life. It is not about how to cram more activities into an overloaded schedule. Actually, it will teach you how to do less in life-by focusing on what matters most. It is about becoming what God created you to be.

How, then, do you discover the purpose you were created for? You have only two options. Your first option is speculation. This is what most people choose. They conjecture, they guess, they theorize. When people say, "I've always thought life is ...," they mean, "This is the best guess I can come up with."

For thousands of years, brilliant philosophers have discussed and speculated about the meaning of life. Philosophy is an important subject and has its uses, but when it comes to determining the purpose of life, even the wisest philosophers are just guessing.

Dr. Hugh Moorhead, a philosophy professor at Northeastern Illinois University, once wrote to 250 of the best-known philosophers, scientists, writers, and intellectuals in the world, asking them, "What is the meaning of life?" He then published their responses in a book. Some offered their best guesses, some admitted that they just made up a purpose for life, and others were honest enough to say they were clueless. In fact, a number of famous intellectuals asked Professor Moorhead to write back and tell them if he discovered the purpose of life!

Fortunately, there is an alternative to speculation about the meaning and purpose of life. It's revelation. We can turn to what God has revealed about life in his Word. The easiest way to discover the purpose of an invention is to ask the creator of it. The same is true for discovering your life's purpose: Ask God.

God has not left us in the dark to wonder and guess. He has clearly revealed his five purposes for our lives through the Bible. It is our Owner's Manual, explaining why we are alive, how life works, what to avoid, and what to expect in the future. It explains what no self-help or philosophy book could know. The Bible says, "God's wisdom ... goes deep into the interior of his purposes.... It's not the latest message, but more like the oldest-what God determined as the way to bring out his best in us."

God is not just the starting point of your life; he is the source of it. To discover your purpose in life you must turn to God's Word, not the world's wisdom. You must build your life on eternal truths, not pop psychology, success-motivation, or inspirational stories. The Bible says, "It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone." This verse gives us three insights into your purpose.

1. You discover your identity and purpose through a
relationship with Jesus Christ. If you don't have such a
relationship, I will later explain how to begin one.

2. God was thinking of you long before you ever thought
about him. His purpose for your life predates your
conception. He planned it before you
existed, without your input! You may
choose your career, your spouse, your
hobbies, and many other parts of
your life, but you don't get to choose
your purpose.

3. The purpose of your life fits into a much
larger, cosmic purpose that God has designed for
eternity. That's what this book is about.

Andrei Bitov, a Russian novelist, grew up under an atheistic Communist regime. But God got his attention one dreary day. He recalls, "In my twenty-seventh year, while riding the metro in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) I was overcome with a despair so great that life seemed to stop at once, preempting the future entirely, let alone any meaning. Suddenly, all by itself, a phrase appeared: Without God life makes no sense. Repeating it in astonishment, I rode the phrase up like a moving staircase, got out of the metro and walked into God's light."

You may have felt in the dark about your purpose in life. Congratulations, you're about to walk into the light.

Day One

Thinking about My Purpose

Point to Ponder: It's not about me.

Verse to Remember: "Everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him." Colossians 1:16b (Msg)

Question to Consider: In spite of all the advertising around me, how can I remind myself that life is really about living for God, not myself?

Chapter Two

You Are Not an Accident

I am your Creator. You were in my care
even before you were born.

Isaiah 44:2a (CEV)

God doesn't play dice.

Albert Einstein

You are not an accident.

Your birth was no mistake or mishap, and your life is no fluke of nature. Your parents may not have planned you, but God did. He was not at all surprised by your birth. In fact, he expected it.

Long before you were conceived by your parents, you were conceived in the mind of God. He thought of you first. It is not fate, nor chance, nor luck, nor coincidence that you are breathing at this very moment. You are alive because God wanted to create you! The Bible says, "The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me."

God prescribed every single detail of your body. He deliberately chose your race, the color of your skin, your hair, and every other feature. He custom-made your body just the way he wanted it. He also determined the natural talents you would possess and the uniqueness of your personality. The Bible says, "You know me inside and out, you know every bone in my body; You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something."

Because God made you for a reason, he also decided when you would be born and how long you would live. He planned the days of your life in advance, choosing the exact time of your birth and death. The Bible says, "You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your Book!"

God also planned where you'd be born and where you'd live for his purpose. Your race and nationality are no accident. God left no detail to chance. He planned it all for his purpose. The Bible says, "From one man he made every nation, ... and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live." Nothing in your life is arbitrary. It's all for a purpose.


