Qaddafi: His Ideology in Theory and Practice

Qaddafi: His Ideology in Theory and Practice

by Mohamed El-khawas

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Qadaffi's media image, his relationship to terrorism, and the recent U.S. military actions against Libya have convinced most Americans that he is a lunatic. But is he? El-Khawas's book shows an imperfect Qadaffi, but one who is far from crazy. The author tells everything anyone would ever want to know about Qadaffi's political, social, and economic theories. While El-Khawas is obviously sympathetic, he has not tried to hide Qadaffi's faults and the growing opposition to his rule. Unfortunately, much of the text reads like a college term paper: a repetitive rephrasing of Qadaffi's Green Book without the deeper analysis one would like. However, the discussion of U.S.-Libyan relationsespecially under the Reagan Administrationpartially redeems the book. Recommended for larger collections. Paul H. Thomas, Hoover Inst. Lib., Stanford, Cal.

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