Q Awards: The Album

Q Awards: The Album


Q Awards: The Album features two-discs' worth of rock, pop and electronica by artists acclaimed by the British music magazine. Disc one deals with songs by more mainstream acts, including U2's "Beautiful Day," Coldplay's "Yellow," David Gray's "Babylon" and See more details below


Q Awards: The Album features two-discs' worth of rock, pop and electronica by artists acclaimed by the British music magazine. Disc one deals with songs by more mainstream acts, including U2's "Beautiful Day," Coldplay's "Yellow," David Gray's "Babylon" and Radiohead's "Karma Police." Disc two digs slightly deeper, offering cuts such as Clinic's "The Second Line," Badly Drawn Boy's "Disillusion," Muse's "Muscle Museum" and Death in Vegas' "Aisha." The collection also offers a nice but spare smattering of electronica, including Air's "Playground Love," the Chemical Brothers "Hey Boy Hey Girl" and Fatboy Slim's "Bird of Prey." While most of the bigger acts on Q Awards: The Album will be pretty well-known by many American music fans, the less prominent bands, like Supernaturals, Embrace, Toploader and Idlewild, could make the collection worthwhile for curious Anglophiles looking to broaden their horizons. Despite its slightly dated feel, Q Awards: The Album is a fairly entertaining collection of the music popular in the U.K. in the early '00s.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Emi Import


Disc 1

  1. Beautiful Day  -  U2
  2. Babylon  - David Gray
  3. Achilles Heel
  4. A Song for the Lovers
  5. Why Does It Always Rain on Me  -  Travis
  6. Moving
  7. Yellow
  8. Sunday Morning Call  -  Oasis
  9. Forever  -  Charlatans UK
  10. Karma Police
  11. Secret Smile
  12. I Can Only Disappoint U
  13. Dolphins Were Monkeys  - Ian Brown
  14. Catch the Sun  -  Doves
  15. Hooligan  -  Embrace
  16. Lucky Man
  17. Playground Love  - Gordon Tracks
  18. Black Book  -  Blur

Disc 2

  1. Rock DJ  - Robbie Williams
  2. The Bad Touch
  3. All the Small Things  -  blink-182
  4. My Favourite Game
  5. Smile  -  Supernaturals
  6. Mama Told Me (Not to Come)  - Tom Jones
  7. He's the Keeper  - Paul Weller
  8. Disillusion
  9. Bring Your Lovin' Back Here  -  Gomez
  10. These Wooden Ideas  -  Idlewild
  11. Oxygen  -  JJ72
  12. Slave to the Wage  -  Placebo
  13. Hey Boy Hey Girl
  14. Sunset (Bird of Prey)
  15. Honey  -  Kelis
  16. The Time Is Now
  17. Exterminator  -  Primal Scream
  18. Muscle Museum  -  Muse
  19. The Second Line  -  Clinic
  20. Aisha

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Daniel Lanois   Background Vocals
London Community Gospel Choir   Choir, Chorus
Peacock   Group Member

Technical Credits

Randy Newman   Composer
Moby   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Jim Morrison   Composer
Steve Power   Producer
Primal Scream   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Bloodrock   Composer
Edge   Composer
Radiohead   Producer
Damon Albarn   Composer
Richard Ashcroft   Composer,Producer
Martin Blunt   Composer
Bono   Composer
Mark Brydon   Composer
Tim Burgess   Composer
Ian Caple   Producer
Guy Chambers   Composer,Producer
Adam Clayton   Composer
Paul Corkett   Producer
Keith Drummond   Art Editor
Brian Eno   Producer
Dave Eringa   Producer,Engineer
Ian Grimble   Producer
Michael Hunter   Producer
Daniel Lanois   Producer
Nick Launay   Producer
John Leckie   Producer
Steve Lillywhite   Producer
Larry Mullen   Composer
Tristin Norwell   Producer
Steve Osborne   Producer
Hugh Padgham   Producer
Paul Weller   Composer
Dave Rowntree   Composer
Peter Smith   Producer
Mark "Spike" Stent   Producer
Gary Wilkinson   Producer,Engineer
Dan Wilson   Composer
Supergrass   Composer
Jerry Finn   Producer
Noel Gallagher   Composer,Producer
Mike Hedges   Producer
Tom DeLonge   Composer
Nigel Godrich   Producer
Mark Hoppus   Composer
Colin Greenwood   Composer
Jonny Greenwood   Composer
Ed O'Brien   Composer
Tom Rowlands   Composer
Phil Selway   Composer
Ed Simons   Composer
Jon Brookes   Composer
Mark Collins   Composer
Ian Brown   Composer
Placebo   Composer
Fatboy Slim   Producer
Robbie Williams   Composer
Stephen Malkmus   Composer
Jean-Benoît Dunckel   Composer
Nicolas Godin   Composer
Dave McCracken   Composer
Ekundayo Paris   Composer
Thom Yorke   Composer
Tony Rogers   Composer
Simon Thornton   Engineer
Jez Williams   Composer
Christopher Marc Potter   Producer
Tore Johansson   Producer,Engineer
Dominic Chad   Composer
Peter Svensson   Composer
Paul Draper   Composer
Richard Fearless   Composer,Producer
Scott Kannberg   Composer
Danny McNamara   Composer
Richard McNamara   Composer
Róisín Murphy   Composer
Badly Drawn Boy   Composer
Kevin Andrews   Composer
Idlewild   Composer
Nina Persson   Composer
Coldplay   Producer
Gordon Tracks   Composer
Nelson Pigford   Composer
Ben Ottewell   Composer
Tom Gray   Composer
Paul Blackburn   Composer
Ian Ball   Composer
Chris Martin   Composer
Jimi Goodwin   Composer
Mark Greaney   Composer
Will Champion   Composer
Guy Berryman   Composer
Jon Buckland   Composer
Tim Wills   Composer
Luciano Zucchet   Producer,Remixing
McClune   Producer
Matthew Bellamy   Composer
Angelica Villella   Producer,Remixing
Massimo Gabutti   Producer,Remixing
Tommy Holmes   Composer
Paul Reeve   Producer
Paul John Weller   Producer
Jimmy Pop   Composer,Producer

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