Excerpted from Vida Con Proposito, Una by Rick Warren Copyright © 2003 by Rick Warren. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted September 17, 2006

    It's not about you

    When I first read The Purpose Driven Life, I was a born-again Christian. I don't like tags but that is the best description I can give. I had attended church most of my life but drifted away. In my mid-40s, I began searching. I felt empty. When a friend recommended Warren's book, I read it, following the 40-day journey plan. I have recommended and bought copies for people. It is not the Bible but it helped me to understand many things not only about God but myself and my relationship with Him. Some may not find it enlightening but I believe that if you read it with an open mind, you will learn more about God and your relationship with Him. The book is easy to follow. I have gone through it four times. Each time I read it, I find something new to think about.

    42 out of 47 people found this review helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted March 26, 2008

    Excellent message for everyone!

    Rick Warren's, 'A Purpose Driven Life,' will certainly make you ponder and reflect on the life you're leading. From the very beginning of the book, I found myself drawn into his beliefs. People often question, 'What in the world are we on this Earth for?' or 'What is our purpose?' 'Does life make sense?' Of course, no one alive knows the true answer. It is in our own belief system. Some criticize his views. However, he has a right to his own belief system. I found myself connecting with him from page one. Having gone through medical adversities in life within my family, I understand what he is trying to convey to the reader. When bad things happen to people they ask the question, 'WHY ME, WHY NOW? However, WHY NOT ME? My belief system is that God does have a master plan that we will never understand. Many people do believe that we are here for a purpose and everything happens for a reason. I've had that experience many times in my life. The right person will enter my life to help me or a family member through a difficult adversity. Or a book will show up on the store bookshelf that will suggest the perfect solution to my problem. I believe that certain things 'good and bad' happen for a reason. Otherwise, this unpredictable world wouldn't make sense. Since I have experienced adversity 'as we all have', and have found some joy out of the difficult situations in life, I agree with Rick Warren about God's plan for us. It gives me solace and peace knowing that God does have a plan for our lives. People think they can escape adversity. But no where in the Bible does it say that life will be all sunshine. There will surely be rainy days. It reinforced my own belief system and I highly recommend this book just to wake people up to let them know that life has meaning. We are here for a purpose. Let us not forget what our purpose is in this life.If we all acted with more compassion and acceptance, our world would be a much better place to live in. Nancy A. Draper Author of 'A Burden of Silence: My Mother's Battle with AIDS'

    20 out of 23 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted June 8, 2006

    Consumer Driven Christianity

    The Purpose Driven Life is 'Christianity-Lite.' Tastes great, goes down easy, but has zero nourishment for the human soul. There are so many other good books on the spiritual life, that it amazes me that this is the one that has made it to the top of the bestseller lists. I was very disappointed. I am presently rereading John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, which was for centuries the number one best-seller after the Bible. It remains one of the greatest spirtual classics ever written. Warren's book cannot be compared to such classics and will not stand the test of time. If you want to read some recent books that examine the weaknesses of Warren's 'seeker-senstive' style of Christianity, try: 'The Market-Driven Church: The Worldly Influence of Modern Culture on the Church in America,' by Udo W. Middelmann, 'Dining with the Devil: The Megachurch Movement Flirts with Modernity,' by Os Guinness, and John MacArthur's 'Ashamed of the Gospel.' 'A Time of Departing' by Ray Youngen has a chapter on Rick Warren.

    20 out of 39 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted December 6, 2011

    A Roadmap for a Purpose Driven Life

    I read A Purpose Driven Life by Rev. Rick Warren two years ago. I came away frustrated because after nine months of struggling with the forty day program, I still didn't feel I had a purpose in life. The fault didn't lie in Rev. Warren's book; it was in my thought process.I thought the book was all about finding the perfect job. I hoped God would speak when I opened the book (like one of those musical Hallmark cards) and that He would name my perfect career. Not so. Practically speaking, career assesment tests do a much better job. God kept pretty quiet as to whether I would make a better secretary or bellhop.What I did find after reading The Purpose Driven Life was a deeper relationship with God. This relationship opened the door to understanding (eventually) what my life purpose is. I finally realized that my life's purpose is unique to me. It's not a job, per se, but a calling to do God's will.When I discerned my purpose, mission, calling - I realized that as long as I centered my work in God's will then it didn't matter if I was a cabdriver, a barista at Starbucks, a grade school librarian, or a life coach. I can (and should) serve God in my unique way at work, at home, no matter where I am.

