Put Your Hands Up!, Vol. 2

Put Your Hands Up!, Vol. 2


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Put Your Hands Up

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Disc 1

  1. Destination Calabria  - Alex Gaudino
  2. Guilty  -  Souza
  3. Miracle  -  Cascada
  4. Lollipop  -  Dada
  5. Shine  -  Booty Luv
  6. Break Up  - Kim Sozzi
  7. Put Your Hands Up for Detroit
  8. Standing in the Way of Control  -  Gossip
  9. It's Like That  - Jason Nevins
  10. Where Love Lives  - Alison Limerick
  11. The Boys of Summer  - DJ Sammy
  12. Ecuador @@Sashi
  13. Baby Baby  -  Corona
  14. (Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime) I Need Your Loving @@Baby D
  15. U Got 2 Let the Music  -  Cappella
  16. No Good (Start the Dance)  -  Prodigy
  17. Don't You Want Me  -  Felix
  18. Keep Warm  -  Jinny
  19. Passion  - Gat Decor
  20. I Believe  -  Happy Clappers
  21. Higher State of Consciousness  -  Winx
  22. [CD-Rom Track]

Disc 2

  1. The Creeps  - Camille Jones
  2. Proper Education  - Eric Prydz
  3. Weekend  -  Haji & Emanuel
  4. Dare Me (Stupidisco)  -  Junior Jack
  5. Put 'Em High  -  Therese
  6. Perfect (Exceeder)  -  Mason
  7. Rain Down Love
  8. Satisfaction  - Biz Markie
  9. Faith (In the Power of Love)  - Ian Carey
  10. Rush Hour (Fonzerelli Hot & Sexy Remix)  -  SJB
  11. Out of Touch  -  Uniting Nations
  12. He's a Runner  -  Star Alliance
  13. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life  -  Outatime Orchestra
  14. It's Not Right  - Dennis Christopher
  15. Back to Hawaii  -  Picco
  16. Walk This Way (Like This) @@Mark Simmons
  17. Teardrops  -  Love Assassins
  18. Speechless  -  Mish Mash
  19. Work It Out  - Dawn Tallman
  20. Nobody Move  -  Sidney
  21. The Drill  -  Drill

Disc 3

  1. Be Without You  -  Booty Luv
  2. Back in My Life  -  Alice Deejay
  3. Rhythm Is a Dancer  -  Snap!
  4. Do You Know (I Go Crazy)  -  Angel City
  5. Castles in the Sky
  6. Yeah!  -  Drunkenmunky
  7. Beautiful  - Marcella Woods
  8. Everyday  -  Agnelli & Nelson
  9. How U Like Bass  - Norman Bass
  10. Temple of Dreams  - Future Breeze
  11. Blood Is Pumping  -  Voodoo & Serano
  12. If I Were You  - Candee Jay
  13. Sunshine After the Rain  -  Berri
  14. Kinda New  -  Spektrum
  15. Piece of Heaven  -  Akira
  16. Dream of You  -  Hypasonic
  17. Tomorrow Can Wait  -  Dyce
  18. Boten Anna  -  Basshunter
  19. Faith  - Carlotta Chadwick
  20. She's Like the Wind  - Jan Wayne
  21. Back Once Again @@12 Inch Thumpers

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Siedah Garrett   Vocals
Sheila Ferguson   Vocals
Sandra Edwards   Vocals
Angie Brown   Vocals
Mark Summers   Sampling
Julian Jonah   Guitar,Keyboards
Marcella Woods   Vocals
Nadia   Vocals
Richard Adlam   Sampling
Mel   Vocals
Shena Winchester   Vocals
Rob Harris   Guitar
Hal Ritson   Bass,Alto Saxophone,Sampling
Therese Grankvist   Vocals
Neil Waters   Trumpet
Rob "Bobby Bone" Dowell   Trombone
James Hockley   Guitar,Keyboards
Sofia Lovgren   Vocals
Lewis Slack   Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Tom Boxz   Rap
Wolfgang Gerdes   Vocals
Astrid Rüther   Vocals

