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Pushing the Faith: Proselytism and Civility in a Pluralistic World

Pushing the Faith: Proselytism and Civility in a Pluralistic World

by Martin E. Marty, Frederick E. Greenspahn (Editor), Martin E. Malty

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
In this age of charismatic gurus and Bible-thumping televangelists, prose lytismthe art and practice of winning convertsis hardly dead, as these 11 erudite essays demonstrate. The contributors are theologians, religious historians and social scientists, assembled by Marty ( Modern American Religion ) and Greenspahn (co-editor of Uncivil Religion ). They argue that proselytizing has been surprisingly episodic among Christians, that historically Jews have been far from anti-missionary and that American Protestants are sharply divided into evangelistic and nonproselytizing camps. Missionary zeal fuels tensions between different faiths, and this book grapples with the moral dilemmas of promoting a particular religion in a pluralistic society. Moving from conversion in the Roman Empire to recruitment techniques used by Reverend Moon's Unification Church, the essays probe the emotional and historical pressures that underlie the impulse to convert the noncommitted. (July)
Library Journal
Ten contributors and Marty himself, in a conclusion, investigate efforts to convert late adolescents and adults in the United States. Organized into four sections``Universalism and Pluralism,'' ``Proselytism and Jewish Exclusivism,'' ``Proselytism and Christian Exclusivism,'' and ``Social Science Perspectives''the essays look ``objectively'' at a phenomenon that is often paradoxical: while mainline sects can become exclusive, evangelical groups often attempt to be inclusive by converting outsiders. Such initiatives often serve more to solidify the group and its doctrines than to win converts. An in-depth and balanced study, highly recommended for academic and seminary libraries. Carolyn M. Craft, Longwood Coll., Farmville, Va.

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