    17 out of 17 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted October 25, 2008

    The Best Book You'll Never Want To Put Down

    This book was given to my husband by his mother as a Christmas gift. For the longest time it just sat on our book case collecting dust until I got curious and flipped open the first page. The author outines a 40 day inspirational quest to finding the readers God given Purpose on earth. Every section includes thought provoking questions and motivational and inspirational biblical verses. It really doesn't matter what off shoot of Christianity the reader ascribes to it is truly for every Christian. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a new believer in God and more so for the those who are looking for a deeper more fulfilling way to serve God. Don't wonder, Don't waiver, Don't wait get this book its really great.

    16 out of 20 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted March 5, 2008


    2 Timothy 4:3-5 says, 'For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.' This book is humanistic Christian self-help at its craftiest. It draws our focus away from the essentials of salvation such as the Absolute Holiness of God, the total depravity of man, and Faith Alone by Grace Alone in Christ Alone as the true means of God's intentions for the chosen. I would strongly encourage anyone considering this book to Google and read the following article: 'The Adulation of Man in The Purpose Driven Life' by Richard Bennett. My prayers for all who are seeking God and desiring to return to the purity, simplicity and power of the Saving Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    15 out of 32 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted February 13, 2006

    Don't bother

    Have we wandered so far from the truth that we are blinded by watered-down and incorrect teaching? We must not be longing 'for the pure milk of the Word' (I Peter 2:2) or else we would be more concerned with the teaching of God's Word (the Bible) than the works of a money-driven pastor. The principles taught in this book are overly simplistic. Warren does not use scholarly or even well-known and respected translations of the Bible. He often takes verses out of context to prove his point. Warren opens the book by stating, 'It's not about you,' however he uses the word 'you' and 'your' over 12 times in the first paragraph and the word 'God' once. This is a common element throughout the book. For a book that is supposedly Christ-centered, it sure comes aross as all about ME. If you are looking for your purpose on earth, start with the Bible. People have been reading it for thousands of years, and I'm sure they were able to figure out their purpose by reading God's Word, rather than reading Warren's newest best-seller. Just a warning: if you are looking for sugar-coated truths or are afraid of acknowledging you are a sinner, then stick with PDL. It will make you feel good, without convicting you. But if you ask me, we all could use a little more conviction in our lives.

    14 out of 25 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted April 9, 2004

    This Book's Purpose is to MAKE MONEY

    As a long-time member (now former member) of Saddleback, this book is nothing but another attempt to make money off of God's real Word. Rick Warren intentionally twists and distorts God's Word by using an endless number of Bible 'versions' to fit them to what Warren wants to say and not what God really said. In many cases, these quotes are taken entirely out of context. I left Saddleback Church because of the constant bombardment of commercials for this book. Every week Rick Warren announces the latest sales statistics. Want to know how Warren helped promoted this book - he gave away tens of thousands of these FREE. Great way to push a book to the top of the 'sales' charts. Just take a look at the huge number of 'Purpose-Driven Life' spin-offs. This is not about God, it's about making money. If you really want something with supstance, read the Bible, and not this drivel.

    12 out of 29 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted May 2, 2009


    I found The Purpose Driven Life to be patronizing, redundant and simple-minded. The few good points it held, were obscured by the condescending and boring writing style of its author.

    10 out of 24 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted April 13, 2006

    What on Earth

    I am a Christian who enjoys reading books like the Chicken Soup series. However, this book is not like those at all. Each chapter starts off with a quote from the Bible which is then twisted and analyzed. Warren writes as if he is writing through divine inspiration and his word is fact. While he does give some good advice, in most of the passages the meaning is either overt in what he is 'explaining,' or purely opinion with no real support other than other Bible passages quoted out of context. Also, he constantly mentions that he founded Saddleback church which becomes annoyingly vain as he talks about the importance of being humble. Ultimately, the question the book asks is never even answered. Read the Bible instead of readings quotes from it that are explained poorly.

    9 out of 13 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted August 15, 2009

    more from this reviewer

    The Purpose Driven Life

    Geared for the Christian who wants to live a life for God as well as the person who is seeking direction and guidance in life. Well-written, inspiring, God-glorifying book that is Christ-centered. No wonder it has been a best-seller. Stellar.

    6 out of 8 people found this review helpful.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted May 12, 2008

    Life's most thought provoking question simply answered here albeit with some flaws.