Technical Credits

Don Henley   Composer
Snap!   Producer
Roger Waters   Composer
Ellie Greenwich   Composer
Mike Post   Composer
Bernard Edwards   Composer
Nile Rodgers   Composer
Giorgio Moroder   Composer
Barry Gibb   Composer
Felix   Producer
Albhy Galuten   Composer
Mary J. Blige   Composer
Gianfranco Bortolotti   Producer
Leroy Burgess   Composer
Pete Carpenter   Composer
Sheila Ferguson   Composer
Derek Jenkins   Composer
Terry Lewis   Composer
Steve Long   Executive Producer
Sam Lorber   Composer
R. Malone   Engineer
Jim Mason   Composer,Producer
Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels   Composer
Martin Neary   Remixing
Peter Pritchard   Producer
Alan Prosser   Composer,Producer
Dwayne Richardson   Composer
Matt Schwartz   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Russell Simmons   Producer
Larry Smith   Composer
Patrick Swayze   Composer
Stacy Widelitz   Composer
Cheri Renee Williams   Composer
Kasper Winding   Composer
Liam Howlett   Composer
StoneBridge   Composer
Michelle Gayle   Composer
Jinny   Composer
DJ Disciple   Producer
Guy Picciotto   Producer
Paul David Roberts   Producer,Remixing
Josh Wink   Composer,Producer
Jason Nevins   Producer,Remixing
Lati Kronlund   Composer
Soul Train   Producer
James Wiltshire   Producer
Ralf Kappmeier   Composer
G. Ripley   Composer
Louise Norby   Composer
James Calloway   Composer
Sandy Rivera   Composer
Warren Clarke   Remixing,Remix Arrangement
DJ Voodoo   Composer,Producer
Roberto Concina   Composer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Markus Boehme   Composer
Simon Slater   Composer,Producer
Shep Solomon   Composer
Gypsy Wave Banner   Composer
C.J. Stone   Composer,Producer
Boozy Woozy   Producer
Matt Darey   Producer
Francis Wright   Composer
Alex Gaudino   Producer,Remixing
A. Smith   Producer,Remixing
Ryan Hadlock   Producer
Johnta Austin   Composer
Martin Eyerer   Producer
Christophe Chantzis   Composer
Seamus Haji   Producer
Junior Jack   Producer
Robbie Nelson   Composer
Chris Agnelli   Composer
Ian Bland   Remixing
Mauro Ferrucci   Instrumentation
Kalmani   Composer
Jason Perry   Composer
Russell Small   Producer
Alex K   Producer,Remixing
Dennis Christopher   Producer
Ben Cook   Programming,Executive Producer
D. Harrison   Producer,Remixing
John Leonardo Lepore   Composer
Benny Benassi   Arranger
Dipesh Parmar   Executive Producer
Martin Hensing   Composer
Alex Karbouris   Producer,Remixing
Fredrik Thomander   Composer
Martine Theeuwen   Composer
Mike DiScala   Remixing
Ric Salmon   Composer
Oliver Laib   Producer
Achim Jannsen   Producer
Ian Carey   Producer
Joseph "Run" Simmons   Composer
DJ Manian   Composer
Chris Morris   Producer
Eric Prydz   Producer
Larry Smith   Producer
Darren Sampson   Composer,Producer
Wayne Donnelly   Producer
Stephen Singer   Composer,Producer
Pasticmen   Composer
Picco   Producer
Uwe Taubert   Composer,Producer
Therese Grankvist   Composer
S. Peach   Producer
George Nakas   Composer
Chris Allen   Arranger,Programming,Producer
Jens O.   Producer
Oscar Fullone   Composer,Producer
Fedde Le Grand   Producer,Remixing
Gabriel Olegavich   Producer
Domestika "Kaspa Winding"   Producer
Mason   Producer
David Tort   Remixing
Sidney Samson   Composer,Producer
SJB   Producer
Chris Scott   Arranger,Producer
Gauzz   Arranger,Producer
Richard Hein   String Conductor
James Hockley   Programming
Axel Jäger   Producer
Nari & Milani   Remixing
Ben Ofedu   Executive Producer
Mark Simmons   Producer
Aaron McClelland   Producer,Remixing
Tronik Youth   Remixing
Paul Emanuel   Producer
Gilbert LeFunnk   Remixing
N. Bowser   Producer
Tony ChaCha   Producer
Dice & Nino   Producer
Christoph Gernet   Producer
IttyBitty   Producer
Klaus Knaup   Producer
David Louca   Producer
Dirk Waldt   Producer
D.D. Wicks   Composer,Producer
Topaki   Producer
Sashi   Producer
Camille Jones   Composer,Producer
LeMarquis Jefferson   Composer
Lou Mullen   Composer
Moto Blanco   Producer,Remixing
Jonas Altberg   Composer
Yann "Yanou" Peifer   Composer

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