    The premise of this book is a simple one: a 40 day journey of exploration and inner contemplation as to how to life one's life led by author Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Valley Church. The book is written in simple language that almost anybody can understand, and as a result, the pages turn at an alarming rate. However, despite the short read, the book does make clever use of Christian doctrine combined with strategic implementation with Bible passages to provide moral guidelines to the Christian life. Warren's five main points of loving God, loving others, evangelization, fellowship, and discipleship are umbrellaed under the notion that we were all created to serve God, and therefore, all have a purpose. Despite the power and simplicity of the book, it does have some flaws. Warren makes numerous assertions without backing them up entirely and as a result, it sounds like something one would hear in a Sunday School class. Most Christians know that everyone has a purpose in life, but what is the purpose of the homeless man on the street? What is the purpose of the child born with a genetic disorder that will die within a month? There is a duality to the simplicity of this book in that it makes it easier to understand while sacrificing deeper insight. As a whole, I thought this book was extremely beneficial to me. I am a firm believer of the statement that 'everything happens for a reason,' including me reading this book. I am currently graduating high school and was assigned this book as a Religion class book project, but I as I read the book, I saw it not as an assignment, but as a guide on how to interpret my future and how to plan it. As a result this book was a great read for me in this critical time of transition from high school to college. I would recommend this book to anybody with the precaution that it is not inherently perfect, there are flaws to Warren's charismatic style. Overall: 4 Stars

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  • Posted August 4, 2009

    more from this reviewer

    I Also Recommend:

    To Serve is to Live...Yes

    Well done...not rare, nor medium rare, but a little over cooked. A good read would be M Scott Peck's books like, "The Roads Less Traveled and Beyond" or even more, "The Missing Message" by G Michael Price
    It should be about the endeavor to "Think".
    And understanding the way to stay part of our Maker's ongoing creation.
    It seems purpose would follow such endeavors..in that order...lets get to the point, because time is short.
    I give The Purpose Driven Life 3 stars.

    5 out of 6 people found this review helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted November 5, 2006

    It didn't change anything for me

    With all of the hipe, I thought there was going to be some huge revelation that I could carry with me. Unfortunately, I belive that real faith goes far beyond what this book offers. It was more of a marketing tool for churches to increase their congregations. It was rather disappointing when I realized that mega churches from coast to coast were all having bible study for the forty days because it was the new hip thing to do because this book. Like they say, 'It is not what you know, it is who you know'. I found a fantastic new book that defines our real purpose and how we have taken major detours from it. I recommend it below.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted November 29, 2005

    Man's v. God's Wisdom

    It's appalling that so many 'Christian' people would be so readily deceived by this book. How many scripture references does Mr. Warren have to misuse before people wake up to his ways? If he will not faithfully use God's word, whose purposes is he actually serving? (See Genesis 3:1-12)

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  • Anonymous

    Posted December 2, 2004


    Any author who uses the term 'purpose-driven' (thank you, corporate America, for the many forms of '-driven'!) in a book title doesn't deserve to be read by the seriously spiritually minded folks out there.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted January 25, 2004

    Thin Souls with Narrow Minds

    The sad state of Christian culture in the United States finds expression in this relentless dumbing down of Christian experience. Is the author of this mess of verbiage ashamed of scandal of the cross? Has he studied theology and biblical languages? What wretched people buy such drivel? Please, do not waste your money, time, and soul. Read Paul Tillich¿s The Courage to Be or Reinhold Niebuhr¿s Moral Man and Immoral Society.

    4 out of 10 people found this review helpful.

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  • Posted December 4, 2012

    The Purpose Driven Life Expanded Edition by Rick Warren I had r

    The Purpose Driven Life Expanded Edition by Rick Warren

    I had read the original version of this book and loved it,as well as The Purpose Driven Church,but I must say I really enjoyed the new expanded version better.Perhaps one of the most popular if not the most popular christian books ever published the writer breaks it down for you and shows you that there is a reason you are here,a reason you were created and how to seek out and find what you are here for.This new version has some cool things like bar-codes that can be scanned by smart phones and it will play videos from Pastor Warren about the chapter you just read plus links to go to on the internet to learn even more .I would recommend this fine piece of writing to anyone who needs to find a purpose .

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  • Anonymous

    Posted September 21, 2012

    Awesome! ( READ THIS)

    Say Amen if you love the LORD your father ! :)

    Told u 2 read me! ;)

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  • Anonymous

    Posted December 6, 2011

    Inspiring. Know where my life is going.

    Very easy 40 day read. Teaches you what you are here for in this life and the beauty of everlasting life when you pass. Stressed??? Read this!

    2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.

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